NY JETS management style


JOHN IDZIK  has taken a  MONEY BALL approach to managing player personnel for the New York JETS football team.

Hired away from the Seattle Seahawks in 2013 who themselves hired him from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization Idzik has progressed naturally and climbed the football operations ladder landing him in the top spot with the New York JETS.        Idzik graduated from Dartmouth with a degree in mathematics later adding a masters in liberal arts making the money ball analogy appropriate here. But New York JETS Fans pray daily that this is not the Peter Principle in action.

This timely press conference was fully controlled by the team both as a conference call and later released video interviews stressing that Rome wasn’t built in a day, or the first week of free agency.  The New York Jets top men, John Idzik and Rex Ryan, went out of their way to drive that point home.

In what appears to be a heavy-handed public relations initiative, Ryan and Idzik sat down with Eric Allen, (Allen started out as a blogger and remains so with blog.NewYorkJETS.com ) Now of the New York Jets Official Website,   and turned on the spin cycle just days before media relations and owners meetings in Orlando, Florida.

Why you ask? Because it has become a Fan and Media nightmare out there and the masses needed to be placated before everyone started calling for Idzik to be fired  due to his recent mishandling of the  free agent market cornerback, as well as other positions, signings.

The JETS have serious needs at these positions and three players were on the market but not only was this mismanaged by poor negotiation tactics in the Dominique Rodgers Cromartie situation (we’re led to believe that he was offered a contract but we didn’t follow-up letting him sign with stadium and cross town rivals the New York Giants as Idzik went out-of-town to look at another player and when advised of the situation, we’re told that he wanted to make a counter offer but was out of place to do so) but we had already released our own Antonio Cromartie who himself stated he wanted to come back allowing for a restructured deal favorable to both. Forgotten, he signed a contract with Arizona where the rumblings are that he’s already unhappy (or was that Twitter comment about the small accommodations and this not being New York & this will just be looked at as a vacation – from his wife, not him)?

If we must speak of Darrelle Revis’ signing with the enemy/arch rival New England patriots and the fact that there seemed to be no interest in him by management other than Rex Ryan, we can only surmise that after making him a star and coining a phrase like ” Revis Island ” that his holdout status in 2010 had already sealed his fate with this team, as witnessed by his being traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers prior to this. I can’t see Owner Woody Johnson or John Idzik for that matter, having any interest in a player who pledges no allegiance to anything other than money – which is fine for him but not for this team. The other opportunities we’ll discuss another time.

This is New York, Gotham City, Metropolis, in other words This is the big show where your actions or lack thereof are magnified ten fold when you manage the National Football leagues most infamous team.

A team once led by Broadway  Joe Namath  who guaranteed a win in Super Bowl 3 and a team who’s win solidified the merging of the AFL with the NFL thus creating the most powerful sport in the United States of America.

One must remember that this is a true Cinderella story as the former Titans of New York, a team once requiring AFL financial support to exist, became the New York Jets football organization forever securing their spot in the history books. At the very least, the history of the National football league. A league so powerful that it enjoys tax exempt status and stadiums are taxpayer supported it has become much more than a simple game, it has become a national pastime where ordinary people are willing to pay $350 to see non televised games on satellite television and/or flock to their local sports establishment (spawning the Cottage industry of driving while impaired ticket money rolling in to localities [1 alcoholic beverage an hour is all it takes to qualify] ) just to see their hometown team play.

So yes John Idzik’s style of taking his time, placing value in a threefold manner and building over time for sustained stability can and will be called into question because it’s resulting in a slow to react, missing opportunities and inflexible outcome.

Yes this is only the free agency portion of the process and the draft and further trading is ahead of us but if this is any indication of how things will be handled in the future, we have good reason to be concerned.

Money ball is a great theory and style but one must adjust with opportunities given and not blindly follow a  strategy all the way to unemployment or at the very least Fan revolt. John Idzik must become flexible, adapt and overcome if we are to reach our ultimate goal of getting back to and winning another Super Bowl.

Many Fans have been with this team since its inception, longer than most management personnel are around watching Shea Stadium being built, playing there and now seeing their team totally leave their base of Long Island /New York City for the “wilderness” of upstate New York and actually playing in New Jersey! We have endured much more than most fans of any team sport and yet we stay the course at what seems like all costs and you, the New York JETS and your management team owe it to your fans, the people who pay the bills, to be prudent, flexible and productive at a level consummate with that expected by these fans whom forsake all others for “their” team. The Titans of New York, the New York JETS.


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