Jets New Wide Receiver Percy Harvin says “Jets have all the pieces”

The New York Jets are on a ten day break after a gut-wrenching loss to the Patriots on Thursday night football.

GM-John Idzik used that time wisely. The Jets acquired wide receiver Percy Harvin from the Seattle Seahawks with plenty of time to get him into practice and on the field next Sunday.


Jets acquired wide receiver Percy Harvin from Seattle in a surprise move.

The seven million dollar deal comes with a Jets 2015 draft pick, anywhere from 6th on down to a 4th. Harvin’s contract does not contain any further guaranteed money.

The Jets have a reported $14 million remaining in the coffers.

As to the question of timing, with allot of the media asking ‘why now’, with a Jets team record of 1-6, John Idzik stated that any time the Jets can add valuable pieces; they will.

Idzik stated that his prior experience with the Seahawks organization gave him added insight to a player who has been deemed trouble by his two former NFL teams.

The embattled GM was asked if this trade validated the media’s claims that he had not done enough for the Jets offense during the draft.
Idzik stated that he feels the team did pick up valuable pieces in spite of only five of his twelve picks remaining on the Team roster.


Is Geno Smith more valuable than HC-Rex Ryan to GM-John Idzik

Team owner, Woody Johnson has previously stated that both the head coach and the General manager will be evaluated after the full complement of sixteen games.

For his part, Percy Harvin spoke to the New York media:


WR-Percy Harvin -Jets after practice interview.

“My Jets teammates have embraced me with open arms, much more than I could even expect. I’m looking forward to making the most out of this opportunity”, “I’m excited to be a Jet”. -Jets, after practice locker room interview.

When asked about his reported fights with Golden Tate and Doug Baldwin, Harvin said he has no issues with his former teammates.“I have no ill will with that team,” he said.

“Ninety-nine percent of the time, Percy is great,” a friend of the wideout told the Daily News. “One percent of the time he can be a little rough.”

Harvin also denies anger management issues, a reported reason the Minnesota Vikings did, and Seattle Seahawks were, divesting themselves of the receiver.
“All I can say is for people to judge me off what you see,” Harvin said.

Harvin denied media accounts of his refusing to return to the field of play vs. The Dallas cowboys.

“Harvin pulled himself out last week against Dallas due to unhappiness about his lack of involvement (he had six touches for minus-1 yard), according to two sources, the final straw for the Super Bowl champions”-New York Daily news

The wide receiver admitted the way Seattle utilized him was the cause of his frustration. He was mainly used at or behind the LOS.

“It definitely was,” Harvin said, per NFL Media’s Albert Breer. “… I wanted to get downfield a little bit more.”

Both John Idzik and Percy Harvin said in interviews that the Jets aren’t worried about the past. When Harvin tried to explain some of the issues, “they told me to be quiet,” he said, per Newsday’s Kimberley Martin.

Jets General manager John Idzik had already done his due diligence into Harvin’s background.

“It’s about moving forward,” Rex Ryan Said of Harvin’s past.
What does Percy think of his New head coach? “I love him. Love him, love him”. “I’m very familiar with Rex, We had actually met before the draft but they had to go quarterback and take [Mark] Sanchez”.

Harvin’s view of the New York Jets is a positive one:

“I just think they got a lot of the pieces here,” Harvin said. “You’ve got Geno (Smith), with a great veteran behind him. You got (Eric) Decker. You got two great running backs. They’ve always had a great defense here. So that’s all exciting stuff to me. But all I remember is them being a very tough team. I know they have a few losses in their hands, but they was in every single game with a couple of plays here and there that could have easily switched the game. So I definitely think this team has all the pieces. So like I said, that’s what excited me, knowing they already had the pieces here and I could just fit right in, try to make my little plays, and hopefully I can be a little difference.” media report

As far as him making plays:
“I’m not sure yet,” Harvin said. “I’m sure it’ll be the receiving stuff. Maybe running back, maybe not. Definitely, I would hope, I’ll be out there on special teams. But I’m not really sure yet, but we’ll find out here in the next few days.”

