New York JETS – John Idzik

John Idzik jr. The Cleveland Browns of old, prior to the move to Baltimore spawned two New York JETS head coaches.

Well actually one as Bill Belichick disgraced himself through his actions. Assistant to Bill Parcels, groomed for the head coaching job of the new york JETS he proved his mettle by quitting after being named head coach opting for the patriots.

The JETS have groomed quite a few coaches in this NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE.

John Idzik’s father was also a coach here but John Idzik jr. Took a slightly different route coming to us via stints with the Tampa Bay Bucs, Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks management positions.

He has been schooled in mathematics and liberal arts and led the front offices /player personnel of the these teams.

The Cardinals went through the playoffs while the Buccaneers and Seahawks both made it to super bowls.

But this is the premier market in the NFL and to under perform here won’t lead you to a better future, in fact it could be a career killer for front office personnel.

Is JOHN IDZIK ready for prime time? Will this spotlight make or break him?

As of this writing their are rumblings by agents that he’s slow to act. It’s been said that their was an 11th hour re-push to sign Dominique Rogers- Cromartie after offering him a “show me” contract that he didn’t bite on but rather signed with the cross town and stadium rivals, the New York Giants.

I, for one, don’t blame the REVIS situation in him. Rather I believe that owner Woody Johnson had a hand in not bringing him back. He was trouble last outing here, a great player but trouble just the same. He is a true definition of a “show me the money” player while real pros act more like Ed Reed.

Reed not only waits to play his best, he’s willing to help those around him & should be signed as a player coach, but I digress.

John Idzik appears to be a deliberate man, taking his analytical time in making player decisions & while he has signed two notable free agents, filling a hole in the O-line. & picking up WR-Eric Decker (who should shine w/the JETS) his speed wasn’t fast enough to lock down an available FA shut down corner. Something our Rex Ryan Man defense needs.

The jury is still out on IDZIK as it’s just more the beginning of the league year. One can only hope that he see’s someone out there in the draft that he believes fills our needs at cornerback / TE / RB /QB & further WR’s. It’s been his style in recent years and it paid off with the Seattle Seahawks.

Only problem is – is that this is New York & the New York JETS fans and media won’t be blaming him if we don’t make the playoffs, they’ll be blaming REX RYAN.

Rex pulled off a miracle last year going 8 & 8 with a team who gave up early on after QB. GENO SMITH made them the laughing stock of the league offensively speaking.

If Geno has a similar year & this defense isn’t loaded by Idzik, Ryan will be out, not Idzik.

Maybe that’s what he wants? Who knows. But as one fan who watched Joe Namath & our JETS win SBIII and who has watched a ton of coaches/player’s and managers go by over all these years I’m a skeptic of any GM who doesn’t help out his team/head coach by fulfilling the needs when there are veteran options available, opting to rebuild through the draft.

We’ve waited too long, you’re the newcomer who feels he has all the time in the world. Well quite simply you don’t as I got one will be reminding the world everyone’s I get how it was you and you alone who made player personnel decisions this year. Not Rex, Not Woody.

Yes, we all know it’s early but we’re watching our rivals get those we wanted. Ahh the fans.


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