N.Y. Jets: Who stays-Who goes

The New York Jets OneJetDrive Podcast takes a deep look at players and Contracts after a crushing 41-10 Loss to the Colts.

Join thousands of your fellow fans as this week’s crew, includes:

Genna Preston, Christopher Adamcheck, Kevin Jackson, Herb LaLane, Dennis Agapito and James Boyd take an in depth look at players and coaches; their contracts versus their future potential.

The 2017 NFL Draft will be an critical turning point for this organization and General manager Mike Maccagnan.

There’s no wrong answer when it comes to an offensive line overhaul, or is there?

Listen in to the latest episode of the OneJetDrive Podcast and make up your own mind.

OneJetDrive Podcast

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Jets’ Pepper Johnson speaks to media

​N.Y. Jets assistant defensive line coach Pepper Johnson spoke to the media Monday after his prior “No Show”:

Johnson begrudgingly spoke to the media, fulfilling his league requirement, but made it clear what he thinks of it; “I think it’s all a waste of time, but I came here to fulfill my obligations.”

Asked about his level of satisfaction in his units play, he replied with; “We’ve won three games this year, so it’s hard to be satisfied with anything we’re doing”.

Johnson added that “It’s the same crew that got me awards last year and I don’t see them doing anything different. People are playing us different, which is smart for them. I would play us different if I were running somebody’s offense. They don’t want to get attacked by these guys. That’s what’s going on.”

“These guys are playing very well. These guys made me defensive line coach of the year last season, and I think they’re doing better than last year.” He added reminding us that Pro Football Focus had named Johnson as one of the top assistants in 2015.

Fans can only speculate on why the Jets haven’t made those same adjustment as blitzing seems to be required in order to get ” to the Quarterback ” this season.

Some argue that Sheldon Richardson is playing better than Muhammad Wilkerson but should either be used as an outside linebacker?

Between the two players, only four sacks have been recorded through ten games this season.

Although  Sheldon Richardson will likely  be trade bait again in the off-season, this is essentially the same line you’ll see in 2017.

Fans and coaches expect more from this talented group.

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Fitzpatrick betrayed by Jets

Fitzpatrick returns as the Jets starting quarterback as Geno Smith tears ACL. BUT…

Ryan Fitzpatrick left nothing to the imagination when he stated:

“The biggest thing in this game in order to last, is to have belief in yourself,” Fitzpatrick said. 

“Because when the owner stops believing in you and the GM stops believing in you and the coaches stop believing in you, sometimes all you have is yourself. That’s something that I’ve had to deal with before. That’s something I’m dealing with now.”

“I probably play better as an underdog pissed off,” Fitzpatrick said. “So going forward, yeah, I’ll be pissed off.”

Fitzpatrick went 9-for-14 for 120 yards and a touchdown to keep the Jets (2-5) 

Smith (4-for-8, 95 yards, including Quincy Enunwa’s 69-yard catch and run for a touchdown) a +8 catch and 61 yard run clocked at 21.33 mph. (YAC)

Geno Smith suffered a torn ACL Sunday revealed post MRI on Monday, his season as well as his career, may be over.

“I keep telling him to get rid of the football, but he won’t listen to me,” Sheldon Richardson said  “Told him I sack a lot of quarterbacks. You’d think he’d listen to me.”

“I don’t know what decision they’re going to make,” Fitzpatrick said. “But, yeah, I think I should start every week.”

Fitzpatrick turned a 13-7 deficit into a 14-13 lead after engineering a seven-play, 85-yard drive capped by his 13-yard touchdown to Matt Forte on his first possession late in the first half.

“He takes control of the huddle,” said Forte, who had 154 total yards and two touchdowns. “It looked like he was relaxed. … He came into the huddle and said, ‘What’s up, guys?’ Like he was new or something.”

“There’s strong emotion there for me especially not knowing if that was the last time I was going to be out there as a starter or not,” Fitzpatrick said. “You start to think about some of that stuff. People giving up on you and then having to see them every day.”

“My teammates’ belief in me is a big thing,” Fitzpatrick said. “Their opinion of me (is) what drives me and what matters. I know I still have that belief in the huddle.”