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Jets losing streak | Rex Ryan below .500


Jets' losing streak has same effect on Rex Ryan's record

Rex Ryan summed up the cornerback-less 2014 Season. “It’s been a big failure, obviously. The season’s not over, but you don’t want to be 1-6. If you’d ask me, I was thinking we’d be the other way. We expect to win every game.”he said.

The last of the Jets cornerback hopes goes down for the season.

Jets lose a game they won dropping Rex to 43 – 44 record

Rex Ryan “I hate losing” (video)

The loss to the Patriots was an unprecedented defeat. The New York Jets became the first team in history to lose a game despite 41 minutes of possession time, 200 yards rushing and no giveaways, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.

Rex maintains its not about him out his job:

“I know what happens to coaches who don’t win”he said last week.
“You’re right, this is a win business — I understand that, there’s no doubt — but this is about the team. The team has always been the priority. The priority has never been my future.”

Some players have come to Rex Ryan’s defense:

“He’s taking a lot of the blame on himself, but he shouldn’t have to. It’s on the players. … It’s not a good feeling.” Calvin Pace said.

“We came into the season with high expectations, and you’re humbled a little bit by the third, fourth, fifth, sixth week of the season.” Recently cut WR David Nelson stated.

Geno Smith, played an interception-less game for only the fifth time in 23 starts. But did not make a pass over 10 yards, is still defended by Ryan.

“I see him getting better,” Ryan said of Smith, who started Week 7 as the lowest-rated starter in the NFL.

In spite of all the adversary, the murders row of quarterbacks they just faced Rex Ryan remains a guardian of his defense noting the Jets are fifth in total defense, “not realistic” to expect a team to shut down those six quarterbacks.

“I would challenge you to look at the stats those players had against other teams and see how far off we are,” he said. “We’re probably better than the other teams.”

Everyone including Rex Ryan knows the position he’s been put in by GM John Idzik’s failure to make any defensive backfield improvements.
Ryan should be screaming at the top of his lungs – but his hands are tied as he may become the scapegoat for this season. Not John Idzik.

While Rex Ryan wouldn’t have a problem finding his next coaching job, John Idzik would be hard pressed to remain in the league following his draft blunders.
This year alone Idzik had 12 picks, 5 remain on the roster.

Will woody Johnson place the blame where it correctly lies? We’ll see. But owners don’t like to admit their wrong either.

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N.Y. Jets – Seattle Seahawks Trade WR Percy Harvin for mid-round 2015 draft pick

Seattle Seahawks Trade away WR Percy Harvin to the New York Jets.

“I smell a rat,” said a Jets source about the Seahawks trading away such a talent in his prime.

Locker room poison, anger management problems this is not Santanio Holmes; Welcome Percy Harvin to the New York Jets.

It’s the trade between the Seattle Seahawks and the New York Jets for 5′ – 9″ 189# wide receiver Percy Harvin.
The Jets are giving the Seahawks a conditional mid-round (2nd~5th) draft pick in the 2015 .


Percy Harvin stats

The Jets, cut David Nelson, the WR picked up from Buffalo in oct. 2013.


David Nelson stats

Harvin had six touches for minus-1 yard in a loss to the Cowboys last week.
Reports say he refused to re-enter the game when told to by Seattle’s HC coach Pete Carrol.

“I really have no feeling on it,” Harvin told reporters this week about his diminished role. “I’m just staying within the offense. When my number is called I’m trying to do it to the best of my ability. When I don’t have the ball, just try and affect the game in the same way.”

Percy Harvin has an extensive injury history: Percy Harvin’s complete injury history revealed here.

“He’s just a time bomb,” a NFL source told The Times, describing Harvin as “too moody.”

Havin, although injured in 2013 did manage to make it back in time for a super bowl appearance.

