Idzik’ planned ouster of Jets HC Ryan | Whispers in Woody’s ear | Smith starting

The truth is finally leaking out of the New York Jets camp. It’s not as Harmonious as perceived.

John Idzik, the Jets (perhaps only) choice for the General manager position has planned to rid himself of head coach Rex Ryan from the start.
If based in fact it would clearly explain Idzik’ 2014 draft picks, leaving the team with no defensive backs in a pass orientated league.


Idzik rambled for 19 minutes during his mid year press conference

Throughout the entire season Jets head coach Rex Ryan has maintained that he and second year GM John Idzik are  Sympatico together in their plans for the team.


John Idzik and Rex Ryan appeared to be in lockstep

But With each passing week, it’s looking less and less likely that the Jets will retain head coach Rex Ryan and or John Idzik after the season, but basically Rex Ryan is being blamed for the teams depressing year. John Idzik, all he gets is a couple of billboards and a streaming banner.

While owner Woody Johnson has made no indication that Ryan will be held responsible for all the teams problems, he hasn’t publicly backed him either.


Jets Owner Woody Johnson's not coming out of the season unscathed, made No.12 of 15 worst sports owners listing according to Rolling Stone

Now, general manager John Idzik on the other hand has been exposed this week as planning Ryan’s demise all along.

With only five games left on the schedule, you would think that their would be some indication as to both Idzik’s and Ryan’s fate but that has never been woody Johnson’s style.

According to the New York Post, Ryan has known all season that Idzik planned all along to fire him.

During the offseason, the New York Post reported that, Ryan was told by scouts and coaches from around the NFL that Idzik had been making it known that his plan was to let Ryan go after 2014 and bring in a new head coach.

“Did he think that wasn’t going to get back to me?” Ryan told one confidant, the New York Post reported.

Ryan and Idzik have spoken highly of each other publicly throughout this disaster of a season. But Idzik left Rex Ryan’s hands tied without the talent to get the job done, while keeping $20 million under the salary cap.

“One thing I know, unless it changes drastically, I will be the head coach here for the next five weeks” Ryan told reporters in his post game press conference after Monday’s loss to the Buffalo Bills for the second time this season.
In a conference call today Rex was asked if he meant that he expected be be fired by making that statement. Ryan responded with a resounding, No.
What I meant was there are allot of games yet to be played, we’ll see after the season.
Rex also made it clear that he feels there is allot of talent on this team and that their record is not indicative of that.


It's been a rough year to be a New York Jets Quarterback

The Jets have announced that Geno Smith will start against the Dolphins on Monday night.

Again, controversy insued with early
reports of Ryan wanting Mike Vick to get the start possibly giving the Jets a chance to win. Apparently Ryan again has been overruled and told by Idzik that Geno Smith will start.
Later, Rex Ryan again towed the party line.
Stating Geno Smith is “the best thing” for the Jets at this point, he’s a young football player, let’s see if he’s learned from the experience. Rex Ryan said.

Ryan was dismissive with the notion that general manager John Idzik talked him out of going with Michael Vick as was reported.

Rex Ryan, putting a positive spin in his quarterback situation said,“I have said it all along I feel we have two good quarterbacks, I definitely feel that. And we have another guy that is a decent quarterback as well, in Simms. But I feel that way”.

“Today, we made the decision to go with Geno as the quarterback,” Ryan said. “Just so we all understand that, everybody is on board with this decision. … Now is the opportunity for him to step back in and let’s see how it goes.

“I, for one, am excited to watch him. He has my support on this. And that’s what I’ll say about it.”

You have to love conflicting reports, no one knows what’s really going on their.

Will Rex Ryan continue to “take it” from Idzik?

There is little doubt that Rex Ryan can and will get another coaching position. John Idzik future is not so secure.

You can bet your last dollar that John Idzik has run to woody Johnson claiming to have a plan for sustained success. But his two drafts may speak for themselves, proving that while he may have a plan, he has no idea how to execute it and the scouting department heads may be out of touch, further complicating matters.

I don’t want to be Woody Johnson at seasons end as there are far too many department heads that should roll.

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New York Jets Owner Woody Johnson named 12th worst sports owner

The Cincinnati Bengals don’t employ a General manager. The Dallas cowboys don’t have a GM.

