N.Y. Jets – QB-Michael Vick’s career gets second chance | One week of practice with First team a concern

Michael Vick, signed with the New York Jets in March to provide competition for Smith and serve as a mentor, leaving his home with the Philadelphia Eagles. This week he’s the starting quarterback.


'Round the locker room view on Michael Vick starting for the Jets

video link- ’round the locker room view of Vick as starting QB.

Mark Sanchez left the New York Jets for the Philadelphia Eagles as Geno Smith became the new hope for the future. A part of New General manager John Idzik’s plan for “sustainable success”.

Today, as Michael Vick prepares to start at quarterback for the Jets, New Yorkers are questioning whether Mark Sanchez would have been the better quarterback with the Jets New receiving weapons given Geno Smith’s performances to date..


Newyorkjets.com -Vick on season (see link below)

Jets QB Mike Vick says our season is not over (video link)

Sunday at Kansas City marks another chance for Michael Vick to play quarterback. He last started on Oct. 27, 2013, for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Vick chose to come to the Jets, where he was reunited with offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, the man who helped revive his career with the Eagles in 2009.

Philadelphia’s coach then was Andy Reid, who now Coaches the Chiefs. The fact that he’s facing his former coach plays in Reid’s favor, in Vick’s opinion.

“If there is anybody who knows me, it’s him,” Vick said.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid said of Michael Vick’s age (34):

“He’s going to be 50 years old and still be the fastest guy on the field and the best arm on the field,” Reid said.

Vick on getting the opportunity to lead the New York Jets:

“It’s just something that I want to take full advantage of and go out and have fun with my teammates and try to get a win,” he said. “And that’s the challenge. It’s going to be tough on the road in Kansas City. But, what else would you want? You wouldn’t want it any other way.”

“When you have a chance to go out and show and prove, I think you’ve got to take advantage of the opportunity,” “They don’t come around too often as I’ve seen for the last year and a half not being the starter.”

“So just having this chance to become a starter again is almost like a dream come true.”

Vick has been patient, saying all of the right things about Geno Smith since he signed with New York.
But competitive desire burned as he stood each week, on the sideline watching the team struggle, he naturally wanted to help.

But should fans expect a miracle with only a couple of days of practice time?
Timing and knowing your receivers route running tendencies takes time. Time for the chemistry to develop. One week of practice is not time enough. How long will John Idzik afford Vick – Time.

“I mean, it’s tough when you’re the backup and you want to get out there and try to help, but you never know if you are going to get out there and make a difference until you’re out there,”

“So, it’s easy to say from the sideline, and it’s harder when you’re out there actually playing. So, I think being a competitor I wanted to be out here. I wanted to help in some way, but now I have an opportunity to try to make a difference and hopefully I can and my teammates will follow.” -Michael Vick

When Geno Smith was benched vs. The buffalo bills, Michael Vick tried to do too much which led to 2 lost turnovers.


Players agree - Vick provides a spark to the offense

Amaro, Colon, Sudfeld and others on what Vick provides
NOTE: The players are also concerned that one week’s practice with the ones is not enough.
Did JETS hurt themselves investing everything in Smith.

“I got greedy,” Vick said Wednesday, according to Long Island’s Newsday.

“I was trying to play like a 24-year-old Mike Vick and I can understand I’ve got to play that way, but you’ve got to play with some type of control.”

Vick, finally took all of the snaps with the starting offense Wednesday, and it will remain the case all week as he tries to develop a timing rapport with receivers such as Eric Decker, Percy Harvin, Jace Amaro, Jeff Cumberland and Jeremy Kerley. But that doesn’t happen overnight.

“Sometimes you are putting some new plays in and things like that,” “Sometimes the timing is not perfect, by any stretch, (because of lack of practice) but I think he looked pretty good.” Head Coach Rex Ryan said.

Vick provided a spark to the offense when he came in against the Bills, leading the Jets to a touchdown.
But he also made mistakes losing two fumbles and an interception. But Vick showed that he can still make plays with his legs, he rushed for the game high of 69 yards on eight carries.

“He’s still Michael Vick,” right guard Willie Colon said. “He’s a threat, not only with his arm, but with his feet. That kind of puts defenses on their heels at times and just gives us another edge.”

Vick and Ryan talked turnovers this week, about protecting the football. Ryan said the 2 lost turnovers Vick had last week were a “concern,” but Vick is striving to make it a non-issue as he settles in.