The Jets made the deal for the Seattle wide receiver to try and stretch defenses but Harvin not been much of a threat in 2014.

QB turned analyst, Warren Moon: he’s a dynamic player who takes pressure off Eric Decker.
He’s a very sensitive guy, you have to know how to use him.
He’s 100 mph, All the time, if he’s healthy he’s going to give you his all.

NFL Media’s Albert Breer reported that Harvin was involved in multiple physical altercations over the last year, including one with fellow Seattle Seahawks receiver Golden Tate prior to last year’s Super Bowl. On the other hand, Mehta notes that Nelson was “pure class in (the) Jets locker room. A true pro.”

This adds to the Eric Decker equation. Now the Jets will have a receiving threat on each side to pair with the tight end duo of Jeff Cumberland and Jace Amaro.

Locker room problem with anger management and trust issues – yes please.

“Nothing we’ve seen from Marty Mornhinweg suggests the Jets coordinator will be able to crack a code that stymied Bevell [in Seattle], but adding Harvin to the mix gives New York a better chance to evaluate quarterback Geno Smith before an offseason that promises plenty of changes in Gotham”.

NFL Insider Ian Rapoport commented that Harvin would create problems for the Jets up coming opponents;

“Plus, on the field, he’s a player you have to game-plan for every single game. He’s not like any other player, he’s a slot receiver, he’s a running back, he’s all sorts of things. And for [Seattle] offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, getting him involved in the game was something that was not always easy.”

Harvin is still due $41.5 million
Harvin isn’t guaranteed any money beyond $7.1 million in 2014, according to Harvin is under contract through 2018. Harvin is due $10.5 million, $9.9 million, $9.9 million and $11.2 million over the next four seasons.
None of which is guaranteed after this year’s $11 obligation.

Harvin has nine remaining games to prove to the Jets and their second year general manager John Idzik that he’s worth that kind of contract.


Many find it hard to believe that Idzik would make such a deal with all his “it has to feel right for both sides” banter.

For the Jets who had close to $ 21 million in reserves, it’s hard to believe that Idzik would spent half that on one player.

Reasoning? The Jets are giving quarterback Geno Smith all the weapons he’ll ever need. Now it’s up to him too start winning games.

If Geno Smith fails with these weapons around him, it’s a sure bet the Jets will be in the market for a QB come draft day in Chicago.

NFL-Around the league named the loser in the trade:

“John Schneider: We give the Seahawks general manager credit for cutting his losses. That’s what great teams do. With that said, Seattle spent a lot of money and valuable draft picks on eight games from Harvin. This trade was essentially admitting a mistake.”

Will John Idzik have to admit the same down the road?

From N.Y.Daily news:
Idzik’s string of suspect personnel decisions in his first 20 months on the job has drawn the ire of a fan base smart enough to realize that the GM did a poor job helping his head coach after an eight-win season.

Idzik’s move for the talented, but troubled player is reminiscent of Tannenbaum’s deals for Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards in recent years, but the timing of this trade is highly curious.

Why did the 26-year-old electric player fall so quickly out of favor with the Super Bowl champions less than two years after they gave up a first-round pick and signed him to a blockbuster six-year, $67 million contract? An report surfaced Friday night that Harvin had some issues in the Seattle locker room and that offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell had trouble integrating him into weekly game plans. (Remember, Idzik cut bait with Holmes, a perennial All-Pro headache, in the offseason.)

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N.Y. JETS lose squeaker to New England

The New York Jets came to play Thursday night, they had the game plan and they got the results they wanted in all areas except one. Mistakes.

A few mistakes again let the opponent, this time the New England patriots win this heartbreaker in Foxboro.

The Jets faced their first division game with ferocity racking up 218 total rushing yards, 226 receiving yards, 2 touchdowns and an amazing 41 minutes of the clock.


Yahoo sports

Jeff Cumberland and Chris Ivory provided the touchdowns for the Jets as the running game returned and the Jets finally featured their tight ends in their game plan. But the Jets needed a two point conversion to tie the game and an off timed pass by Geno Smith went just over Jace Amaro’s reach in a favorable matchup against Patrick Chung.