But the New York Jets do have a General manager and in case you haven’t heard his name is John Idzik and owner Woody Johnson is responsible for him.

New York Jets Owner Woody Johnson named the 12th worst sports owner on the list of the top 15 released by Rolling Stone this week.

Woody is also responsible for 14 years of Terry Bradway, 13 of Bauer whom together head up the teams scouting department.


Jets owner Woody Johnson #15 of 15 worst sports owners.

If the New York Jets can’t find a suitable replacement for John Idzik, would owner woody Johnson go without one?

The Woodster made his money the old fashioned way, by being the great-grandson of the co-founder of Johnson & Johnson. He was so inspired by his history of personal toil that he spent 2012 backing Mitt Romney and emitting poor-shaming thinkbarf about people who don’t work hard. Recently he hosted a get-together of high-powered Republican fundraisers at his Metropolis-esque New York City penthouse to listen to whether bullying, still barely unindicted dickhead Chris Christie or Rand “I Don’t Believe in the Civil Rights Act” Paul would be better at talking to minorities and poor people. As for crimes against sports, it’s worth mentioning that the team he owns is the New York Jets.”

Rolling stone continued on:

Mike Brown, owner of the Cincinnati Bengals employs himself as the head of talent operations, leaving the General Manager position empty and the Bengals’ front office “a league-wide joke exceeded only by the Cowboys’ Jerry Jones.”According to rolling stone magazine in their 15 worst owners article.

Like Mike Brown, Jerry [Jones if the Dallas cowboys] “is both the owner and General Manager of his team, which is the football version of the attorney who represents himself: He has an idiot for a client. Jerry immediately fired the Cowboys’ only head coach, Hall of Famer Tom Landry, and GM Tex Schramm, the man who’d effectively run everything for the previous 29 years. Though their ouster was overdue, Jerry handled it about as smoothly as excommunicating a nun on her name day by punching her through a stained glass window.”

Read more:
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N.Y. JETS In turmoil -“We got out played” | Big turnover coming

The New York Jets were simply out played by the Buffalo Bills on Monday night.

Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan stated that without a doubt this is the low point of his career.

It was pretty much the beginning of the end when, the New York Jets on first down and goal to go from the Buffalo Bill’s four yard line, were pushed back to the nine and forced to kick a field goal on fourth down. The result was their only Scoring drive of the night.


Bill's receiver Robert Woods catching a touchdown pass against the Jets

Jets LB-David Harris never floundered, never took his eyes off Buffalo Bills receiver Robert Woods, as if he knew he was getting the ball from the start of the play. Harris was locked in, went step for step with Woods in one on one coverage taking the front away, but somehow wound up a spectator along with the rest of the viewers as we watched Woods catch the touchdown pass to thrown to Harris’ left. Harris didn’t seem to know where the ball was exactly or surely he would have attempted to block it.
One of the glaring plays of the night.

Special Teams not so special against the Bill’s.
Another bad showing for the Jets special teams punter, Ryan Quigley had a depressing 27-yard punt in the first quarter followed by a blocked kick for a touchdown in the 3rd quarter.
The only spark was on a kickoff return when Jeremy Kerley providing the lone spark with a 41-yard punt return.The Jets took that series all the way to the four yard line, got backed up to the nine and had to kick a field goal.

On the offensive line, Willie Colon, Breno Giacomini struggled and again, Amaro/Cumberland got beat.

The New York Jets entered this game with rested and prepared coming off of their bye week. Blown assignments, missed blocks, and penalties continued. Performances like this get coaches fired and players cut. While two consecutive drafts and insisting Geno Smith start for eight games, choosing them the season, gets General managers fired.

Just the way it went all game Monday night.

Jets quarterback Michael Vick took his second of five sacks when the Bill’s Mario Williams got skinny and beat the tandem blocking of Jace Amaro and Jeff cumberland. Had you not seen them there you would have said Williams came unabated to the quarterback as he split the two tight ends down the center and concluded his pursuit of Vick with the sack.

Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg did not make overt play call adjustments to overcome the Bill’s defensive assault of his linemen.

The Jets, given little time to execute their initial game plan, did not incorporate aggressive crossing patterns over the middle with their tight ends, Jace Amaro and Jeff Cumberland, to force the Bill’s defense to abandon their constant quarterback attack and make them play more coverage.
That failure cost the Jets seven sacks between two quarterbacks, forced an unparalleled number of hurries and scurries and somehow didn’t result in an equal number of turnovers.

