New York Jets Quarterback SNAFU


For the New York Jets it’s a SNAFU – situation Normal all fouled up ~ again.

For yet another year the Jets don’t have a stable Quarterback situation:

Geno Smith’s personal conduct has again come to haunt him, but to a larger extent, his team and all Jets fans who want one, and only one, question answered.
Can Geno Smith be a viable quarterback in the NFL?

Jets Fans may not get an answer to this question in this, his third year.

This time it comes down to not his abilities, but rather his lack thereof.

In a situation with a teammate IK Enemkpali, that clearly easily could have and should have been resolved long ago; Geno Smith not only let it escalate, he instigated what resulted in his jaw being broken in two places.

Geno Smith is wisely not “pressing” charges with local police per reports.

His now former teammate threw a jaw breaking knockout punch when Smith ( as told by IK immediately after the occurrence stated Clark) Pointed his finger in his rookie teammates face and stated “there’s nothing you’re gonna do about it“.


Imagine a grown man cultivated to play and be violent, in a game that celebrates such behavior, reacting to this statement by taking exception and showing him what he’s “gonna do about it”.

Fan and Media noise immediately became deafening. How could a teammate entering his second year treat the teams celebrated leader in such a fashion.

After all, Geno Smith has given his team everything he has.
Forget his missing team meetings. His abrupt behavior on an airline. His cursing out a fan after a bad performance and now his pointing of his finger in a man’s face declaring, nay, challenging him saying there’s nothing you’re gonna do.
Forget all that, Geno has been a model teammate, giving everything to his craft.


How could anyone condone such behavior by a second year player. A menial backup outside line backer. Who’s he? compared to the exalted ruler, the appointed quarterback three years running who’s play single handedly forced an entire regime change.

He’s the teams star! Lauded by his backer, then general manager John Idzik as the teams saviour. Idzik wasn’t alone and although he fired everyone associated with Smith’ miserable play, team owner Woody Johnson, whilst firing management at the podium on that cold December 29th day, he himself again expressed his faith in the exalted ruler of the team, Geno Smith.

Geno Smith is the picture of a team first player!

While only hours after his jaw surgery he was out in the parking lot throwing the old pigskin around showing how tough he is.
Caution be damned, Smith saw no reason for any protective gear.
No errant ball was going to hit him in the surgically repaired jaw and re-injure him!

Man oh man, now that’s toughness. That’s maturity. That’s the makings of an NFL star.

It is however a little disturbing when no teammate rushed to Geno Smith’s aide during or after the event.
Sure the other guy was getting calls from teammates to check on him, he was fired immediately for sticking up for himself, I mean who couldn’t understand that.

It got so bad, so much press, that former roommate, wide receiver Brandon Marshall had to come out this week and state that Geno did nothing wrong.

I must have grown up in a different era, well yeah, it was a different time. We had no gameboys, no Madden NFL.
It was brutal. We had to play football and baseball out in the streets for heaven’s sake.

It was a different time…

It was so terrible growing up in New York in those days that we had to actually fight to protect ourselves, our family honor and our belongings.
We were so poor we didn’t even own handguns!

Today growing up on the couch playing all the games the world has to offer must seem tough to today’s youth.
They effortlessly kill others with the click of a button. Destroy the world with their thumb… But this electronic age has failed to teach them how to actually survive and protect themselves, let alone street smarts and maturity.

Be outraged! Speak your mind!

This is 2015, a much gentler time where we accept everything as okay. Anything goes and you can say and do to me whatever you want without repercussions or so it would seem by the minority uproar.

Meanwhile the New York Jets have signed four quarterbacks to the team.

Thanks for everything Geno Smith. It’s been a wild ride. Good end to the ’13 Season, perfect game at the end of the ’14 Season. Every coach fired. 4 – 12 record, but through it all you remain our leader. Why it’s almost as if you can do no wrong. Or is it simply that the teams options are so limited?

All Jets fans wanted to see this year was could you do it. Could you play, read a defense, throw an accurate ball, could you win now.

Fitzpatrick, Flynn, Petty, Heaps and some fans, despite a powerful defense on paper, are hoping for an 8 – 8 season.

It’s no wonder people are appalled when someone throws a punch.

They’ve never actually have ever had to do that. Never protected their family and belongings. Never joined the U.S. Armed forces.
They’ve never had to ________.

Please support Geno in the comments section.

