Namath thinks Vick should start for JETS


Joe Namath

JOE Namath

JOE Namath spoke with concerning New York Jets Quarterback situation today.

When approached at the Waldorf Astoria Gala by a New Jersey dot com JETS beat reporter Joe Namath, not one to shy away from the tough questions, gave his candid view on the JETS Quarterback situation.

“I think Michael Vick should start” for the JETS this season.

JOE took into account Vick’s veteran status and Geno Smith’s opportunity to learn from the more experienced player.

What should be taken into account is the JETS tough schedule and the fact that the season may very be over for the team by week seven.

The JETS face some of the NFL’s top rated passing teams and will need to win early in the schedule when they have favorable matchup’s and home field advantage.

In fact it’s the perfect time for Michael Vick to start. Why? His injury history and his lack of making it through an entire season. Many Fans don’t expect him to make an entire season this year either.

We say perfect! That’s when you bring in Geno Smith. He will have had the opportunity to watch and learn. Same for Matt Simms and newly acquired Tajh Boyd. Yes, we advocate keeping all four this season knowing full well that Michael Vick will most likely be seeking out a starting position with another team.

2014-05-01 01.13.22

Rex Ryan’s job is probably on the line this year. The JETS picked up, at the very least, five talented players during Free Agency and the Draft combined. Here we are only speaking of Michael Vick, Chris Johnson, Eric Decker,  Calvin Pryor and Jace Amaro.

In total the New York Jets acquired 12 players in the draft. Eight UN-Drafted free agents and two free agents; that’s 22 players to work with including multiple wide receivers. While General manager John Idzik was unable to trade up and get that sorely needed number one receiver they did make a splash in the second round drafting  Jace Amaro, a Jimmy Graham type player who is listed as a tight end but has the abilities of a top receiver.

Combine your rough schedule, your job on the line, five new offensive passing weapons and the fact that you must win your early home games and whom do you start? Your second year QB who had a rough 2013 with a couple of wins in the final weeks or a proven veteran you brought in to push him?

How Rex Ryan answers this call to arms will most probably determine his future with the team.

Losing early in the season will give owner Woody Johnson and GM John Idzik the fuel to replace Ryan without being chastised by the fan base.

If the New York Jets stay with their mantra of competition at all positions, let Geno Smith out play Michael Vick for the starting position and give the team every chance to win.

We agree with Joe Namath this time. Just win baby.


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