Quarterback Michael Vick put it quite succinctly when he said “coaches can only coach, players gotta play”.

QB-Vick often had little time to find the open man. “We got out played” (video)

Jets HC Rex Ryan “I’m the head coach here for the next five weeks and I’m going to give it everything I’ve got”.

Did the Jets players Quit? That’s a question on allot of people’s minds after the outcome.
According to Rex Ryan, No, they didn’t but an upset Sheldon Richardson replied to one reporter; “look at the tape”.

“It’s reached back up the truck time” said WFAN New York radio show host, Mike Francesca. “The question isn’t about Rex Ryan, John Idzik, the quarterbacks; the question is who’s next”.

Will Michael Vick even be an option for the New York Jets, as a bridge, as the team continues their search for their franchise quarterback?

He has stated that he would like to continue his career for at least two more years, but what price is he willing to pay Is he willing to go through the kind of turmoil he witnessed this year on the Jets. Perhaps more so under a new regime if Rex Ryan is gone as head coach?

Michael Vick said “Listen, man, I know we are talking about something that’s so farfetched right now that I can’t even see”

Like I said: I like it here in New York, it’s been great, but I can’t predetermine or make a decision on what’s going to happen, because the minute you start setting your sights on something or wanting something too much, then if it doesn’t happen for you, then it’s a big disappointment”.

“I’d just like to just go with the flow. Whatever happens, then the decision will be made at the appropriate time.” Conor Orr, an around the NFL writer, reported.


Geno Smith ordered to be the starter by GM Idzik, overruling their head coach.

Geno Smith is back as the starting QB for the Jets against the Miami Dolphins and at this point why not? Let him make your decision for you whether he’ll be cut after this season.
Even this decision created turmoil as Rex Ryan reportedly wanted Vick to remain the starter giving the team some chance of winning but again GM Idzik told Rex, Geno Smith will start.
Always good to see the disorganization continue right up to the end.

by Jim Boyd @OneJetDrive on Twitter & Facebook

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Jets – Calvin Pryor, Quick take: must learn to play in space.

The New York Jets have reason to be concerned when it comes to their number one draft pick of 2014.

Updated: 24 November,2014.

Safety Calvin Pryor can’t play in space, misses tackles and fails to wrap up opponents.


Pryor was benched in favor of Jaiquan Jarrett who had 4 turnover recoveries, earning him NFL defensive player of the week.

Calvin Pryor was lauded as the next hall of fame candidate coming out of college.

“He had three games in a row where he hit somebody and they did not finish the game,” defensive coordinator Vance Bedford told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “He doesn’t want to injure anybody, but he brings a certain physicality that if you’re going to throw the ball down the middle of the field, you’re going to pay a price … That’s what makes great players. Understanding the entire defense. Calvin Pryor is a lot like that.” “.
The New York Jets drafted that Calvin Pryor.

Pryor hasn’t taken “good angles” in his over pursuit. Has been “hip faked” causing missed tackles, has been caught letting a receiver run by him expecting (over the top help) someone else to be there to make the tackle.

The asset I value the most from Pryor’s game is aggression. He treads the fine line between disruption and recklessness, which can scare some evaluators.

However, good safeties take great angles in a hurry. It’s a skill rooted in confidence and belief in what the player sees on the field”.

One of the first things I notice with Pryor in open space is how fast he moves. He might not be the fastest player in shorts with a stopwatch keeping time, but his direct, aggressive flights to the ball carrier and skill at dropping said opponent remind me of Troy Polamalu.-Matt Waldman,Football Outsiders.

Let’s go to the video tape…

Watch the New York Jets video below where Pryor misses the sack (but actually got credit for .5 a sack anyway).
Then you see him throw an effective chop block.
But what you just don’t see is him using his arms and hands effectively, which as a safety, one would expect him to know.

QB Chad Pennington says Calvin Pryor will have to learn to be versatile as a safety (video link).

Calvin Pryor appears lost in space, assignment unknown.


Calvin Pryor completely misses tackling Bills' Sammy Watkins, fails to pursue.

Pryor needs to pick it up quickly and should have been coached in proper NFL technique by now.

Going into week 12 and Pryor, our number one pick is still a question.

