Steelers Coach Chuck Noll passes at 82


Former Steelers head coach of the dynasty days earning four super bowls has passed at home at the age of 82.

The accolades from former players, coaches and fans have been pouring in from all over the nation for a man who put family and values first.

Knowledgeable in much more than just football the coach was approached to endorse many a product – he accepted none.

Approachable to the media: it has been said that coach Noll was more than accessible to the media for interviews for his multiple areas of interest; He piloted his own plane, captained his own boat, was a wine connoisseur, but their was one “reporter” he would not sit for an interview with – the author of the book ” I never played the game ” – Howard Cosell, who made his name off the ramblings of Muhammad Ali and was considered by many not to be a serious sports reporter.

NOLL’ son Chris has said that his father often didn’t attend his games, not for lack of interest but rather to take the pressure off … The family did sneak in to see a few games though, keeping a low profile.

See what players and coaches have to say: video here.

Read what one local reporter had to say on his life and football career: Chuck Noll.

You didn’t have to be a Steelers fan to appreciate his coaching achievements, just a fan of the NFL.



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