Thursday night football Twitter low quality

Twitter’s Thursday Night Football (TNF) games will feature “low-level streaming” that will act as a promotional tool for NFL Game Pass, says Chris Wagner, executive vice president and co-founder of NeuLion.

Twitter paid $10 million to broadcast 10 games from the NFL’s regular season, and will include in-game highlights and live pre-game interviews on Periscope. 

Twitter claims 320 million active users, but states they have a global audience of 800 million due to people who use the service without an account.

Four of Twitter’s TNF games will be shown on broadcast TV in the U.S. by NBC and CBS, while the remaining six will air on the NFL Network.

If the NFL intends to control the creation and distribution of its own content, it has some way to go to match current TV deals worth at least $3 billion a year (for 2013 to 2022) it cut with U.S. broadcasters.

NFL statement:

The NFL is creating a digitally-delivered fan experience that will be “superior” to its own TV presentation, and will soon be worth over $1 billion a year, according to the NFL executive in charge.

“There are a wealth of opportunities to create a superior product online which will make NFL digital far more potent than TV,” said Shannon Rutherford, director of digital media video operations for the NFL.

Time will tell if their right. Currently DirectV charges $350 for the NFL Sunday ticket max package. Then there’s their RedZone channel.

Gamepass at $99 a year, does not currently allow viewers to watch live games in the U.S.A. It’s about a 24 hour delay before Sundays games are posted.

TV is a one-way communication with viewing figures trending downwards, a growth in cord-cutters, and an ageing audience.

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Ryan Fitzpatrick on returning to the N.Y. Jets

Ryan Fitzpatrick intends to play football in 2016 and hopes it’s for the New York Jets.

“I would like to be back,” Fitzpatrick told two reporters (ESPN / reported) at the Hudson National Golf Club, which hosted  Willie Colon’s charity outing.

He also spoke on SiriusXM NFL radio. 

“I’m playing,” Fitzpatrick said. “I’m playing football next year.”

Fitzpatrick made it clear that he has no plans to walk away, putting to bed those stories that he’d rather retire. “There’s plenty that’s been written and who knows where the so-called sources are, but I want to play”.

“I want to play,” Fitzpatrick said. “I love playing the game of football. I had a great time, probably my best season last year in terms of how much fun I had out there with the guys, you know, out there every Sunday. It’s something I still really enjoy doing and something I want to continue to do.”

Fitzpatrick does not relate his situation to anyone else’s contract and states that they have no bearing on his value.

“I think earlier in my career, I think that’s something you fall into as a player,” he told SiriusXM NFL radio. “Right now, no. I understand the market and I understand those guys. I’m happy for them, what they got.

I know my value to a team is my value to a particular team. You’d drive yourself crazy if you look at other guys and say, ‘Why not me? Why not me?”

For his part teammate, now free agent, Willie Colon added:

“He’s not just playing quarterback, he’s living it, he’s waking up to it, he’s eating it. If the Jets don’t understand that we haven’t had that in a long time, then we need to kind of re-evaluate what we’re doing here. He’s everything.”

Fitzpatrick threw for a career-best in 2015. Totaling 3,905 yards while topping Vinny Testaverde’s franchise mark for TDs. But with the first postseason spot of his career on the line in the regular-season finale at Buffalo, Fitzpatrick struggled while throwing interceptions on each of New York’s final three drives in a 22-17 loss.

Now, the start of training camp at the end of July is the next significant deadline.

Head coach Todd Bowles and owner Woody Johnson have indicated training camp is when the team believes they need Fitzpatrick back by.

Fitzpatrick (33) earned $3.625 million (Avg. Power OTC) in 2015 and the Jets have reportedly upped their initial $7 million over.

Money can get in the way of the craziest things. Respect is one thing, but when it’s one of thirty two jobs in the world and it’s yours for the asking… Make it happen and be the bridge the Fans who crowned you “FitzMagic” need you to be.

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GM Mike Maccagnan and the Jets Draft

Jets General manager Mike Maccagnan has balanced his strategy between winning now and building for the future.

But again, offensive line was not a top priority for the team.

Even though Maccagnan has made big free-agent signings (Darrelle Revis, Matt Forte) in his recent past, the Hackenberg pick proves this front office doesn’t believe this team is ready for the post season. Their starter at quarterback remains unsigned, Ferguson retired and no one knows if Ryan Clady will be healthy enough to plug and play.

The Offensive line is a year older, short on effective depth, playing a tougher schedule and as we said before, the quarterback position is uncertain.

