N.Y. JETS Start Development


TE-Jace Amaro at Jets mini camp

TE-Jace Amaro at Jets mini camp

New York Jets have started camp for Rookies, UN-Drafted free agents, the 2014 Draft Class and additional players trying to make a team.

This year the JETS have invited a good number of  “additional” players to camp giving them what could be their final chance at playing in the National Football League.

The JETS are not alone, many teams invite players either from their local tryouts or walk-on’s. In fact- the Jacksonville Jaguar’s alone invited ~ 24 players of their own on top of their draft picks.

More than ever before good players have a chance to be seen. But what does that really matter if a player winds up with the “wrong” team.

Was, is, Tim Tebow a “bad” player? How many College stars wind up just like him – out of the NFL ?

Of course he’s not a bad player, perhaps he could be a great Quarterback but we may now never know as he was never developed.

All players need development. The NFL is a unique environment where each player at each position on each team is considered the best of the best.

The Draft is a prime example of what we’re discussing here.

The National Football League Draft of College players is supposedly a draft of the top College players, the cream of the crop if you will. The top 1% of all the players available.

Teams spend inordinate amounts of money and even more in time evaluating these players to be as sure as they can be that they are selecting the best.

That is to say, the best player for them. Their team with their needs. For instance the top player in the draft may be a Quarterback but a team with a great QB wouldn’t necessarily draft that player. Their needs may be different, say a linemen etc.

This year’s draft featured several good Quarterback’s (to name a position) but a team like The Dallas Cowboys didn’t draft a Quarterback. They have a good one in Tony Romo. So they drafted a linemen that for all intensive purposes is supposed to protect that quarterback, that investment.

But what if the best quarterback for them was actually in this draft? There were five this year that the analysts saw as top prospects, all were supposed to go in the top 10 or so picks. Only two did and they probably went to the wrong teams. Why? Because it was a dire need.

The NFL is the “fastest” of all football games. A Quarterback is considered lucky if he’s allowed four seconds of time before being pressured/hurried or sacked. College play is just not the same speed.

Consider the New York Jets and their selection of what they conceived to be the best quarterback for them, picking Geno Smith in last year’s second round.

While he may have been a top College player he was now facing every top College player and they were coming to get him. His record was “terrible” to be kind.

What went wrong? Even the best player needs to be developed. To be taught, shown what it’s like when every player is the best. Your no longer the star of your team, every player out there was the star of their team. A rude awakening to be sure.

While the New York Jets did not develop Geno Smith, they did start him the entire year. Their theory of course it’s that he now knows what he faces and he’ll make his decisions faster and with more confidence, not telegraphing his moves.

This of course remains to be seen whether or not this trial by fire worked. Whether or not he can now “handle” that speed of play. Harness it and make it his Allie.

To that end the JETS have drafted what many perceive to be the best Tight End of College Football – JACE AMARO

2014-05-09 20.54.58

He has great size, hands and speed. But he too will be baptised by fire. We don’t know the caliber of quarterback that will be trying to get him the ball.

The JETS missed out on picking up a number one rated Wide Receiver during both the Free Agency period and the draft. The latter of which the team opted for using all of its 12 available draft picks rather than packaging a few to move up in the draft to select a top rated receiver – because they don’t have a number one presently on the team (nor did they last year) and, again, didn’t go after one in the two aforementioned opportunities.

This puts Jace Amaro in the same position as his quarterback was last year. No time for development and adjustment into the NFL.

He may be better set up though, as well Geno Smith, because the JETS did acquire a top-notch number two wide receiver by the name of ERIC DECKER.  Who had a stellar year last year catching passes from none other than future hall of fame Quarterback Peyton Manning.

Decker is a veteran and knows he’s being asked to be the team’s number one receiver.

He too may have received some relief in that the team also picked up Running Back Chris Johnson a former 2000 yard rusher whom has since compiled six 1000 yard rushing seasons. And perhaps even more to the point he can catch a ball coming out off the backfield.

The JETS hope that these additions to the team will provide the spark they need to fuel the fires in the remaining teammates who they have been developing.

Teammates like Jeff Cumberland, Clyde Gates, David Nelson, Zack Sudfeld, Steven Hill along with a new cast of draft picks and UN-Drafted free agents.

This mix paints a pretty good picture of what a playoff offensive receiver corps should look like. Although, albeit at different stages of that all important development.

Perhaps anyone of these players could be a star on a team consisting of stars but that’s not the case here. They’ll have to integrate into a team in varying stages of development and together become a star receiving group.

(Defense, Mike Vick and remaining cast of players not discussed here)


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