Jets' TE-Jeff Cumberland's Touchdown

The Jets were able to spread the ball around successfully:
Geno Smith’s longest pass was only ten yards.


Yahoo sports

Despite a strong game by the defensive front, the Jets continued to be plagued by faulty defensive back play which allowed deep yardage plays and game winning touchdowns.
Antonio Allen seemed lost on the patriots goaline catch by Danny Amendola. And was called for a 32 yard questionable pass interference penalty.

It was a dejected locker room post game and head coach Rex Ryan seemed to be the most angry we’ve seen him in a post game press conference that was better not held.

One reporter asked if he was Shell-shocked after his team did everything right statistically, but still lost. Rex was fuming.

“I’m not shell-shocked at all, I’m a little upset because our record is what it is, I think that’s what it is. Shell-shocked? I’m not shell-shocked by any stretch. We did what we wanted to do on them. We were able to control the football, ran the football, did those things that it takes to win the game, then we just made too many darn mistakes. That’s what it is. But shell-shocked? I’m not shell-shocked, by any stretch.”

The New York Jets’ players appeared to give this game their all. The stats show it. Frustration is at an all time high as they ask themselves what more can we do.
Mistakes, penalties and three touchdowns by Tom Brady were once again enough to overcome the Jets game plan and win the game as the Jets tried an onside kick and a 58 yard, game winning, field goal that was blocked in the final moments.

Nick Folk who had been amazing all game, had to kick this one a little lower, a little straighter, in order to make it 60 yards. That was just enough for the ball to be blocked as it was kicked.

There’s plenty of motivation for this team to continue to push for the win as they go forward. For one, they get a mini break here before playing a schedule that now lightens up just a bit ( as fall as playing hall of fame quarterback’ed teams anyway).

This team won’t give up. The record is not what it should be but after you watch a game like this one you have to recognize that the future is bright.

The New York Jets played too well to lose this game. They know it, their opponents know it.
They’ve been a touchdown out of every game except San Diego and their season opener.
If the secondary improves the record improves.

Geno Smith notes: he has to throw a deeper pass than ten yards.
For the fifth time in 23 games he didn’t turn it over. That’s a plus.

The Jets season may be over, as far as the post season play goes for 2014, as their record falls to 1-6 and 0-1 in the AFC East.
Kimberley Martin of Long Island Newsday writes that Ryan punched a wall on his way into the press conference, just after cursing under his breath. He then tried to compose himself as he went to face reporters at the post game press conference.

“We did what we wanted to do on them, We were able to control the football. . . . Did those things that it takes to win the game. We just made too many darn mistakes.” adding “We’ve been snake-bitten. Most of the time it’s our own fault. That’s tough to handle.” Rex Ryan said at the post game presser.

“He’s taking on a lot of blame on himself, but he shouldn’t, Because he doesn’t play.” Calvin Pace said in defense of his head coach.

We can’t help but wonder if General manager John Idzik is watching these games and remembering his drafts and lack of free agency pick up’s.
I wonder if he’ll be as gracious and accept any of the blame as Head Coach Rex Ryan does.

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N.Y. JETS Key to win over New England

The New York Jets are playing their division rivals, the New England patriots on a Thursday night spotlight.

Update: Jets did everything they game planned including everything discussed here. They even controlled the clock for 41 minutes.
But yet again defensive backfield coverage nullified their efforts as they lose 27 – 25 with Rex Ryan’s coaching record falling to 43-44.

Not getting cornerbacks has destroyed their entire season.

In the recent past Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady would slice up opponents with his dynamic duo of Tight Ends.

As the song goes “those days are gone”, Brady is singing “All by myself” these days.

Oh how the tables have turned. This year it’s the New York Jets that have the dynamic duo of Tight Ends in Jeff Cumberland and Rookie sensation, Jace Amaro.

