NFL pain killer lawsuit: Will it lead to tolerance?


The simple answer is that the National Football League will not permit or allow players to test positive for any Drug that their doctors have not administered.
The complex answer is yes. While certain drugs may remain “illegal” for use, not all test kits test for all drugs.

For example a simple urine dipstick may detect barbiturates but not stimulants.

Federal law prohibits the use of marijuana. BUT, and this is a big but, some 29 States allow marijuana for medical use.

Pro and con arguments can, will and have become protracted. Either side can utilize studies to further their case I.e; marijuana is known to reduce ocular pressure and therefore has a medicinal purpose in glaucoma cases.
It is also an effective ” pain killer “.
But, as cigarette smoking is hazardous to your health, so therein is a basis for an argument against use/Long term use of marijuana as it may lead to multiple forms of cancer.

One important medical question remains. Which method of controlling pain produces the least long term side effects.

The NFL may decide to take the same stance the Federal Government appears to be taking ; Allowing States rights and simply not aggressively pursuing prosecution in those States where it’s allowed as a controlled substance.

One fact remains. The NFL will make no ruling contrary to State and Federal laws.

They simply don’t have to ” test ” for a particular substance.
After all, long term use of ibuprofen can have ill effects on the liver.

Enter the lawyers…



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