“No quarterback in this league is perfect and I think we all know that,” Vick said. “But to fumble the ball twice, I think that’s something that I’ve got to take care of and just got to protect the ball. Last week, I got greedy.”

Perhaps it was first play jitters as he tried to resurrect a game that was lost in the first few minutes by QB Geno Smith (3 successive turnovers, interceptions and a zero passer rating).


A chance for Geno to watch, listen and learn

Rex – Geno getting an opportunity to learn

The situation is now as it should have been going into week 1 with the New York Jets.
Michael Vick should have been the starter for the team as Geno Smith learned the quarterback position from the veteran.
Perhaps now Geno Smith will have the proper attitude to look listen and learn from Vick; as Geno is sure to get another chance at the starting quarterback position in New York.


Player views on QB change - link below

Player views on Jets QB change (link)

by Jim Boyd @OneJetDrive on Twitter & Facebook

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The undoing of N.Y. Quarterback Geno Smith | I shall return

New York Jets General manager John Idzik said he does not know if the Jets have a franchise quarterback.


Rex Ryan announces the change at the Quarterback position from Geno Smith to Mike Vick

A day after his “mid-season” press conference he reiterated his uncertainty to New York’s SNY T.V.


Idzik mid year press conference

But what actually has been the undoing of Geno Smith? After all, he showed promise the last quarter of the 2013 season and that’s what the Jets hoped to build off of this year.


Media outlets small and large alike have blasted Geno Smith

First and foremost was and is the Quarterback “competition”.
While it’s been called a sham to GM John Idzik’s face during his press conference, to which he did not respond directly, let’s consider it.
Geno Smith was a 2013 first round draft pick that slid into the second round where the New York Jets took him.
The Jets had veteran Mark Sanchez in house and there was no way that Sanchez was going to do anything to further Geno’s career as anything he did would be too the detriment of his own career.
Sanchez’ shoulder surgery had a true rookie thrown into a live nfl season as a starter with only the help of the quarterbacks coach David Lee.
In a sink or swim season the Jets went a miraculous 8 – 8 with Geno looking like he was actually picking up the fine points.

Second and lastly comes 2014 and another announced what’s competition. This time the competitor is Michael Vick, a well seasoned veteran who again is going to do the visibly bare minimum to help Geno Smith. It’s human nature. Survival of the fittest.

This was the perfect time for the Jets to start Michael Vick and have Geno Smith, shadow, copy and learn all he could from a savvy veteran.

Instead, GM John Idzik’s pride got in the way and it was made clear to all that no matter what it was called – Geno Smith was the starter. With Michael Vick waiting on the sidelines for him to fall.
Vick has nothing to lose. The Jets signed him to a one year, $4 million contract to wait around for Geno to fail, start, showcase his talent and move on in 2015.
The Jets organization did little to support Geno Smith’s future. Did nothing for his confidence and shorted him the tools necessary to succeed.

For a quarterback to succeed in today’s NFL they must be competent in their passing game. They must have reliable receivers and know those receivers tendencies on every play.
It’s a chemistry that takes time to develop.

“It takes time. Not only for him to learn the offense but for a quarterback to adjust to his speed, how he runs routes, understanding his body language when he’s coming in and out of cuts so he knows how far to lead him. All those things play a factor. It doesn’t happen overnight. The best quarterbacks will tell you, it doesn’t happen overnight.” -QB- Brady Quinn spent 8 weeks with Smith and the Jets in 2013

Four time super bowl winner Terry Bradshaw took approximately five years to truly develop. Drafted in 1970 his best year was 1978 and his final stats: 212 TD’s – 210 INT’s. His secret, he could throw an 60 harder to Lynn Swann.
It’s a game of inches. Joe Namath did not throw a pass in the fourth quarter of super bowl III. For his part, Terry Bradshaw had some 17 attempt games.
The New York Jets have a solid running game. The Jets controlled the clock for 40 minutes vs.The new England patriots.

The New York Jets are just now getting their receiving group back together. Jace Amaro, Percy Harvin, Eric Decker, Jeremy Kerley, Jeff Cumberland are a solid group of individuals who will be a force when utilized correctly by the right quarterback and offensive coordinator.

