NFL allowing women on the field: 2015 could be the year.

The NFL wants to cross the line in what is a men’s sport.

Published: 13 June 2014
Update: 4 April 2015 : Fox sports & The Buzz reporting the #NFL has hired.

In a period when the NFL is actively seeking to influence basic player changes (i.e; drug use, player language and conduct) their idea of progression – put women on the field to create more controversy and safety issues.

Mrs. Sarah Thomas might just be joining the 6’5″ 320# defensive tackles on the field- what could possibly go wrong?
As all Fans, Players and League officials know, no referee has ever been hit, knocked down our caught in the action of the play.

The National Football League has a woman’s program.


Because the NFL didn't have one...

Female Referee Sarah Thomas wants to officiate NFL football games and without further ado, It just might happen in 2015.
Thomas was born in 1973 in Pascagoula, Mississippi. She attended Pascagoula High School, lettered five times in woman’s softball and attended the University of Mobile on a woman’s basketball scholarship where she was an academic all-American.

ABC News’ Rich McHugh reports:

Sarah Thomas is on track to make history.

The married mother of three and self-described tomboy is poised to become the first full-time female referee for the NFL.

After nearly 16 years of officiating grade school, high school and college football games, Thomas, 39, was discovered by a scout for the NFL.

Gerald Austin, a retired NFL official, recalled his conversation with the scout.

“He called me one day and said, ‘I have an official that I think you need to look at,'” he said. “I said, ‘OK, Joe, what’s his name?’ And he says, ‘His name is Sarah.’ I said, ‘Sarah?’ He said, ‘Yeah, he’s a she.'”

Thomas, is now one of the finalists in the NFL officiating development program. She is a contender to become the league’s first permanent female game official.

“I’m excited if it was to become a reality,” Thomas told ABC News. “[But] just being here and part of the development program is exciting enough.”

Thomas started her career in football through a male, her brother, with whom she attended a meeting for aspiring football game officials in the early 1990s.

“I got involved in officiating football because I was intrigued when these guys took it seriously,” she said of that first meeting with her brother at the Pass Point [Miss.] High School Football Association. “But then I was more challenged at, ‘Hey, I really don’t know the game of football,’ and, being a competitor, I really wanted to see, ‘Hey, what’s in store with this?'”


“I don’t feel that it’s been harder for me because I’m a female,” she said. “I think that we are just out here working as officials. … I think just on our credentials, just as officials, I think that’s what moves us along, not because of our gender or our race.”

“I could not do this without the support of my husband and my kids,” Thomas said. “It [refereeing] has been a part of my children’s lives ever since they’ve been here, so this is just what mom does.”

“The fact that their are plenty of opportunities for woman in every woman’s league is not a consideration. Sarah Thomas, wants to be in the all men’s sport of Professional football
ICYMI ( in case you missed it ) theirs a ” glass ceiling ” in the all men National Football League according to the media.”


Thomas,is a former woman’s college basketball player, current college official and mother of three who has a full-time job as a pharmaceutical sales representative.
Thomas has worked with a crew of officials during Browns mini-camp. ”I look at myself as an official.”
The mother of three has been a referee for high school games.


ESPN Article recruiting woman

In the end, for the National Football League it’s all about money and attracting more woman, they feel, well bring them closer to their goal of $25 billion a year in revenue.


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