N.Y. JETS No Captains or Mascot


The New York Jets do not have a team mascot nor do they name captains of their squads.

The JETS are one of only two teams in the NFL’s  AFC division who do not have a team Mascot, the other team is the Oakland Raiders.

Rex Ryan, head coach of the Jets does not believe in team captains. His mantra of competition in all positions at all times runs contrary to naming one player of each squad a captain.

The team does have a FLIGHT CREW However. A separate entity the Flight Crew is a professional dance / cheer group which makes special appearances in addition to Sunday games.

In 2013, the New York Jets added The Aviators Drumline as one of the new signature elements of the team’s gameday experience.  Inspired by the energy of the New York City streets, the New York Jets Aviators are highly visible throughout gameday visiting fans in the parking lots and plaza while serving as entertainment during pregame and TV timeouts.

For more information on these and other questions see the team’s website at: Jets FAQ.


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