N.Y.JETS -Quarterback’s Win this Season

The New York Jets face 2014 with two potential starting Quarterbacks. imageThe Jets started rookie Geno Smith in 2013 and all indications are that they’ll do the same this year.

Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg stated that  Geno Smith would get 70% of the first team snaps at camp but quickly retracted that statement in a radio interview ” I probably shouldn’t have done that, put a number on it “.

According to the Coaches the  quarterback who gives the team the best chance to win – will start.

Smith was the team’s second round pick in 2013 and he was the pick of New Jets General Manager John Idzik.

The 2013 season, with Geno Smith at the helm was hard to watch as Smith fumbled his way through the year (25 of the teams 29 turnovers). Desperate for a silver lining fans and head coach Rex Ryan cling to the last four games of the year, in which the team managed to win three finishing an Astounding 8 – 8 for the year, a number owner Woody Johnson clearly isn’t happy with.

The 2014 Draft provided the Jets with essential weapons, all in positions of need, three of which are starting material.

Perhaps more important was the team’s two free agency acquisitions.

(1) WR-Eric Decker who amassed career numbers with the Denver Broncos and QB-Peyton Manning

(2) RB-Chris Johnson from the Tennessee Titans who once boasted a 2000+ yard season, but more importantly has run for 1000+ yards in each season thereafter. Johnson offers something else the team has been lacking, he can catch coming out of the backfield.

All totaled the Jets added receiving weapons in: Eric Decker, Chris Johnson, Jace Amaro, Jacoby Ford, Jalen Saunders and Shaq Evans.

Added to the team’s traditional weapons of Bilial Powell and Chris Ivory and you’ve got the makings of a good offensive spread package.

But the Jets have additional players who themselves are on the cusp of making a Quarterback look good in Jeff Cumberland, Stephen Hill, David Nelson and slot receiver,Jeremy Kerely. The team is relying on Geno Smith who averaged 190 yards per game in 2013 with a total of 12 TD’s, when he wasn’t committing turnovers.

The option, the veteran, Mike Vick who hasn’t stayed healthy for a full season since 2006 but is a veteran who has increased his passing numbers in each of the last three years and who touts himself as much more than a pocket passer..

Should the JETS use both, starting Vick, allowing Smith time to mature, learn from and replace Vick when he’s injured..

Outsiders say Smith will start but if not winning, Vick will be in by game three.

It doesn’t appear that the JETS will stick with a broken quarterback for their usual five years anymore. It sounds like The front office mindset is finally changing – for the better.

With the mix you lose nothing. In Vick you have a veteran who must highlight his talent while be can  this year as he is not the future of the Jets over the long term as they strive for youth.. But use him while you can.

For Geno Smith Jets head coach Rex Ryan and General manager John Idzik both have a vested interest in him being the future of the team and furthering their sustainable success approach. But don’t expect the team to stay with Smith in 2015 if he doesn’t get it done this year.

Mike Vick was quoted as saying that it hurts deep down not to be one of the 32 staying Quarterbacks in the NFL right now. Michael spoke to NFL media’s Kimberly Jones after OTA’s on (June 4th) and reiterated that he and Smith push each other.

Meanwhile, the NFL’s Around the League program has their analysts saying 3 to 1 that Michael Vick should be and will be the starter. The one dissenting vote states that General manager John Idzik wants Geno Smith starting and that his will be the deciding vote.

Recently, former N.Y.Giants Super Bowl winning QB Phill Simms was asked whom he’d pick between Smith and Vick. While he chose Geno Smith he added the caveat that Michael Vick was likely to play.

image From nj.com: Vick’s NFL career is well-documented. From 2001-06 he started 67 games for the Atlanta Falcons, completing 53.8% of his passes for 11,505 yards, 71 touchdowns and 52 interceptions.

He also was among the most dangerous running QBs in the league, averaging 7.3 yards a carry and scoring 21 TDs. Then with the Eagles from 2009-12, he started 36 games, cut back some on his rushing and improved his passing to 60.0% accuracy, threw for 8,769 yards, 52 TDs and 30 INTs, and hiked his passer rating 12 points to 87.8.

For his regular-season career, Michael Vick has thrown 128 TDs and 85 interceptions, has an 80.9 passer rating and a 58-48-1 record as a starter.

He also quarterbacked the Falcons and Eagles to two playoff berths each and compiled a 2-4 postseason record as a starter. He was a 3 time Pro Bowler with the Atlanta Falcons after the 2002, ’04 and ’05 seasons and with Philadelphia after his first full season as a starter in 2010.

All agree that should Smith become the stater in week one, if his production falters, Michael Vick will quickly replace him – “so why not start him now”. They are quoted as saying.

Fans and players alike hope that Geno Smith doesn’t fail as the teams current talent may want to look elsewhere for the playoffs and a possible super bowl if he doesn’t pan out. The average life span of an NFL player remains at four years, leaving players with little time to waste on a team not progressing.

Stats from Pro Football Reference.com

Notes: Vinny Testeverde (1998 took JETS to the playoffs) retired at the age of 42, Doug Flutie was 43. Peyton Manningis 38 and Tom Bradyis 36. By those standards along with the rule changes favoring quarterback health and safety; Vick has another 10 years.


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