Rex Ryan benched Pryor as a starting safety relegating him to special teams play.
Ryan believes Pryor can and will, make the transition to his pro style defense.
Rex has stood by Pryor stating he’s had to play him out of position because of secondary issues. It’s clear that Pass coverage isn’t his strength.

“I can tell you this: I have a lot of faith in this young man,” said Ryan, “I think he’s going to be a tremendous player for us.”

Calvin Pryor has shown fans a immature side too. First by touting his accolades on Twitter and then on the field to teammates. Pryor was reportedly told by QB Geno Smith to tone it down.
Later, Pryor, under heat from fans, because of his poor play, deleted his social media accounts.

Pryor must Learn this defensive scheme and his position in it. That’s what Fans are asking and the Jets require. Yes, he has been played as more of a free safety rather than charging the line but either way his tackling technique has been poor.


Pryor bragged about his pay day - the Jets are still waiting for the payoff.

This team came together against the Pittsburgh Steelers, playing to their potential, and will need to remain so throughout the remainder of the season.

As a first round draft pick Calvin Pryor’s time is now. Time to show he can learn and play in the NFL. His fans and teammates are waiting and hoping he does.

Of the Jets 12 draft picks only Jace Amaro remains a starter.

In an interview with METRO’ kristian dyer posted November 24th 2014 Calvin Pryor admits he’s learning now that he’s been benched.

“I admit that it isn’t easy. It’s not,” Pryor told Metro. “You don’t want to take a back seat. You want to be out there playing, working. Humbling? I don’t know about that. It’s part of the process though.”

It’s making me better as a football player. Now I’m in the back seat, learning a lot more, things I didn’t see before. I think it will make me a better individual. Once I bounce back from all of this, it will make me a better football player.

It is tough, but at the same time, when you watch, everything slows down. You can really see what’s going on. With me being a rookie, being thrown into the fire, now I can sit back and see where I can make a change, where I can do it differently.

I wouldn’t change it for nothing in the world. I was ready for the moment, I still am. Had a relapse. I need to come back, play with a chip on my shoulder and come back when the time is right for me to come back,” Pryor said. “I put it in God’s hand. I pray every day. I come to work, I love what I do. I wouldn’t change this for nothing in the world. I’m pretty sure the opportunity will present itself again and when it does, I need to be ready to roll.

One can only hope he’s watching and learning proper tackling technique and to cover his zone, not relying on “help over the top”. To be persistent in his pursuit.
Apparently, eight games, practice, camp and pre-season were not enough time to learn to wrap up your opponent.
It’s good to see a number one pick learning now that he has been benched and the game has “slowed down”.

The Jets are playing Buffalo in Detroit at Ford field where it will be Free Admission and General seating for all who can attend.

Directv and local CBS N.Y. stations will carry the 7 pm game on Monday.

by Jim Boyd @OneJetDrive on Twitter & Facebook

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N.Y.Jets vs Buffalo bills – Free Admission to Ford field

New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills will be Free Admission at Detroit’s Ford field Monday night.

Update: 2000 Extra Free tickets actually were reportedly handed out as they expect some will not show as scalpers now hit the streets.

Due to the weather emergency in Buffalo N.Y.and surrounding areas the NFL has rescheduled the N.Y.Jets vs. Buffalo Bills game.


Free Admission to JETS vs. Bills

The game will be played Monday night at 7 pm and will be a FREE ADMISSION, General seating affair at Detroit’s Ford field.

Directv will air the game via its NFL Sunday ticket package and New York’s local CBS T.V.stations will carry the game in the N.Y.and Buffalo markets.

Free tickets can be obtained at the Ford field box office or by visiting the Detroit lions official website.

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Leon Hess and Wayne Cherbet induced into Jets Ring of Honor

Hess and Chrebet to be inducted into the Ring of Honor.

Chrebet deserves it without question, but does Hess?

He bought the team in 1963 ($250k), buying out all partners from proceeds from his Hess oil co.

The Jets played in Shea Stadium ( leased and subservient to the N.Y. Metropolitans a.k.a the Mets ) in 1964 after four seasons in the Polo Grounds. In 1984 Hess ( Now sole owner ) moved the team to Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey after a fight with the mayor of NYC.

The rest as they say, is history. The long disconnect with fans began.


