N.Y. JETS 2014 off-season controversy

Jets FA Moves
Jets FA Moves

New York JETS Head Coach Rex Ryan was signed to what basically amounts to a one year extension.

For a team with little talent at the wide receiver position (talent they did have has been injury prone), a right tackle that got pushed around, a rookie quarterback breaking interception records, a rookie cornerback paired with a cornerback with hip problems to go 8-8 overall should be classified just short of a miracle.

To not sign Rex Ryan to a multi-year deal is a glaring mistake. Finding a good, competent head coach is just as valuable, if not more valuable than finding a talented Quarterback. We witnessed this first-hand during the 2013 season.

Which brings us back to the Quarterback positron yet again with the New York JETS, only this year we’re more unsure of our talent than we were last year!

The JETS signed Former Eagle’s Quarterback to a one year $4 million dollar contract simultaneously cutting Mark Sanchez, who immediately signed with guess who!? Yup, the Eagles.

Sanchez starred in 2009/2010 not because he was a great Quarterback but because he had better talent around him. The moment that talent faded so did Sanchez and the media loved every minute of it. To the point of even labeling one play a “Butt Fumble”. When in reality it was a great defensive move by none other than NE Patriots star linemen VINCE WOLFOLK whom single-handedly pushed his opponent into his own scrambling QB.

So to correct this we select a second round Quarterback named Geno Smith and throw him into the fire of starting the entire season as a rookie. The results of which we are all too familiar with.

Now back to the Michael Vick signing.

Moments after which he’s quoted as saying “I’m still a starter” and Head Coach Rex Ryan’s statement of “the best man will start”, it will be Competition etc. Not looking to make waves Vick who has worn the number seven (7) his entire college and professional career, who has a clothing line tied to the number, decides to change his number rather than ask the rookie Geno Smith to change out with him.

Then in a span of a week he changed said number from 7 to 8 down to #1. The number the punter wore but readily changed with Vick. Soon there after and within a month’s time Michael Vick states to a Nj.com reporter that “Geno Smith is the quarterback of THAT TEAM”. You see where this is all headed don’t you?

Vick obviously feels the pressure, the writing on the wall that says: Geno Smith is the Quarterback of the New York JETS – signed by GM-JOHN Idzik. Instantly you have a quarterback controversy. Michel Vick needs to showcase his talent in order to land a starting job in 2015 and if he intends to stay in the league.

On the outside it appears there was a  misunderstanding between the JETS and Mike Vick. The two sides have their own agendas. The JETS need Vick to train Geno Smith and Mike Vick needs to play and be seen as a starter. Opposing and possibly polarizing needs by each side. Was Vick led to? Was he told he had a chance to be the starter as was reported to have been said by head coach Rex Ryan? Was that “chance” already taken away by GM-John Idzik?

Everything you read, every New York JETS video posted on their website shows how much he (John Idzik) is loved and respected by the coaches and scouting personnel.

 Everyone is afraid of John Idzik, owner Woody Johnson’s pick last year as the team’s new General manager. With the paltry extension of the head coaches contract to the 1 and 2 year re-signing of players, everybody is under the foot of John Idzik, and at his whim they’ll be gone.

Nothing has started yet, not even the draft but you can already feel the tension. With only two signing’s of impact players WR-ERIC DECKER & RB-CHRIS JOHNSON ( + signing Austin Howard’s replacement position by Breno Giacomini) Idzik has not impressed. John Idzik is playing money ball with what could be a  turnstile of players. With the draft upon us and 12 picks, let’s see if he can replace Cromartie’s CB position as well as picking up a Wide receiver and tight end.

Next year will bring its own headaches with the one year contracts coming due and veteran player contracts to be addressed. Add in your depth issues that you already have and you see that it doesn’t get any easier.

A General manager should be judged on his misses, his failure to act in a timely manner as well as his hits re: Rogers-Cromartie leaving the JETS facility only to meet with and sign with the N.Y.Giants.


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