Wild free agent spending on mediocre quarterbacks has put both the Jets and Ryan Fitzpatrick in an embarrassing situation with a tight wallet making this all the more complicated.

If the Jets felt secure they wouldn’t have spent a second-round pick on a quarterback and they’d be willing to devote more money to Fitzpatrick’s contract. Remember Fitzpatrick was able to get throws off under pressure, pressure that’s only going to be tougher this season. You don’t throw a rookie into this mix.

Maccagnan has a best-player-available draft philosophy, and at No. 51, Hackenberg was in the highest-rated group still on the Jets draft board—a prospect whom the decision-makers viewed, for all his flaws, as a solid kid with a high ceiling after having worked him out in April.

Maccagnan has stated that going into the season with four quarterbacks on the roster is “not unheard of” and therefore a possibility. He also stated that Hackenberg would be number three going into the season – at this point.

The team wasn’t locked in at the quarterback position with their second-round choice, but of those players rated highest on their board, Hackenberg had the most potential.

“There is a learning curve,” Bowles said. We knew he wasn’t going to come in and start right away”. 

We picked the best player at the spot and it just happened to be a quarterback.” – Todd Bowles

Chan Gailey will be charged with helping Hackenberg reach his “high ceiling’ and Bill O’Brien(whom Hackenberg had his best season under) thinks he’s in good hands to do that.

“It’s a great spot for him,” O’Brien says. “I coached for Gailey one year at Georgia Tech, and that’s a perfect coach for him to learn from. Chan’s a very patient guy. Good teacher.”

The New York Jets drafted their ninth quarterback in the past 11 years, a league-high and their fourth for a fourth straight year.

With the linebacker situation improved, the defensive line in place, a pick at the cornerback spot, perhaps 2017 will be the year of the offensive line.

2006 seems so far away doesn’t it? and yet that was the last year the Jets made first round picks for their offensive line.

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The Importance of Coaches in the NFL

Louis Riddick: ‘Organizations ruin players as much as players ruin themselves’

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Tuesday April 26, 2016

The NFL Draft is coming up later this week, and there are always players who don’t last in the league, but it is all their fault?

Former NFL scout and personnel director (and current ESPN analyst) Louis Riddick joined Sports Illustrated’s media podcast and went off a little bit about the idea of “busts.”

Asked why it’s hard to judge quarterback, Riddick talked about scouts and analysts focusing on measurables at this time of year, when they should be looking at more tape and fit. He then moved onto the topic of busts and said teams are just as at fault as the player if it doesn’t work. It’s a lot, so here was his full comment:

“Any player that fails in the NFL, they talk about, ‘Well, that’s just the bust rate in the NFL. Some guys make it, some guys don’t.’ As if it’s always just the player’s fault,” Riddick said. “People in the NFL are so cocky and arrogant, they think they always have the answers, and it’s never their fault. Hell, if I’m coaching in the NFL, I must be one of the best in the world. Newsflash: They’re not. Not every team is built equally. Not every team has the most competent people.

“In 1992, I played for the Atlanta Falcons. When I went from the Falcons to the Browns, I realized how different it is in the NFL between one coaching staff and program to another. That was like going form kindergarten to getting PhD level coaching. It still exists that way. Depending where certain guys go, they have no shot, versus they have every shot in the world to reach their potential. When you see players bust and players who have success, don’t just blame it on the player. Some of these guys are getting coached by guys who don’t belong coaching Pop Warner football, let alone the NFL.

“Some coaching in the NFL is a flat-out joke, and some of it is deserving of the accolades we give them. You go get coached in New England, you’re getting PhD-level coaching. You go to some other places, I couldn’t tell you what kind of coaching you’re getting. If Tom Brady doesn’t go to New England, if Ben Roethlisberger doesn’t go to the Steelers, they may not be in the league anymore.

“Carson Wentz, Jared Goff, I can tell you this: If they don’t make it, people will say, ‘Went came from North Dakota State and he was too high, Goff played in the spread offense, way overhyped.’ If those kids don’t make it, we’d better go with a fine-toothed comb through the organizations they went to and start dissecting them. Organizations ruin players and quarterbacks as much as the players ruin themselves. I promise you that.”

Checkout the podcast on coaching search .com

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Jets must replenish Offensive line

We’ve talked about it for two years now, the Jets‘ aging offensive line needs infusion of young talent.

The Jets must add youth on the offensive line in this draft and have them coached up for the 2017 season (barring injury in 2016).

Again, 2006 was their last draft with the offensive line being their priority. That year netted the team Nick Mangold and D’Brickashaw Ferguson. Ferguson has retired and the Jets scrambled to bring in Ryan Clady.