Feel free to express your outrage at the nameless player who threw the punch.
Explain how wrong it was.

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The return of Geno Smith

Could deposed New York Jets Quarterback Geno Smith really return to the field of play prior to the original 10 week assessment?

What does this mean for a team immersed in turmoil?

This just in from the National Football Post (.com) section: Monday morning MD.
From a former #NFL team physician on #Jets QB – Geno Smith;

The fact that he felt well enough to throw is another good sign. The Jets told him to stop due to infection risk, but that doesn’t make medical sense.

Much has been made that his jaw was fractured in two places, but that is typical whenever a jaw is broken. Even when initial estimate for return was 6-10 weeks, I always thought it would be closer to six. With the news of presumed stable fixation without need to wire the jaw shut, he can eat immediately and return even faster.

Smith will need some extra protection against a hit, but medically there is no reason he won’t make the regular season opener. With the lost practice time and need to familiarize with a new coach and offensive system, it will be more likely a coaching decision than medical restriction if he doesn’t play Week 1.

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NFL Said to Name Elizabeth Nabel as Its Chief Medical Officer – Bloomberg Business

(Bloomberg) — The National Football League will name Elizabeth G. Nabel, president of Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, as its chief medical officer, two people with direct knowledge of the hire said.

The people requested anonymity because the league, which is staging its championship game today in Phoenix, hasn’t announced the move.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy and hospital spokeswoman Michelle Cerulli declined to comment.

Complete story:

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NFL investigating Patriots for foul play

Where there’s smoke there’s usually fire.

Deflate gate has New England Patriots in cheating spotlight yet again.

The Patriots stand to lose draft picks if found to have altered Football’s.

12 Football’s are stamped by referees for use, as have being inspected and only these balls can be used for game play.


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Jets accused of bypassing Rooney Rule

When teams want to interview a coaching or G.M. candidate who is under contract with another NFL team, that team wanting to conduct the interview must notify the NFL league offices. Thats the Rule in place.

Jets executive Rod Graves was interviewed by the Washington Redskins whom reportedly did not comply with the Rooney Rule by notifying the league office, prior to interviewing Graves for their General Manager position.

The Jets also interviewed their own Anthony Lynn for their head coach position. Did they inform the league office in their Rooney Rule compliance?

According to the Washington Post, the Fritz Pollard Alliance has filed a complaint over the interview of Graves, a minority candidate who allowed Washington to comply with the Rooney Rule (and is on the Alliance’s list) before they hired Scot McCloughan.

The Alliance had issued their own list of nine men they thought were deserving of promotions. The New York Jets actually hired one of them, Todd Bowles, as their heed coach.

Is the national football league being pressured to hire those that would otherwise not be considered, after all Mike Singletary is on that list of nine.

“We feel this was not a mistake,” Fritz Pollard Alliance Executive Director John Wooten said, “We feel this was intentional. That’s why we sent a complaint to the league. They did not file their request with the league. They did get permission from the Jets. But they’re supposed to file their request with the league. That’s how we can monitor what’s going on.”

Wooten states that they failed to notify the league, which represents an effort to bypass the Rooney Rule.

“We feel it violates the tampering rules and it was part of them trying to get around the Rooney Rule,” Wooten said.  “I don’t think it violated the letter of the [Rooney Rule].  It violated the spirit of the rule.  Rod Graves is top shelf.  But it seems like they were just trying to satisfy the rule so they could hire Scot McCloughan.  That’s why we have the requests filed with the league, so we can monitor the process.  That allows us to make sure you’re doing things right and you’re not just interviewing the guy down the hall.”

Wooten’s argument is moot because Washington requested permission from the Jets to interview Graves, it’s not tampering.  Second, Washington actually interviewed Graves.

Wooten did say that a team can comply with the Rooney Rule by requesting permission to interview a minority assistant coach who isn’t yet able to actually be interviewed, because his team is playing in the wild-card round of the playoffs. Isn’t that against the NFL’s own rulebook?

Is the Alliance simply trying to garner attention for themselves or do they want to be consulted of all teams intentions as if they are a controlling authority. Stop the self importance before you’re accused of tampering.

by Jim Boyd @OneJetDrive on Twitter & Facebook

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Sheldon Richardson snubbed in pro bowl bid

Rex Ryan on admitted he was “kind of shocked” Jets defensive end Sheldon Richardson wasn’t selected to the 2015 Pro Bowl.

