Jets Fans-Not Going to the game ?

According to Venture Beat more and more fans are not going to the game, Stadiums aren’t being filled (which at least one team lowered ticket prices for in 2013).

2014-04-24 01.27.40

The advent of High Definition, 2k and now ultra high-definition (4k) viewing monitors, also known as televisions are providing a better experience than ” being at the game “.

Not at all hard to believe is it ? Fans Given the choice between a $100 nose bleed seat ( bring your binoculars ), $3000 level 2 seat ( where if your under 40 and still have good eyesight might see a player with the ball ) at Metlife stadium plus $20 parking fees, tolls on  New Jersey turnpike, hours of driving, gasoline prices rising weekly, $10 beer & hotdogs or paying $360 to Directv to watch every game NFL SUNDAY TICKET has to offer in your home on your 65″ or better monitor with surround sound.

[ all because the JETS left Long Island, shut down Shea Stadium where the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Grand Funk Railroad and others played to be exiled to Jersey. You could have built-in Calverton, where Grumman Aircraft had a darn Airport for crying out loud but No! But I Digress]

Even better, pay NFL GAME REWIND $70 and watch the games whenever you want ( with 22 viewing angle ) via your computer with a line-out to your HD monitor. Dish has RedZone and VERIZON has NFL MOBILE.

The NFL created the beast. Sunday football wasn’t enough. The NFL now plays on Sunday 1pm 4pm & 8pm, Monday night, Thursday night and to a lesser extent Saturdays.

Gone are the days of the Sunday tradition of getting away from the world and meeting ” the boy’s ” at the local sports bar. The product has become diluted watered down to where you don’t have to stop everything to watch them on Sundays. Simply put, you don’t have to.

Sure, you’ll miss L7 parties / tailgating with like minded diehards, but it was the game who took away your excuse to get out of the house. Through no fault of your own.

[ Then again, you won’t miss rolling down the concrete steps of Joe Robbie stadium in Miami, giving your  combatant, as one referee penalized our very own Marty Lyons – for ” giving him the business ” Just because you wore your jets #80 Wayne Cherbet official NFL Jersey to the Dolphins game. Damn Cubans ]

Going to the “game ” might become a novelty.

The problem for the team’s will be that they will miss out on that revenue stream while the NFL, that Corporate tax-free status monster will actually make more.

” Lets go to the video tape ” -WW

Or not.



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