New York JETS Trading Rumor

wpid-img_474530381297236.jpegThe Draft is tomorrow but last night the rumors started to heat up and this one makes sense.

The NY JETS have a strong need at three positions, two of which will help their beleaguered Quarterback Geno Smith.

The mill started out saying the JETS were interested in WR-ODELL BECKHAM.

Is that a smoke screen? TE-ERIC ERBON would be a dream come true for the JETS passing game as he provides both a short and long pass threat giving Geno that dump off that he’s going to need.

It’s clear that the JETS need another player for the other side of WR-ERIC DECKER and that leaves four good prospects:


YES, that’s more than four but even those five are projected to be gone by the time the JETS pick at number 18.

With 12 picks in the draft the JETS will have their pick of players later on, but their need for a wide receiver opposite Eric Decker is glaring.

Last season no wide receiver on the team proved to be a go to guy and that puts the JETS in a precarious position.

Block out Decker and you shut down the JETS passing game. The JETS have improved at the running back position and opponents will be focusing on that.

The JETS need one more piece to spread the defense and while we think that piece should be TE-ERIC EBRON, as he’s the only stand out at TIGHT END in this draft, the JETS will have multiple options at wide receivers on the board.

It appears that the JETS will go in that direction first. They need to free up Decker by loading both sides and multiple wide receiver options are available to do just that.

Picking at #18 puts them just out of range for Both the Top TE & WR’s and if the team’s before them go with best available the JETS will miss out on both positions elite prospects.

A trade now would put them in a much better position in August. Taking the double team off Decker is imperative.

Side notes: Jace A. Could be a viable option in addition to those named and let’s not forget the need at cornerback.

The JETS are giving the outsiders the impression that they are okay with the defensive backfield they have in place. In reality they will need to add one more CB.

GUARD AND TACKLE players are also available this draft and the team’s needs depth at those positions. Will they use any of their picks this year to start shoring the offensive line now or wait till next year to start that rebuild?

Jets Trade Rumors

Jets Trade Rumors


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