The Jets are ranked number six defensively in the NFL overall but their record this year may have played a part.

Richardson was 2013 NFL defensive rookie of the year.

“If it kept him out of the Pro Bowl because some guy had X-amount of sacks, and that guy can’t hold his jock as a player, to be honest with you, I think that’s kind of strange to me,” Ryan said.

Rex Ryan did not name, names but said “I guess you guys will figure out who I’m talking about,” It is believed that Rex was referring to Rams rookie Aaron Donald.

Richardson, plays defensive end in the Jets’ 3-4 system, but both he and fellow D-end Muhammad Wilkerson were categorized as defensive tackles for Pro Bowl balloting purposes. Richardson, Wilkerson, running back Chris Ivory, and left tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson are all Pro Bowl alternates.

A previously reported only center Nick Mangold made the initial cut of 86 players. It’s Nick’s sixth pro bowl as a Jet.

Richardson has a total of seven sacks in 15 games. Pro Football Focus grades him as the league’s second-best 3-4 defensive end behind the Texans’ J.J. Watt.

Richardson said his reaction was “too explicit for T.V.” after finding out he wasn’t chosen this year.

The defensive linemen selected to the Pro Bowl:
Bills’ Marcell Dareus (10 sacks)
Kyle Williams (5.5)
Rams’ Donald (eight)
Bucs’ Gerald McCoy (seven)
Chiefs’ Dontari Poe (six)
Lions’ Ndamukong Suh (eight).

Rex Ryan talked about the 2014 Jets season refusing to say what the team needed to be successful, “I think it’s obvious,” he told reporters in at his press conference after practice Wednesday afternoon in Florham Park.

But in measuring Richardson against Donald, Richardson has a better pass-rush grade (22.7 to 12.1), a better run-stop grade (20.2 to 15.3), per PFF.
The Jets also play Richardson in coverage occasionally, which Donald does not do. Richardson even scored a touchdown as a running back. It has been said that “He could play linebacker. He’s that good.”

Pro Bowl selections are based on votes by fans, players, and coaches. Rex Ryan said he has “a tough believing anybody who’s played against (him) never voted for him. Clearly, the guys missed on Sheldon Richardson, You’ve got to look at the big picture. I see the tapes. This guy deserves to be in there. There’s no doubt about it.”

by Jim Boyd @OneJetDrive on Twitter & Facebook

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Jets Rex Ryan not worried about coaching future

Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan isn’t worried about his coaching future. In fact he’s confident he will guide a team to a Super Bowl victory.

UPDATE: It didn’t take long before Ryan was hired as the New head coach of the Buffalo Bills.
The #Jets may so learn that not supporting him with players and a workable GM well come back to haunt them as they gained a New AFC east rival who beat them twice last season. The race is on.

“I see myself winning it as a head coach,” Ryan said Tuesday after Jets practice. “I definitely see it. If that happens, I guess we’ll find out.”

Did he he mean the Super Bowl, Ryan said yes.
“Absolutely,” said Ryan, even as his Jets are 3-12 this season.

Ryan was devoid of talent at positions of need this year mainly because of the mistakes made by his General manager and scouting department these last two drafts.
Some say Ryan is expected to be a coaching casualty on Black Monday but that remains to be seen as his contract runs through the 2015 season.

“I don’t need to win something else like the Snoopy trophy. I’ve won that a couple of times. I’m confident I can win it again.” Ryan said speaking of his super bowl reference.

But will it be with the Jets, many fans are wondering if he’s going to be fired following Sunday’s season finale against Miami and thus being held responsible for the current roster not making the playoffs.

Many believed quarterback Geno Smith was going to have a good year against their tough schedule but Smith has clearly regressed.

Ryan knows all to well what the Jets have and what they need yet be continued to shoulder the blame for the season.

“I was given some gifts and obviously a lot less in other areas, but I can coach football, and I know that. I think that’s what gives me the belief that one day I’m gonna win that thing.
That’s how I feel. And that’s it. I guess that’s just the way I’m wired. I don’t look at myself as a three-win coach. I know I’m better than that, but this is where we’re at right now.” -Rex Ryan

Read the full story here on sportsrants/nfl

Rex Ryan’s 12/26/14 press conference link

by Jim Boyd @OneJetDrive on Twitter & Facebook

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