JETS quarterback controversy


The New York JETS have had a Quarterback controversy  the last two seasons and there will be one again in 2014.
First things first : who gets to wear #7 Michael Vicks’ number for his professional career?
Mark Sanchez Vs. Mark Brunell
Mark Sanchez Vs. Geno Smith
Geno Smith  Vs. Michael Vick
At no time have we seen this competition actually result in anything fruitful.
Perhaps things change this year. Will Michel Vick at age 33 get an actual chance to start?
John Idzik hand-picked Geno Smith with his 2nd round pick as part of his sustainable success approach.
While we don’t think Smith was meant to be the starter in 2013,  rather learn the system that he would take over from Mark Sanchez,  that went out the window as Sanchez was injured in a pre season game.
Wow was that a controversy in itself! Why was Mark Sanchez put into a pre season game – late in the game – with 2nd team linemen? We all know the result with Sanchez’ shoulder injury and later surgery.
Rex Ryan put Sanchez in that game. we say that because we are still, to this day befuddled as to why. It resulted in a ridiculously embarrassing 2013 season as Geno Smith was a comedy to watch. His league leading fumbles/interceptions were pure entertainment for anyone other than a New York JETS Fan.
Rex Ryan had a true friendship with Mark Sanchez, he even got a tattoo of his wife wearing #6 Jersey and he was known to state that Sanchez was his man as long as he was head coach.
Rookies Together, Sanchez was named the starter as a rookie and it was Rex Ryan’s rookie year as a head coach. Together they took the team to the playoffs in each of their first two years.
Those were their glory years as everything changed from then on. Personnel changes on the offensive line left the right side /the blind side dangerously susceptible to defensive attacks. One such attack was labeled “the butt fumble” by the unknowing media, now infamous in the minds of fans everywhere. We strongly believe that that play alone was a contributor to Sanchez’ falling out of fan favor. Something you don’t want to do in the New York market. Fan pressure is enormous in Gotham City.
But let’s be fair, if only for that one play. When your offensive guard / tackle get beat so bad that they become part of your backfield on the same side as your Quarterback is scrambling – that’s a recipe for disaster. This time resulting in that infamously dubbed “Butt Fumble“.
Enter John Idzik. The 2011 & 2012 years were unexplainable and ultimately unacceptable for both the Fans and ownership causing Owner Woody Johnson to make the GM change.
What was the first thing this change resulted in? You guessed it, more of the same in Quarterback controversy.
Now it’s Smith-Sanchez-Vick. With Mark Sanchez due bonus money on March 25th he was cut giving us a savings of $ 8.3 million. Vick was brought in for $ 5 million so we still saved $ 3.3 million.
How does it all play out for the Quarterbacks? Well if Michael Vick IS ever given the chance to play he’ll get the opportunity to showcase his talent and perhaps get a better contact in next year’s free agency.
Geno Smith gets to be mentored and challenged by someone who’s been there and done that.
Providing that Vick does in fact mentor Geno, there really is no downside for him as we don’t see Idzik making anyone else, especially a one year contract player his starter.
For the New York JETS Fans, well they get assurance that if Geno starts to be his old self again as a league leading fumble and interception king, he’ll be pulled in favor of Vick, the relief quarterback.
The team? Geno Smith is Idzik’s Quarterback and seen as their future. They want to help him anyway they can and Idzik doesn’t want to be wrong on this one.
Who has the most at stake? That would be Rex Ryan, the current head coach only got a one year extension on his contract, has little to no say in player personnel signings and thus has to field the players he’s given. If Idzik doesn’t acquire sufficient personnel to fill the voids it’ll all come down on Rex and his coaching style. I mean come on, you can see the headlines already if they do any worse than say 9-8.
To that extent we like the removal of Austin Howard in favor of Breno and we’re excited about the Eric Decker signing. Along with re-signing current player contracts things look good so far. There are still many positions that need shoring up, TE, RB, CB to name a few but it’s still early in the process even if we did making glaring misses in the first week of free agency.
Nothing else is really going to matter if the quarterback position is again a failure in 2014.
While the popular vote is shouting that defense wins Super bowls, you’re not getting to that game without an OFFENSE.
Let’s hope this is our last quarterback controversy for sometime to come.


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