Wouldn’t it be sweeter if Patriots cast-off TE-Zack Sudfeld had a play or two.
Can’t you just see the crossing patterns over the middle, sprinkled with the occasional go route – just as the Patriots used to do to their opponents.

This week the Jets run game will not be absent from the armory. Look for Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell to force the issue.

While we’ll still miss the blocking and seldom used Run/Catch ability of FB-Tommy Bohanon if the offensive line with newly installed Oday Aboushi do their job effectively the Jets are in good position to win this week’s matchup.


Jets' versatile Fullback Tommy Bohanon

The Jets add reliability in wide receivers Eric Decker, Jeremy Kerley and perhaps even Greg Salas.

Marty Mornhinweg will use some of his New acquired players like T.J.Graham to see where their at in terms of progression.

All eyes will be on the Jets Special Teams this week as the group has been mistake ridden of late.

The Jets need a stable Geno Smith in order to win though and that’s been a big question mark of late.
Can Marty Mornhinweg game plan this offense around him – effectively?

The defense we know will show up.We count on them heavily in every game.
Perhaps this week we’ll be able to bail them out instead of vice versa.

This is a very winnable divisional game. Discipline, Execution and a mistake free game will be the winning combination.

There will be penalties. We know this because there will be referees on the field. Let’s just hope they actually call a decent game and call all those holding penalties that the patriots will be guilty of.

The time to win is now. This is the game. Let’s make it a good one without any tears.

Rex Ryan and Marty Mornhinweg are two of the best coaches in the game and this game will showcase their talents even though Ryan has been handcuffed by his GM. Break free gentleman. Break free.

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N.Y. Jets player has Domestic Violence charges dismissed


Charges dismissed

The domestic violence charge which resulted from a August 31 Wyndham Hamilton Park Hotel incident in Florham Park, N.J. against Jets WR Quincy Enunwa has been dismissed.

A league spokesperson said the NFL would review the court documents but said he did not anticipate Enunwa facing any disciplinary action as a result.

Quincy Enunwa’s attorney, Tony Fusco, was informed at Florham Park Municipal Court in New Jersey Wednesday, that the complainant had communicated through her attorney that the charges be dropped.

Without a complainant it’s difficult to prosecute, prompting the dismissal.

Enunwa stipulated to no communication with the complainant for a period 90 days.
Enunwa did not appear and was not required to be at the court hearing. Fusco said.

“I’m thrilled, I’m glad. I’d love for him to go on with his career and put this behind them.” Attorney Fusco said.

Enunwa had originally made the 53 man roster before being moved to the practice squad, where he now resides.

The Jets and Quincy Enunwa himself have not yet made a statement.

Long Island’s NEWSDAY article interviewing Jets owner Woody Johnson:

Q- Would the Jets keep him if convicted?
“That depends,” Johnson said. “That’s something we’re looking at.”

“I don’t know yet, We’re looking at that. The league is looking at it and we’re looking at it, too. I think that’s one of the things that [NFL commissioner] Roger [Goodell] talked about in his press conference and he’s talked about it on multiple occasions.”

Johnson refused to give his philosophy on domestic violence:

“Yeah, I can’t really comment on that, There’s no way to comment on something like that because there’s all kinds of stakeholders and there’s all kinds of levels . . . This is a societal question. The NFL is a player, but not the most dominant player. We’re trying to do our job, and it’s something we have to deal with and we will deal with it. And we’ll hopefully deal with this as intelligently and as sensitively as we possibly can.”

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NY Jets’ Milliner torn Achilles, Winters torn ACL, out for season | Jets embattled GM

NY Jets’ Injury prone cornerback Dee Milliner has torn Achilles after attempting a comeback from his August 10, 2014 High Ankle Sprain.

Offensive Linemen, Left Guard, Brian Winters tore his ACL in Sunday’s game against the Denver Broncos and was replaced by Oday Aboushi.