Former NFL quarterback and current FOX broadcaster Brady Quinn, who spent eight weeks on the Jets roster last season and also went through his own benching as a member of the Cleveland Browns, broke down a number of factors that exacerbated Smith’s struggles for For The Win.

Quinn said that the Jets financially tied to Smith win or lose
“When you’re not investing as much into a guy, you can say, all right we’re into his second year, we feel like he should be progressing more. We’ve got to pull the plug for job security [of the coaches and GM].”

What about Geno Smith and Matt Simms development?
“I was there for the first eight weeks last year and did my best as a veteran guy to try to sit down and teach him and help him understand the defenses he’s going to see week in and week out. Their tendencies, their tells. How to watch them, how to prepare and what we needed to get accomplished each day off the field so when we got on the practice field things would be better”.

With Geno and Matt Simms, both young guys, they didn’t have anything like that. I tried to do that and be that mentorfor him since Mark [Sanchez] wasn’t really there and was off dealing with his shoulder. Either way there was a quarterback competition [between Sanchez and Smith]. An older guy’s not going to teach a younger guy so he can help him take his job, especially when there’s an open quarterback competition.

Now the Jets bring in Michael Vick and say it’s a quarterback competition. Well, there’s no one really mentoring this kid. There’s no veteran guy really trying to help him out then if you’re trying to say that there’s a quarterback competition. Mike Vick said all the right things and did all the right things and I’m sure he tried to help him in his own way. But somewhere when your coach or GM is saying this, that there’s a quarterback competition, it’s hard even if you’re the veteran guy. ‘If we’re competing, why am I going to try to help this guy?’ It’s probably hard for a lot of guys to want to try and help a guy out if they feel like they’re competing for their livelihood.”

Brady Quinn had to wait until his third season in the league to be named an NFL starter.
What advice would you give Geno in this situation:

“Hopefully he can be tough minded enough to take it as a learning experience. Sit back and watch how Michael Vick prepares,” Quinn said. “Watch how he plays. Watch his decision making. He should be much more of a seasoned vet in all that given his experience.

Hopefully he can pick up some things from him and implement them into his own game and emulate that in the future to have more success. There’s no doubt he’s shown some flashes of being able to throw the ball and have some success in the NFL and I think he could definitely be that player. Something’s not clicking and not allowing him to utilize all his capabilities to play on that level.”


Embattled JETS' QB shall return to the lineup - Yahoo sports

Brady Quinn interview with FOR THE WIN excepted.

by Jim Boyd @OneJetDrive on Twitter & Facebook

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N.Y. Jets Safety Calvin Pryor – Not progressing

Calvin Pryor, Safety and star pick of the New York Jets Draft has had little forward progression thus far this season.

Pryor is inefficient in coverage and has yet to learn the basic techniques of tackling.


Walls misses, Pryor fails to wrap up, Harris chases as Watkins takes it to the house.

Pryor continues to go for the big hit while failing to wrap up his opponent. He simply does not use his arms and hands effectively.

Prime example was the Green Bay game; Two plays (1) Receiver cashes ball in front of Pryor but he does not engage, expecting the non-existent “help over the top” to make the tackle.
(2) Milliner’s receiver makes the catch, Pryor rushed in, head down for the hard hit, he misses falling to the ground as Milliner losses a foot race to the goal line.
These are just typical examples of what’s been taking place every single game.

These are coachable techniques. So where is his position coach Tim McDonald? Is he doing his out anybody else’s job.

This is why we employ position Coaches like every other team in the NFL. Rex Ryan needs to come down hard on McDonald or replace him now.


After the missed tackle, Only David Harris gave chase to no avail as Watkins scored a touchdown

Head coach Rex Ryan doesn’t publicly criticize his players. But when he does, you had better listen.
The Jets first round pick (S) Calvin Pryor’s performance to date has been underwhelming. Rex Ryan said of Pryor, “He hasn’t had the impact necessarily that all of us had expected.”

Pryor has only recorded 33 tackles and 0.5 sacks and the half sack stat is a mistake, Pryor got pressure, but again missed the tackle. He was not involved in the sack. Pryor has yet to intercept a pass or force a fumble, the latter of which was his specialty in college where his boast was knocking out the players via concussions. Pryor is credited with 2 passes defended in the season opener against the Oakland Raiders.


NewYorkJets.com player profile.

