Rex Ryan on QB situation

Owners meeting Orlando Florida, AFC East media meeting breakfast:

Rex Ryan, Head coach of the New York JETS was questioned again on the viability of FA acquisition QB Michael Vick actually starting as their team’s quarterback.

Rex again stated that their rookie signing Geno Smith “will be hard to beat” but that the team stresses competition and it is possible that Vick could be their man.

While most feel Vick was brought in to mentor Geno Smith, based on last year’s infamous play or rather lack thereof Vick would be a welcome starter with Geno learning from him.

Geno Smith never got the chance to be groomed for the fast paced NFL & was thrown into the fire as the starter when Mark Sanchez was injured.

Matt Simms will benefit from this situation, he’s been a stable backup, but he too needs grooming and bringing in a high-caliber player like Michael Vick can only benefit both quarterbacks.

With Vick’s injury history even if he is named the starter there is a good chance Geno and/or Matt will see action on the field

It’s clear that whatever role Michael Vick plays, his 1 year $5 million dollar signing is a win for both sides as there is no other viable Free Agent Quarterback left unsigned at this point.

As to the treatment of Mark Sanchez? We saw it before in the Tim Tebow signing.

The New York JETS can either make you or break you.

Either way we’ve got to get away from the current rookie quarterback situation while we still have good offensive line players left.

How long can this situation really go on!


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