Clady may pay off as James Carpenter did but overall youth and longevity must be a key factor for this team.

The Offensive line as our currently stands:

Ryan Clady, James Carpenter, Nick Mangold, Brian Winters,Breno Giacomini, Brent Qvale, Ben Ijalana, Wesley Johnson, Dakota Dozier, Jarvis Harrison, Craig Watts, Lawrence Okoye, Luke Marquardt. (The last two have zero NFL experience).

Departures: D’Brickashaw Ferguson(retired), Willie Colon (free agent) with constant knee problems but has stated that he still wishes to play.

Current starters: Clady, Carpenter, Mangold, Winters, Giacomini.

The offensive line has eroded with time and age because of neglect and poor drafting. It simply has not been seen as a priority even when throwing newly drafted quarterbacks into the fire.

Jets are one of only three teams that haven’t drafted a lineman in the first round since 2006.

It’s past time to start replenishing the depth. James Carpenter at left guard figures into the long-term plan. Ryan Clady (pro bowl 2014) is a stop gap at left tackle, as be too will be 30 by opening day.

Mangold’s retirement can’t be far off (He did slide into the pro bowl last year covering an injury player) and the team shed replacement Dalton Freeman last season in favor of Wesley Johnson.

The right side remains uncertain, Brian Winters and Breno Giacomini are marginal starters with team friendly contracts.

The Jets need to draft at least two linemen, (Guard/Tackle) who can be groomed to take over the starting jobs in 2017.

If the Jets do take a lineman with the 20th pick the writing would be on the wall for both Winters and Giacomini. But yet again we just don’t believe the Jets will go that route.

The last offensive lineman drafted Jarvis Harrison – fifth round. In 2013 and 2014 equaled four linemen in the later rounds, none of have panned out.

Potential targets in this draft:

Jason Spriggs, (recently visited the Jets). one of the better athletes among the tackles, ideal in a zone-blocking scheme and a more realistic pick.
He had only two penalties and three sacks allowed in 1,100 snaps last season, per PFF.

Taylor Decker, Ohio State tackle.
Decker (6-foot-7, 310 pounds) played left tackle in college, but many reports project him as a right tackle in the NFL.

Germain Ifedi, Texas A&M (6-foot-6 324 pounds) and long arms (36 inches). Reportedly needs a lot of technique work.


Joe Thuney OG (6′-5″ 304#) “Has played every position along the offensive line. Sharp and can process assignment changes quickly against run stunts. Sees twists and comes off of first blocks instantly to catch up with twisting rusher. Shows reactive athleticism to make quick counter step inside when needed.”

Free Agency pickup:
Offensive tackle Ryan Clady

Trading for the four-time Pro Bowl left tackle Clady could be a steal for the Jets. They didn’t give up much (a fifth-round pick), the contract is reasonable and he could return to a Pro Bowl level, if healthy. D’Brickashaw Ferguson’s unexpected retirement in April put the Jets in a tough spot, but they did well to acquire Clady, who missed all of the 2015 season after tearing an ACL last May. He could be an upgrade. — Rich Cimini

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The Jets LT Ryan Clady deal

The N.Y. Jets have traded for Left Tackle Ryan Clady, (6’6″, 315),  30 years of age from the Denver Broncos.

A former four-time Pro Bowl player and two-time All-Pro who didn’t play in 2015 due to an ACL injury is now a Jet.

The Jets sent their fifth-round draft pick (No. 157 overall) to the Broncos and receive the Broncos’ seventh-round choice (No. 235) Now the teams second 7th round pick.

Clady was a first round, 12th overall pick of the Denver Broncos in 2008′ NFL Draft.

The last three years Clady started in 17 of Broncos’ 49 games. He suffered a Lisfranc foot injury against the Giants in Game 2 of the ’13 season and a torn ACL during OTAs a year ago that cost him his 2015 season.

The contract:

Clady essentially has a one-year deal with a team option for 2017. He will earn $6 million in base pay in 2016, with $3 million of that guaranteed, plus incentives that can bring his total 2016 earnings to $7.5 million.

In 2017, Clady can make $10 million in base pay, and up to $13 million total, including incentives.

Clady’s 2016 cap hit will be between $6 million to $7.5 million (depending on incentives).

Per, under the terms of his former deal with the Broncos, Clady was set to earn $9.5 million this year and $10 million in 2017, with nothing guaranteed.

New York born and bred, James is a decades long New York Jets Fan and writer dating back to their Superbowl days. A frequent guest on sports talk shows James is the host of OneJetDrive on Blogtalk radio, OneJetDrive Facebook Group and page As well as mixlr. A former U.S. Marine. Semper Fi.