Both starters are now officially out for the remainder of the 2014 Season. season having been placed on injured reserve Monday.

The Jets defensive secondary, already in shambles due to the failure of second year General manager, John Idzik, to draft or sign during free agency any meaningful players are now in a deeper hole.

“He’s the 32nd-ranked NFL GM. And it’s not even close,” a league source told The News about Idzik. “The past two years = incompetence.”

Still, the Jets held out high hopes for Milliner this year.
Jets fans Recall Milliner’s proclamation of his being the best cornerback in the league.

Short on special teams talent and needing a spark, Milliner was in rushing on a field goal block. He went down immediately after his cut to the inside, before any contact with the opposing team.
Wincing in pain he had to be helped off the field as he could not apply any pressure to the calf. This is now his third injury of the season: High Ankle Sprain, quadriceps injury and now the tear. Milliner had five surgeries in college, before he was drafted.
But he was considered by Idzik to be an acceptable risk.

The Jets had high hopes for Milliner despite his struggles on the field, which included his benching in 2013. He fought back earning defensive rookie of the week by years end. Rex Ryan still declares Milliner will be a very good cornerback in this league.

The Jets immediately signed CB Josh Thomas, formally of the Seattle Seahawks. He saw the field during the games before being cut.

For the Jets it has been a game of musical chairs at the cornerback position and are left with Darrin Walls, Phillip Adams and Antonio Allen as their starting cornerbacks.


A dejected Brian Winters

Offensive LG Brian Winters, a third-round pick in 2013, has not played well this year. Winters, has allowed a league-high 12 quarterback hurries, according to Pro Football Focus.

The Jets offensive line has been surprising bad the last couple of weeks.
The team could not muster a running game at all against Denver (Fullback Tommy Bohanon out with broken collarbone).
Both Winters and Willie Colon have garnered unwanted attention for mistakes and penalties.
Winters will be replaced by 2013 fifth-round hopeful Oday Aboushi who has shown promise this off-season. He took all the first team snaps in camp while colon was rehabbing.
The New York Jets selected Oday Aboushi with the 141 overall pick in the 2013 NFL draft. A Staten Island native, played at Xaverian High School as an offensive and defensive lineman.


N.Y. Jets Oday Aboushi replaces Guard Brian Winters

“He’s a player who plays with a lot of passion. He has some great talent and he’s a fighter. When he comes in, he definitely represents himself and the team. I think he’s done a good job. I think he definitely has an aggressive nature to him. It definitely helps his game and he uses it in his game.” –left tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson

The Jets, looking for depth, claimed OL Wesley Johnson off waivers from the Steelers.

Winters Vs. Aboushi Article -by the numbers

Game note New England patriots Vs. New York Jets Thursday night football:
Darrelle Revis, is wearing a Patriots jersey thirds season. A perennial hold out the Jets trade him to the Bucs, who after one season cut him.
The patriots picked up Revis on a one year dealand will again be a free agent in 2015.
Revis had expressed a desire to return to the Jets as confirmed by his agent) but was rebuffed by the organization due mostly in part to his history of not honoring his contracts and holding out.

In what could be construed by some as an “I’ll show them” attitude Revis signed with the Jets bitter rivals.

“It’s definitely weird, Never thought I’d see it. Just adds to the fun and the excitement of this rivalry.” — Jets Center Nick Mangold.

“The only motivation is, it is the Patriots, The rivalry, how much we dislike them.” — Guard Willie Colon.

Jets QB-Geno Smithand OC- Marty Mornhinweg think highly of tight end Jace Amaro these days after the rookie caught 10 passesfor 68 yards against the Broncos. Having only had 14 for 144 in the previous five games

“When I think about Jace I think about Gronk (Rob Gronkowski) – two really big, bouldering guys who have physical statures, but are as nimble as some of the smaller guys who can run great routes and have great hands and can run after the catch,” Smith said to Patriots reporters


This is an important divisional game for both teams and while the Jets have the better defense, the patriots have, well, Brady.

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