But coverage play was always the knock on him coming into the draft and that has held true.
Where is his position coach Tim McDonald ( Experience- 2 years with the Jets /2 years in the NFL coaching).
This is a disservice to Pryor and the team.

Rookies most always take time to adapt to the NFL, some are given up to the years if the potential is there, and Ryan runs a complex defensive system that changes and isn’t easy to just step into and produce.

The Jets are, for the most part, playing Pryor out of position. Pryor is a hard hitting, run stopping, in the box strong safety, which is why the Jets’ decision to draft him so high was surprising when they needed cornerbacks and wide receivers first and foremost. Landry plays the 46 role in the Jets’ defense, and most believed Antonio Allen was groomed to be the Jets’ strong safety of the future.

Recently “Double A” has been shifted to every backfield position. The results of which clearly speak for themselves.

The Jets needed a cornerback, or at the very least a coverage free safety who could play the deep middle, which is not one of Pryor’s strengths – exactly the opposite.
The Jets have asked Pryor to spend more time away from the line of scrimmage and in coverage than he is used too and knows it’s a weakness for him, leading to disappointing results to say the very least.

Where is Defensive backs coach Tim McDonald and what if anything has he taught Calvin Pryor.

Pryor’s confidence has been so eroded and he even went and took down his social accounts. The same social accounts he was bragging on during camp are now gone.

Pryor has been playing out of position. Hopefully, next year, that will change so that the Jets can get their first round pick back on track track towards being the impact player he’s meant to be.

by Jim Boyd @OneJetDrive on Twitter & Facebook

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N.Y. Jets press conferences | Idzik talks while Ryan makes changes: Vick In, Geno out at Quarterback

New York Jets General manager John Idzik held his mid season press conference today, Oct. 27th 2014.


Rex Ryan makes the decision

HEAD COACH REX RYAN: held his own press conference separately later in the day.


Idzik mid year press conference

The Fans are still trying to understand what it was that Idzik plead guilty to.

Fact: John Idzik is not now, nor has he ever been a player personnel manager.


Idzik - "My performance has been unsatisfactory"

“We’re extremely disappointed. It’s gut-wrenching. It’s brutal. You feel like you’ve been punched in the face. It’s painful, it’s painful.”

“That responsibility lies with me. The 1-7 start, we own it as the Jets, I own it as the general manager. There are no excuses. My performance to date is unsatisfactory and a direct reflection of our record.”

“We’re all angry, we’re all disappointed. Everybody in this building, it’s hard to imagine a more difficult time than what we’re going through right now. Not only the [losing streak], but it’s knowing what we have here what we put into it and seeing the results. so its very disturbing to all of us.”

Idzik admitted that it “all starts with me” and “my performance has been unsatisfactory” adding that “I’m responsible for the performance of this team”.

The embattled General manager again was elusive in not naming any players, not naming Vick as a starter or the complete failure at the defensive backfield positions.
He did state that he’s responsible for the team’s performance.
He stated he wasn’t worried about his job using the teams “it’s not about me” mantra.

If he truly felt the responsibility he would bring in experienced play personnel help or he would be announcing his own firing.

He admittedly thought Geno Smith was the answer based on what he did the last quarter of 2013; 4 TD’s – 2Int’s. And his play throughout camp and pre-season this year.
He clearly stated that Michael Vick was brought in to support Geno Smith. Not ever was there a competition.

Idzik still believes he’s on the right track building via the draft and said it’s worked before.
The only problem with that statement is that he has never been the decision maker on player personnel before, so what is he referencing?

Michel Vick still did not receive first team repetitions, a part of the system so clearly vital to winning and accessing where he might be.
Even after the teams meltdown against the San Diego Chargers, Vick never got any preparation “just in case”.

The Jets dropped to the Buffalo bills making their record an abysmal 1 – 7.
In the process making rookie Sammy Watkins look like a hero, as he alone caught 3 for 157 yards as the Jets secondary watched.
But hey as long as Idzik took responsibility for the lack of cornerbacks. That makes it all, okay.


After the missed tackle, David Harris gave chase to no avail as Watkins scored a touchdown

N.Y.Jets player reactions to buffalo outing -link

Jets linebacker David Harris was one of the only two players to give chase to Sammy Watkins, during the game, the other was Jets wide receiver ( playing CB) Hakeem Saleem who actually caught up to a prematurely celebrating Watkins and thus was able to bring him down short of the goaline.