“We’re not done yet,” Fitzpatrick said. “We’re not throwing in the towel.”

“Let me enjoy it for a couple hours before getting into the quarterback controversy,” Brandon Marshall said.

Jets head coach Todd Bowles if pissed off is going stop the turnovers, then I’m more than happy to have him play pissed off.” “I have no problem with him venting his frustrations”.

Ryan Fitzpatrick and Geno Smith are not part of the Jets solution in 2017 or beyond, so beside this season, what’s the plan to get Bryce Petty meaningful reps? 

Just returning to practice one cannot see Petty being considered until after the bye week and after the Patriots game.

Catch our weekly review of the Jets Team Report via our podcast; OneJetDrive Podcast

We don’t tow the company line and analyze from four different viewpoints both as long time fans and past players.

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Jets beat Ravens old school style

On a day that saw the Jets lose their starting center and their starting quarterback the team was still able to pull off a 24-16 victory over the Baltimore Ravens.

While truly a must-win game for the 2 – 5  Jets it wasn’t a statement game by any means. They still have a lot of work to do with their secondary and offensive line, but there were bright spots.

The AFC East is still just a one win division. That is to say that despite win / loss records, no team has greater than one win in the division (only the Dolphins do not have a division win).

Matt Forté had a day rushing 30 times for 100 yards (avg 3.3 with a long of 15).​ With his rushing touchdown he became the fifth player to rush for 8000 yards, produce 4000 receiving yards and total 20 receiving touchdown’s in NFL history.

Was Odell Beckham Jr.’ Performance a week ago vs. The Ravens an Influence?:

OBJ  inspired Quincy Enunwa, when he caught a button-hook from Geno Smith then twisted away from the defender and sped downfield  for a 69-yard touchdown.

“The one thing I was thinking about was that Odell had a couple on them last week, so I wanted to make sure that people knew that he wasn’t the only explosive receiver in the 2014 draft class,” Enunwa said, referring to Beckham’s two touchdowns against the Ravens last week at MetLife.

Quincy, a sixth-round pick, said he might have caught the Ravens off guard with his speed.

Enunwa was clocked at 21.33 mph.

“I didn’t surprise my team they knew already. The other team? Probably. A lot of people underestimate it”.

Brandon Marshall said he knew it was a touchdown:

“Once I got my block, I just started running to the sideline because I knew they weren’t going to catch him, This guy’s strong and fast. And that was the biggest play of this game.”

Robby Anderson spotting: 

While Anderson touched the ball just four times, he made them count with 3 receptions for 41 yards and one end around for 30 yards. Totaling 71 yards on the day is something to be positive about as the team searches for answers to Eric Deckers loss to the PUP list.

While Geno Smith goes for an MRI Monday ( Smith injured his knee on a third-down sack, Ryan Fitzpatrick returned to great effect, going 4-for-4 in executing an 85-yard drive to the go-ahead TD-NYJ) Jets fans will wait to see which of their two quarterbacks will start as they face the Cleveland Browns next week, then the Dolphins. Which up to now, appears to be the lighter part of their schedule.

Still, with offensive line injuries and struggling play, coupled with secondary issues ( the Jets pass defense gave up its ninth pass of 40-plus yards this season, a 53-yarder from Joe Flacco to Mike Wallace, beating the converging coverage of CB Buster Skrine and S  Calvin Pryor) (Skrine, bounced back with a big play, a 51-yard interception return of a Flacco pass) , getting a few in the win column will be anything but easy for the Jets.

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N.Y. Jets Dennis Byrd died in car crash

Dennis Byrd had an onfield collision with another JETS teammate (Scott Mersereau) as the two were trying to sack a quarterback. The QB stepped up into the pocket and Byrd went helmet first into his teammates chest subsequently causing compression on his cervical vertebrae, leaving him paralyzed.

He was able to battle through and walk again, though he never fully recovered, walking with some difficulty and going through continuous rehabilitation during the years since. 

Unfortunately he couldn’t battle through again.

The Jets defensive end had his number retired in a 2012 halftime ceremony.

Byrd was  also a Tulsa,Ok resident.

