JETS have a Freight Train of a Tight End in Jace Amaro

Texas Tech’s Tight end Jace ” Freight Train “ Amaro will is a welcome addition to the New York Jets roster this year.

The tight end position has been a weak link for the team as currently only Jeff Cumberland has had any production of note. Blocking has been more their purpose or roll on the team.

The JETS hope that becomes a thing of the past with the addition Amaro. Over the next three years the Jets hope to have their version of Mark Bavaro.


At 6’5″ and tilting the scales at a reported 265 pounds and 106 catches under his belt every indication is that they have.

Amaro let a few passes get by him in OTA’s and to show you his importance, head coach Rex Ryan spoke to the issue with reporters. He stated that [unnamed] players are starting to think too much and forgetting job one – catching the ball.

It’s hard to believe that Amaro wouldn’t image

be featured in Marty Mornhinweg’s offense, taking pressure off the team’s New number one wide receiver Eric Decker.

Imagine for a moment a two tight formation, Decker out wide, Kerley inside and Johnson/Ivory coming out of the backfield. Defend that.  In Rex Ryan’s words, not allot of teams will want to play them.


Amaro is coachable, can catch the ball at the high point and absorb the attempts of cornerbacks to tackle him. If he learns to use his powerful leg strength and use those cornerback hits to propel him forward you’ll witness him dragging a CB/S or two that extra 5 to 10 yards like Bavaro did so impressively.


Who can forget Bill Parcels comments on hating to meet Bavaro in a dark alley etc. Jace has the same qualities, the same toughness and should thrive in the NFL’s fast paced, competitive field of battle.


With the Jets questionable quarterback play last year, Geno Smith Should feel more comfortable at the helm with Amaro and Decker in the lineup and Jace could see more passes than Decker if the game hasn’t slowed down enough for Smith and he needs a quick outlet.

LIke a freight train, Amaro might very well start off slow as he learns the offense and the pace, but Don’t count on it taking the usual three years for him to develop into a respected receiver threat. Jace has already stated he wants 100 catches this year and fashions himself another Tony Gonzales.



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