Sammy Watkins catch and run

The Jets gave up 90 yards in penalties again, negated multiple first downs and haven’t been able to stop any team in the Redzone.
The Jets had six turnovers and have not produced any themselves.


Buffalo celebrates Watkins rookie play


HEAD COACH Rex Ryan held his own press conference later in the day.

“I’ve decided to go with Michael Vick this week, give him an opportunity to work extensively with the first-team offense,” Ryan told reporters, “and have Geno take a step back for the first time in his career, maybe get a different perspective of it.”

Ryan was free to announce, for the first time this year, that Michael Vick will practice extensively with the first team starters and will in fact replace Geno Smith as the starting quarterback of the New York Jets.

Rex Ryan has been furious of late with the results he’s been getting from QB Geno Smith.


Smith made headlines in every media outlet

“He had a poor game, there’s no doubt,” the coach said of Smith’s 2-for-8, three-interception passing performance through Sunday’s first 10½ minutes against the Bills before Ryan switched to Vick


“I think when Mike came in the game, it did give us a spark,” he said. “I felt the energy on the sideline.”

Ryan said he mentioned to practice squad QB Matt Simms “that he needs to be ready.” A move to sign Simms to the active roster might occur later this week.

This will appease jet fans for the moment however without results the Jets are facing a fan base whom have endured personal seat licenses, ticket price rises, parking fees and every excuse in the book as to why there are no cornerbacks and no wins this year.
( is anybody counting the win over the winless Oakland Raiders?)


Without any preparation, Vick was able to surpass Smith's dismal outing


Jace Amaro says Michael Vick provided team with a much needed spark

Amaro also stated that Vick provided a spark – link

“We clearly have to get better. We have to understand our job and do a better job. That’s the mission we face, that’s what’s in front of us,” Ryan said. “Our expectations were that we were going to have a great year. We have eight more games. We’re going to do everything in our power to win as many games as we can.” Rex Ryan

The Media continues to call for firings of both the General manager and the head coach. This is New York – expect more of it.

by Jim Boyd @OneJetDrive on Twitter & Facebook

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The N.Y. Jets got a much needed Extension

The New York Jets have Re-Signed a  “team” player. Wide receiver Percy Harvin, #11 for the Seattle Seahawks, made headlines earlier in the week after a surprise signing with the team but his future is otherwise uncertain. Not so for this #11.


Jets acquired wide receiver Percy Harvin #11, from Seattle in a surprise trade

Call him a Slot receiver, a Wide receiver, Mr. Dependable, call him what you will, but call him a New York Jet.


Jets WR-Jeremy Kerley wears #11 in New York

The New York Jets organization made their second big signing of the week. They Re-signed wide receiver Jeremy Kerley to a four year extension contract worth up to $16 million with $5.4 million in guarantees.

Jeremy Kerley stats rotoworld.com

His best this year is against Chicago going with 7 receptions for 81 yards, an 11.6 avg.and one touchdown. Smith has not targeted him often this year.

Click link below for NewYorkjets.com interview with Jeremy Kerley

Kerley says he feels like a lifetime JET in this NewYorkJets.com video interview

Jeremy Kerley has been a Jets staple and perennial fan favorite. Some fans feared this second season under Geno Smith, without any hope of making the playoffs, might have him searching for answers with another NFL team in 2015.


Jeremy Kerley is a N.Y.Jets Fan Favorite

Kerley was a receiving leader for the Jets in 2013, a season riddled with interceptions. Each week was a coin toss as the Jets literally had a roller coaster record of win one – lose up going into December.
Jeremy Kerley takes it personally. This is his team and he feels the highs and lows with his teammates and the fans.
He literally had to be consoled after the Jets lost to the New England patriots in a game in which the Jets gave their all.
Time of possession an astounding 41 minutes, 200+ yards of rushing … but a Thursday night where the national audience saw the Jets weaknesses at the cornerback and quarterback position. Three Times Tom Brady threw for a touchdown and four times the Jets had to kick field goals. A fifth, a 58 yard attempt to tie the game in the final moments, was blocked. It’s been that kind of year.

@_bigchee photo post

Kerley is a good receiver with solid hands, only 25 years old and cost effective. The extension gives him $5.4 million in guarantees. For 2014 his salary is $1.4 million and it’s the final year of his rookie contract, so this was the right time to lock him up. 