The defensive end was rushed to the hospital where he learned he suffered a broken neck that paralyzed him from the waist down.

Dennis wrote a book in 1993 called “Rise and Walk: The Trial and Triumph of Dennis Byrd,” which detailed how he relied on his faith and family to push through his injury to recover and serve as an inspiration to others who went through similar situations.

His highly inspirational story also became the subject of a TV movie starring actor-director Peter Berg.

Byrd attended college at the University of Tulsa before playing four seasons for the Jets beginning in 1989. In his first two seasons, he recorded 28 sacks and 110 tackles.

Also, Lincoln Christian’s football stadium is named in his honor.

You can see the video of his hit via this link:  Dennis Byrd onfield collision

According to officers, the 17 year old driver of the SUV over-corrected when his SUV was on the shoulder, then crossed the center line, hitting another SUV traveling south head on (Byrd’ 2004 H2 Hummer).

Dennis Byrd was pronounced dead at the scene due to massive injuries.

N.Y. Jets owner Woody Johnson spoke of Dennis:

“We are all devastated by the untimely loss of Dennis Byrd,” “Soft-spoken and strong-willed, the inspiration he provided to all not only by his play on the field but from the way he overcame life’s obstacles was remarkable by any measure.”

University of Tulsa Athletic Director Derrick Gragg released the following statement:

“We extend our sincere condolences to Dennis’ wife Angela, their children and the entire Byrd family. Dennis exemplified true determination, tremendous heart and humility throughout his life. He had a tremendous playing career at TU and professionally with the New York Jets. He overcame great personal adversity after a life-altering injury on the football field. We know that Dennis touched numerous lives and will be missed by many.”

Tulsa news 9 carried the story

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Jets Right team leaders?

Ryan Fitzpatrick:

“I know I’m the right guy [to turn things around]. We’ve found ourselves in a little slump last year and came out of it. Through all my experience and all the things I’ve been through in my career, I know I’m the right guy to get this thing headed in the right direction.”
“I know I’m the right guy [to turn things around]. We’ve found ourselves in a little slump last year and came out of it. Through all my experience and all the things I’ve been through in my career, I know I’m the right guy to get this thing headed in the right direction.”

“We had a really good practice,” quarterbackRyan Fitzpatrick said, “one of our best of the year for sure.”

Brandon Marshall:

“He’s been the usual Fitz – that’s what we love about the guy is that he’s our anchor, he keeps everything steady, he’s the same guy every single day,” the wideout said. “No one works harder than him, no one prepares harder than him.”

On interceptions:

“I can say four or five of those are the wide receivers’ faults,” he enumerated. “the in-cut in Kansas City, that was on us – Jalin [Marshall] ran a horrible route. … The last game, the last one, I ran a post route, I was supposed to run a slant route, he gave me a slant route. That’s on me. That’s bad communication. I was supposed to get that. … Robby [Anderson] dropped the ball and it was a tip. Quincy [Enunwa] dropped the ball and it was a tipped pick.

“So when you look at interceptions, it’s protection, it’s routes, it’s communication. It’s not all on the quarterback. Sometimes the quarterback throws the ball into a ‘team meeting.’ Fitz has done that this year a couple of times. But the other half has been on the wide receiver position. So that’s why those guys get paid the big bucks, because when it’s good, they get all the glory and all the money, and when it’s bad, they get all the trash dumped on them.”

“Our best practice of the year, I thought,”  “Everything from the energy to the guys understanding their assignments.” -Brandon Marshall

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N.Y. Jets start season at 1 ~3 Panic time?

#Jets Fans are not divided if you listen to social media – they want QB Ryan Fitzpatrick out!

Despite poor Offensive line play that yielded four quarterback sacks on Fitzpatrick with pressure all day and Matt Forté‘ 1.9 yard average – Fans are calling for his head.

The Jets secondary is in crisis as Calvin Pryor returns to 2014’style of poor tackling and the cornerbacks and safeties are being beaten by, well, everything. It’s all Fitzpatrick fault.

Agree to Disagree as you listen to this week’s OneJetDrive podcast on Bogtalkradio and tell us what you think will save the Jets season!

Here’s the link:

OneJetDrive podcast

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