Behind the Scenes: What It Takes To Become An NFL Scout – Hogs Haven

Daniel Kelly, long time New York JETS Football scout, talks about SCOUTING as a job  and what one really needs to be in order to do a proper job.

Too many people think it’s a numbers game.  To dispel that all you have to do is look at the major draft busts who had great stats.

A PLAYER today needs more, some even try to fool the system by going to school for the combine workout.
Too ace the combine, to ace their College career are just fine but who is the player?
Do they care our are they looking for the big payday?

To be our not to be, a player. That is the real question. In truth it’s can they be and will they be.

That requires allot more knowledge about the person than just statistics.

This is a quick read but one fans should not miss.


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