Since the Marty Mornhinweg became aware that the Jets have effective tight ends, his playing time has decreased from 61.9 and 58.6 percent of snaps these last two games and now adding Percy Harvin to the Eric Decker, Jace Amaro, Jeff Cumberland mix it’s going to get interesting to see how the ball will be spread around. Finally, a good problem to have.

The Jets have other other player contracts to worry about as well. The one and two year contracts recent signed aside, this year’s “Soon to be free agents” include: OL- Willie Colon, RB- Bilal Powell, LB- David Harris (would be his third contract with the team). Then there is DE- Muhammad Wilkerson. After the 2015 Season he too may test the free agency market. But, Wilkerson has already expressed that he is not concerned as his agent and the Jets are already talking about the future.

The Jets now have each of Kerley, Harvin and Eric Decker signed through 2018. Gang Green is placing a premium on wideout after getting caught short at the position in 2013. Rotoworld.com Oct 21 – 2:41 PM”


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Jets New Wide Receiver Percy Harvin says “Jets have all the pieces”

The New York Jets are on a ten day break after a gut-wrenching loss to the Patriots on Thursday night football.


Percy Harvin wearing #16 for the Jets

GM-John Idzik used that time wisely. The Jets acquired wide receiver Percy Harvin from the Seattle Seahawks with plenty of time to get him into practice and on the field next Sunday.


Jets acquired wide receiver Percy Harvin from Seattle in a surprise move.

The seven million dollar deal comes with a Jets 2015 draft pick, anywhere from 6th on down to a 4th. Harvin’s contract does not contain any further guaranteed money.

The Jets have a reported $14 million remaining in the coffers.

As to the question of timing, with allot of the media asking ‘why now’, with a Jets team record of 1-6, John Idzik stated that any time the Jets can add valuable pieces; they will.

Idzik stated that his prior experience with the Seahawks organization gave him added insight to a player who has been deemed trouble by his two former NFL teams.

The embattled GM was asked if this trade validated the media’s claims that he had not done enough for the Jets offense during the draft.
Idzik stated that he feels the team did pick up valuable pieces in spite of only five of his twelve picks remaining on the Team roster.


Is Geno Smith more valuable than HC-Rex Ryan to GM-John Idzik

Team owner, Woody Johnson has previously stated that both the head coach and the General manager will be evaluated after the full complement of sixteen games.

For his part, Percy Harvin spoke to the New York media:


WR-Percy Harvin -Jets after practice interview. nfl.com

“My Jets teammates have embraced me with open arms, much more than I could even expect. I’m looking forward to making the most out of this opportunity”, “I’m excited to be a Jet”. -Jets, after practice locker room interview.

When asked about his reported fights with Golden Tate and Doug Baldwin, Harvin said he has no issues with his former teammates.“I have no ill will with that team,” he said.

“Ninety-nine percent of the time, Percy is great,” a friend of the wideout told the Daily News. “One percent of the time he can be a little rough.”

Harvin also denies anger management issues, a reported reason the Minnesota Vikings did, and Seattle Seahawks were, divesting themselves of the receiver.
“All I can say is for people to judge me off what you see,” Harvin said.

Harvin denied media accounts of his refusing to return to the field of play vs. The Dallas cowboys.

“Harvin pulled himself out last week against Dallas due to unhappiness about his lack of involvement (he had six touches for minus-1 yard), according to two sources, the final straw for the Super Bowl champions”-New York Daily news

The wide receiver admitted the way Seattle utilized him was the cause of his frustration. He was mainly used at or behind the LOS.

“It definitely was,” Harvin said, per NFL Media’s Albert Breer. “… I wanted to get downfield a little bit more.”

Both John Idzik and Percy Harvin said in interviews that the Jets aren’t worried about the past. When Harvin tried to explain some of the issues, “they told me to be quiet,” he said, per Newsday’s Kimberley Martin.

Jets General manager John Idzik had already done his due diligence into Harvin’s background.

“It’s about moving forward,” Rex Ryan Said of Harvin’s past.
What does Percy think of his New head coach? “I love him. Love him, love him”. “I’m very familiar with Rex, We had actually met before the draft but they had to go quarterback and take [Mark] Sanchez”.