Hess made the team second in this New York football by playing at giants stadium.

So what did Hess do to deserve the ring of Honor? Own the team?

Sonny Werblin, the man who brought in QB Joe Namath, a part owner bought out by Hess, named the team the Jets bringing them into the modern age, made them competitive and led the team to Super bowl III, Which in turn led to the AFL / NFL merger – not Leon Hess.

Basically, Hess was the Forefather to today’s quagmire of MetLife Stadium and PSL’s.

Inducting Hess is yet another example of the front office’s disconnect with the fans.

Woody Johnson paid $630 million 15 years ago. He also bought into MetLife for $800 million along with the Giants, prompting the PSL fees – so it continues.

It’s not fair to discuss walk-on turned star wide receiver, Wayne Cherbet ( Hofstra ) in the same breath as Hess.

My apologies and congratulations, again, to Wayne Chrebet. Well deserved.

by Jim Boyd @OneJetDrive on Twitter & Facebook

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N.Y. Jets CENTER of attention: Kevin Mawae

The NFL on Tuesday released its list of 26 semifinalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame and it comes as no surprise that N.Y. Jets great, Kevin Mawae is on the list.


New York Jets Pro Bowl Center Kevin Mawae is headed to Canton, Ohio.

Former NFLPA President and PFHOF selection committee member; Mawae is one of only eight players this year to make the semifinalists cut in his first year of eligibility, along with Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt, Edgerrin James, Ty Law, Orlando Pace, Junior Seau and Kurt Warner.

The nominees list was cut from 113 to 26, the semifinalist list normally consists of 25 players and coaches, but there was a tie for the 25th position this year and the selection committee bylaws provide that all ties are carried over. The list will be further reduced by a mail ballot to 15 modern-era finalists and final announcement in January.

Kevin is a 3-time first-team All-Pro selection (1999, 2001 and 2008) and 8-time Pro Bowler (1999-2004 and 2008-09). Mawae’ career spanned 1994-2009, and he spent the greater part of it with the N.Y. Jets (1998-2005). Kevin moved on to the Titans where he proceeded to pick up his last 2 pro bowls.

Kevin Mawae is counted as one of the top centers of the period. He’ll be among some of the Jets best in Canton.

Current Jets in the Hall of Fame:

*Weeb Ewbank (1963-73)
Ronnie Lott (1993-94)
*Curtis Martin (1998-2005)
*Don Maynard (1960-72)
Art Monk (1994)
*Joe Namath (1965-76)
Bill Parcells (1997-99)
*John Riggins (1971-75)

*Noted by the Hall of Fame to have made the better part of their contribution as a member of the New York Jets.


Post Jets Mawae acquired two more pro bowl appearances with the Titans; On field Reunion with Jets QB Chad Pennington.

Mawae played 16 seasons with the Seattle Seahawks, New York Jets and Tennessee Titans. The former Leesville High School and LSU standout was an eight-time Pro Bowler and eight-time All-Pro.

“Modern-era” candidates consists of players or coaches that must be retired for at least five consecutive seasons to be eligible for consideration.

The Class of 2015 will be selected from the list of the 15 modern-era finalists plus the one senior finalist (former Minnesota Vikings center Mick Tingelhoff) and the two contributor finalists (Bill Polian and Ron Wolfe).

Notably absent again this year as a senior finalist is Former Jets standout and member of the famed “Sack Exchange” 3 position star Joe Klecko.

There is no number dictated for any class of enshrinees, the selection process by-laws provide that between four and eight new members will be selected.

The actual voting for the Class of 2015 will be conducted at the Pro Football Hall of Fame selection committee’s annual meeting in January, 2015 the day before Super Bowl XLIX.

The results will be announced that evening.

Kevin remains close to the game and calls for him to join the coaching ranks have not gone unanswered.
Kevin has stated that under the right circumstances, he would coach.


Any interest in Fmr. Jets HOF candidate Kevin Mawae in coaching?

Will the New York Jets make an offer as an offensive line coach next year?


NFL Hall of Fame candidate, Jets Center and 8 time Pro Bowl contestant Kevin Mawae



Kevin Mawae - The wiki of it all

The New York Jets posted a Gallery of Kevin Mawae pictures on their website, follow the link below to see their pictures. posts picture gallery of center Kevin Mawae (click).

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