Jets QB Situation not ideal


The JETS traded Quarterbacks with the Philadelphia Eagles;
Michael Vick Vs. Mark Sanchez

Once a franchise saving Quarterback for the New York JETS, Mark Sanchez ran out of help in 2011/2012 with no stars at the wide receiver and tight end positions.

He beat out the JETS 2nd round draft pick (Idzik’s coveted Geno Smith) to start the 2013 season right up until he was put in a pre-season game late when only 3rd string and practice squad hopefuls were there to NOT protect him.
The rest is history, he’s now an Eagle.

MICHAEL VICK, while playing for the Eagles also beat out his back up Nick Foles but was injured letting Foles step in and continue on as their starter.

     The facts are clear, John Idzik wants Geno Smith and his rookie contract to win the starting job. This gives the JETS a 5 year QB on the cheap (i.e;Russell Wilson/Seahawks).

     But Geno was terrible last year, clearly Tim Tebow would have played better (but we made a mockery of his career the year before).
     The JETS want to hang their 2014 season on Geno’s last 4 games of 2013 of which the JETS won 3.

Geno Smith is no Michael Vick, Vick is clearly a better player. what’s more is that Michael wants to start and welcomes the off-season competition.

Michael Vick has played for Marty Morningwig before in Philadelphia and Marty is familiar with what he can do.
     These are pluses for Vick, including the fact that the JETS have brought in additional help during Free Agency; players like a #2 WR-Eric Decker and RB-Chris Johnson / cj2k who himself averages a 1000 years per season.
     Additional players have been added but they all have their own unique set of problems and injury records.

The main problem is that the JETS won’t be able to bring themselves to name Michael Vick as their starter.

To do so would go against everything John Idzik stands for . His mantra is to build sustainable success through the draft process. Something he thinks he did by picking Geno Smith in the second round.

     No matter what Vick was told, he’s there to build a better Quarterback out of Smith.
     The JETS coaching staff has already stated that Geno will get more 1st team reps during camp.
In fact, they also stated their desire to keep the passing game to 20 or less, power game. (This would assume Geno is the starter of course).

Vick has everything to gain and lose by not getting playing time. He needs to highlight his playing talent this year if he wants a contract with another team next year.

REMEMBER after the 2014 season the JETS will be in the same Quarterback situation they have been in since 2009.

     Vicks’ 1 year deal leaves them with Geno Smith and a promising back up in Matt Simms and who knows if they’re even developing Matt (as they should be).
So, if Geno doesn’t improve 100% in 2014 the JETS are again without a starting Quarterback.

     That brings us full circle to this Draft. Do the JETS go after UCF BLAKE BORTLES or any QB at all in this 12 pick trade up draft class.

The one thing the JETS have going for them is that this draft has depth at the positions of need for the this team.

Picking up these “extra”players now could very well be a difference maker in the 2015 season and beyond.

We’ll all be watching to see if Vick wins this year’s QB competition as he should given his experience and proven abilities. But the question remains that if he does “win” will it matter?

Will John Idzik, Rex Ryan let Michael Vick lead this team giving Geno time to learn the position better? Insuring a brighter 2015 season.


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