Harvin’s view of the New York Jets is a positive one:

“I just think they got a lot of the pieces here,” Harvin said. “You’ve got Geno (Smith), with a great veteran behind him. You got (Eric) Decker. You got two great running backs. They’ve always had a great defense here. So that’s all exciting stuff to me. But all I remember is them being a very tough team. I know they have a few losses in their hands, but they was in every single game with a couple of plays here and there that could have easily switched the game. So I definitely think this team has all the pieces. So like I said, that’s what excited me, knowing they already had the pieces here and I could just fit right in, try to make my little plays, and hopefully I can be a little difference.”-NFL.com media report

As far as him making plays:
“I’m not sure yet,” Harvin said. “I’m sure it’ll be the receiving stuff. Maybe running back, maybe not. Definitely, I would hope, I’ll be out there on special teams. But I’m not really sure yet, but we’ll find out here in the next few days.”

More on the Harvin trade from coach Tony Dungy during an interview with Long Island’s Newsday:

“There’s probably not a better coach in the league for Percy Harvin to go play for than Rex Ryan,” Dungy, the former Colts and Bucs coach, said on Tuesday’s “Pro Football Talk” on NBCSN. “But I can tell you, the last two coaches he’s played for — Pete Carroll and Leslie Frazier — if you can’t play for those guys, there is a major problem.”

“When you see someone as talented as Percy Harvin, and you have two teams that let him go, you realize that there are some problems there,” Dungy said, calling the Seahawks’ move to trade Harvin “not a difficult decision.

Former defensive end Jason Taylor, who played for Ryan’s Jets in 2010, said the move could work out for the Jets, if the locker room leadership is strong.

“The New York Jets locker room is an interesting place. It’s unlike any other locker room in the NFL, it’s a very unique situation,” Taylor said on the show. “Playing for Rex Ryan could be a great thing for Percy Harvin. He’s a very talented player. As long as you have leadership — and I don’t know about the leadership there [now], but as long as you have strong leadership and a strong head coach, you can make some of those personality differences work.”

Taylor said Harvin

“gives Geno Smith and that offense a weapon. It’ll change the coverages of teams that play against him.” -Long Island Newsday interview

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Jets losing streak | Rex Ryan below .500


Jets' losing streak has same effect on Rex Ryan's record

Rex Ryan summed up the cornerback-less 2014 Season. “It’s been a big failure, obviously. The season’s not over, but you don’t want to be 1-6. If you’d ask me, I was thinking we’d be the other way. We expect to win every game.”he said.

The last of the Jets cornerback hopes goes down for the season.

Jets lose a game they won dropping Rex to 43 – 44 record

Rex Ryan “I hate losing” (video)

The loss to the Patriots was an unprecedented defeat. The New York Jets became the first team in history to lose a game despite 41 minutes of possession time, 200 yards rushing and no giveaways, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.

Rex maintains its not about him out his job:

“I know what happens to coaches who don’t win”he said last week.
“You’re right, this is a win business — I understand that, there’s no doubt — but this is about the team. The team has always been the priority. The priority has never been my future.”

Some players have come to Rex Ryan’s defense:

“He’s taking a lot of the blame on himself, but he shouldn’t have to. It’s on the players. … It’s not a good feeling.” Calvin Pace said.

“We came into the season with high expectations, and you’re humbled a little bit by the third, fourth, fifth, sixth week of the season.” Recently cut WR David Nelson stated.

Geno Smith, played an interception-less game for only the fifth time in 23 starts. But did not make a pass over 10 yards, is still defended by Ryan.

“I see him getting better,” Ryan said of Smith, who started Week 7 as the lowest-rated starter in the NFL.

In spite of all the adversary, the murders row of quarterbacks they just faced Rex Ryan remains a guardian of his defense noting the Jets are fifth in total defense, “not realistic” to expect a team to shut down those six quarterbacks.

“I would challenge you to look at the stats those players had against other teams and see how far off we are,” he said. “We’re probably better than the other teams.”

Everyone including Rex Ryan knows the position he’s been put in by GM John Idzik’s failure to make any defensive backfield improvements.
Ryan should be screaming at the top of his lungs – but his hands are tied as he may become the scapegoat for this season. Not John Idzik.

While Rex Ryan wouldn’t have a problem finding his next coaching job, John Idzik would be hard pressed to remain in the league following his draft blunders.
This year alone Idzik had 12 picks, 5 remain on the roster.

Will woody Johnson place the blame where it correctly lies? We’ll see. But owners don’t like to admit their wrong either.

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