Sanchez / Vick Trade teams

Eagles / JETS trade Quarterback's?

Eagles / JETS trade Quarterback’s?

Mark Sanchez, formerly the New York JETS Quarterback of the future was released by the team prior to his bonus due  March 25th.

This was late enough in the Free Agency period to hurt his chances of landing a starting job with one of the many teams needing an experienced Quarterback as all teams have now filled the position.

Just prior to Mark being cut the JETS acquired Michael Vick, from the Philadelphia Eagles, a Quarterback in a similar situation


Both Quarterback’s had been replaced by rookies, both from similar offensive schemes and both are now trading teams for backup positions.

While Mark Sanchez figures to be riding the bench as the third QB with the Philadelphia Eagles,  this situation does give him more time to rehab from his shoulder and knee surgeries while still learning from Chip Kelly and company.


  •  This could be just the situation he needed

    and set him up for a better standing in 2015.

  • While Michael Vick on the other hand comes to the JETS from the Eagles after being benched in favor of their new star rookie Nick Foles. 

  • Vick may have the better situation for now but,  neither are being called starters for 2014 as the New York JETS hang on with everything they’ve got to their hopes in Geno Smith.

  • Smith was New General manager John Idzik‘s 2nd round draft pick and placed in the starting position

    after Mark Sanchez was injured in a meaningless pre-season game where many Fans cried foul!

  • Michael Vick was brought in on a one year contract many surmise was orchestrated to push, if not mentor Geno Smith after an embarrassing 2013 season.

  • Michael Vick can still play, can still be a starter in this league and it remains to be seen if the JETS will allow him to win the competition for the starting job.

  • I

    t’s a win-win for the JETS, if Vick becomes the starter then they have a valuable veteran at the position and Geno Smith gets to watch and learn – be mentored.

If they don’t allow him to win the job then Vick mentors Geno and moves on in 2015 perhaps getting the starting role that so many teams have a need for in the foreseeable future.

But don’t look for John Idzik to be swayed. Geno is his man and its more than clear that Idzik is running the New York JETS, not head coach Rex Ryan.

Rex has done nothing but tow the party line after being given only a one year contract extension himself.

What Rex was able to pull off last year in an 8 – 8 record was nothing short of a miracle given the play at the quarterback position and the surrounding cast members of the offense.

But Make no mistake, if Rex Ryan can get this team to the playoffs this upcoming year it will be solely because of his effort not Idzik’s and will enhance his ability to get a better coaching contract with the JETS or elsewhere.

Idzik missed pulling the trigger on some much-needed players in the first week of free agency in favor of picking value players in the draft later.

Only problem there was that two of those needed players went to rivals, one being a division rival.

There is allot at stake this year for Idzik, Vick, Geno and Rex Ryan and the Fans are expecting big things after so many “rebuilding” years. 

Super Bowl III was a long time ago, so long ago that most JETS Fans (and beat writers) never saw it, making their desire for results now that much more important.



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