Time to pay JETS 2011 Draft picks

   The 2011 class is the first under the collective bargaining agreement to be subject to the fifth-year option, which gives teams the right to extend the mandated four-year contracts for first-round rookies an extra season after their third year with the organization.

The JETS just did so with Mohammed Wilkerson.

To see how the 5th year option year payouts work, here’s the collective bargaining agreement figures;

Players drafted Nos. 1-10, earn an average of the top-10 salaries of players at their position from the prior year.
Players drafted Nos. 11-32 earn an average of the top-25 players at their position, not including the top-two richest contracts.

That means that WILKERSON and others will get $6.97 million in 2015.

The deadline for teams to exercise their fifth-year options is May 3rd, and let’s us see how much the JETS value their fourth-year picks.

Wilkerson said that talks have been in the works for two months between his agent and the JETS, stating that he has nothing to do with that end.

The good news for JET fans is that he has also said that he “wants to be a JET for life”.

To that end we don’t fully understand John Idzik’s hesitation in signing him to a long term contract, only picking up his fifth year option.

Sure your concentration is on the draft and the final stages of Free Agencies round two, but this could wind up costing the team in the long run.

Should Mohammed have professed his loyalty to the team? Did it cost him a long term contract or was this a smart move for both sides?

He’ll get close to seven million in 2015 and perhaps a $45 million dollar 5 year deal later on, like we just witnessed by another lineman.
The flip side is he gets hurt and the JETS devalue him in 2016.
Quite a gamble for both sides.


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