Jimmy Graham vows to lead the league in penalties

Graham Goalpost

It was a Windy day in Orlando, it wasn’t cold but it wasn’t the beach weather the NFL Owners were hoping to receive.
Stuck inside all day made them mean and disgruntled. Things turned ugly when they decided to hold a meeting.

Not one of the 32 owners could think of anything IMPORTANT to rule on!

That’s where little Bobby came in, he started to doodle on a piece of paper and before long, what do you know it started to look just like an NFL goal post! (another person thought it looked like an unfinished box, having only 3 sides completed, but they were quickly ushered out of the room).

And so a meeting was born. Before long all kinds of suggestions were coming up like:

  1. Add that top crossbar and make it a square
  2. Extend the length on both side-posts by 5 feet (not to be confused with the equally important measurement unit of meters)  [word on the streets is Belichick likes this one So that’s a no from me]
  3. Change kicking at it, Like maybe making extra points go back to the 25 yard line.

There is already talk of calling something like this the “Graham Rule“. While not as snappy as a “butt fumble” it would still out media weigh it by virtue of being an actual rule.

Slow news day you ask? You betcha! While none of this absolute nonsense actually has taken place the three items above have been rumored to be brought up at this years owners meeting.

Will someone bring up that the darn goal post is so cheaply made that a 200 pound man almost broke it! Is that one bolt or two holding it in place?

Safety, that’s what we should be talking about. Not a penalty for dunking over it but a beating for the person who constructed it so poorly that a man hanging on it delayed a billion dollar game and perhaps over a million people while BOB took out his level and tightened one bolt.

Who makes these things and how long are they expected to last?

Let’s make safer goal post‘s and put a rush on it!


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