NFL Cap-space update: Still plenty of room – ESPN

JETS still have plenty of cap space to sign Running backs, versatile running backs with blocking ability as it has been reported that they will attempt to keep QB Geno Smith on a short passing leash.

In an attempt to stop the bleeding of last season’s fumble and interception Malay reports are that the JETS will try to keep Geno under 20 passes per game.

That will require some great blocking linen and running back’s to create the holes and keep Geno health until he can grow into the position.

The JETS remain high in Geno with head coach Rex Ryan reporting that ” Geno will be hard to beat” out at the position, referring to the acquisition of Michael Vick and reserve QB Matt Simms.

We can’t help but wonder how this plan sits with their OC who likes the pass play.


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