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Jets Offensively Tackled by Ferguson

D’Brickashaw Ferguson, the New York Jets left tackle decided to retire rather than have the team embarrass him.

INSTANT UPDATE: In a matter of hours the Jets traded for Ryan Clady whose 30 & comes complete with a $9.5 Milton dollar contract & $10 million in 2017.


The man never missed a snap in 10 years of football !! (1 designed play in 2008 didn’t include him; that’s not a starting miss people).

The Jets are $ 9.093 million dollars richer than they were last week.

The problem with that is that while they now may have the money necessary to re-sign QB Ryan Fitzpatrick they won’t have a veteran left tackle to keep him alive.

Something had to give but was that something the right thing?

The Jets drafted D’Brickashaw Ferguson and Nick Mangold in 2006, coincidently that was also the last time they drafted Offensive linemen in the first round of the Draft.

It’s ten years later and rather than take a pay cut, left tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson has decided to call it a career (while he’s still healthy) leaving the Jets, who just last week needed a right tackle and a quarterback, without a left tackle, a viable quarterback – but hey their $9 million richer.

The Jets have ignored the offensive line too long and made questionable cuts along the way.

The team milked the proverbial cow as long as they possibly could with right guard Willie Colon only to have his knees betray him in 2015. They cut backup center Dalton Freeman and left guard Oday Aboushi only replacing Aboushi’ left guard spot with James Carpenter for 2015.

[ Todd Bowles kept Brian Winters over Oday Aboushi, the latter had just finished a respectable year playing next to Ferguson learning and filling in for injured Brian Winters. Many believed Oday was the better of the two players to keep – Bowles was not one of them.
But then again Bowles / Maccagnan cut Kicker Andrew Furney “Mr. 60 yarder” whom had delivered a 51 yard game winning strike in pre-season – in a year fraught with Kicker injuries. ]

So how would this pay cut have been an embarrassment you ask…

Ferguson was reportedly concerned that he might ultimately suffer the same fate as former teammate and friend Alan Faneca, who was released during the 2010 draft after the Jets selected his replacement. Ferguson didn’t want the same indignity.

D’Brickashaw was one of the “lucky” ones not having had a Concussion during the entirety of his 10 year career, yet it weighed heavy on his mind.

“I think because I’ve played so much, it does make you wonder, ‘Wow, is (CTE) potentially something that could happen to me? Have I put myself in harm’s way and don’t necessarily know the implications of what I’ve been doing?'” Ferguson said late last season after the release of the movie ‘Concussion.’ “That’s a thought I’d have to consider, because there’s no real answer to that.”

But the Jets responded spending $9.5 & $10 million respectively for Ryan Clady from the Broncos the money savings is gone in hours without a QB did GM Mike Maccagnan panic!

Denver has agreed to trade four-time Pro-Bowl OT Ryan Clady and a 7th-round pick to the Jets for a 5th-round pick, league sources told ESPN.

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) April 9, 2016″

Breno Giacomini and D’Brickashaw Ferguson were beat too often last season and while Jets fans have given QB Ryan Fitzpatrick plenty of credit for his magical passes to Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker I don’t think he was recognized for his ability to avoid the sack as often as he did.

The question remains, even if you do re-sign Ryan Fitzpatrick, who’s going to protect him?

Let’s face it, the team has been stuck on defense for far too long in the Draft (exclude the Idzik mess of 12 or is that miss of 12) that $20 mill left over when there was no defensive backfield at all in 2014 was all spent on one player in 2015.

With the team theme still stuck on defense (Edge rusher) for yet another draft just who do they intend to field to do the dirty work? We’re already hearing one player singing the praises of Brent Qvale

Meanwhile the Jets reported signing a WR/KR today.

Pass the gum and bandaids.

D’Brickashaw Ferguson said goodbye here, we weren’t listening.

It’s been a great run with the New York Jets

Ferguson never missed a in his 10-year career, he played 10,357 out of a possible 10,358 snaps in 170 career games and never appeared on the teams injury reports.

But Brick did “miss” one snap (should we count this?) When he was pulled out verses the Dolphins as then head coach Eric Mangini put in gadget play on the final snap of the 2008 season.

New York born and bred, James is a decades long New York Jets Fan and writer dating back to their Superbowl days. A frequent guest on sports talk shows James is the host of OneJetDrive on Blogtalk radio, OneJetDrive Facebook Group and page As well as mixlr. A former U.S. Marine. Semper Fi.

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