JETS, Fans alike concerned about RB-Mike Goodson



According to the DAILY RECORD:
Goodson was struggling Thursday to pay for a flight from his home in Texas to make a court appearance in Morristown, prompting a judge to warn that if he fails to appear on July 24th, 2014, she will issue an arrest warrant.


New York Jets running back Mike Goodson has not been heard from by team members and staff in months.

GOODSON has undergone a rough year and a half period in his life which has included one arrest, a 4 game drug suspension, one knee surgery where both his ACL and MCL have had to be repaired, counseling and only two games played.
Now, add in a failed marriage that resulted in no winners and the fact that neither his agent or the team has heard from him in what has now become – too long a time period.

Teammates, Coaches, management and Fans alike are becoming truly concerned with Mike Goodson’s health and well being.

Goodson is scheduled to appear in court on June 26th for a hearing whereupon his lawyer has stated he’ll motion the court to dismiss weapons charges.

Charges that stem from Goodson being so intoxicated that he was found covered in vomit in the passenger seat of a rental car stopped in the center lane of an interstate and was taken to the hospital for medical clearance prior to being booked on the charges.

It it’s alleged that New Jersey State police opened a locked glove compartment to find a pistol the intoxicated driver of the rental vehicle, a friend of Goodson’s originally claimed was his, but now of clear mind and cognizant of his prior arrests, disputes, claiming illegal search and seizure.

While the New York Jets have released Goodson for failing to report for mandatory OTA’s some members of the press are chiding the team for not doing a through background check as Fans call for a wellness check.


GM John Idzik does not state that it was a mistake to sign Goodson. He said they performed due diligence, but claimed it’s impossible to truly know a player until he’s in your program. Reporters disagree.

ultimately, they’re in the winning business, not the life-saving business. In the end, they come away looking bad. Either they didn’t perform a thorough background check or they ignored the red flags, as his previous teams did.

Maybe the Jets can take something positive out of this; maybe it will cause them to re-examine their scouting process, taking a harder look at players with character issues. – Rich Cimini

Team owner, Woody Johnson said he wanted to give Goodson a fair shake,“We’re trying to win games and do the right thing. Truth, justice and the American way.”

Teammates, on the other hand are concerned that Goodson has not responded to calls or text messages.

“That’s the scariest part, Usually, a guy will send you a text and say, ‘I’m OK.’ Not to hear anything is scary in itself. All you can do is send out prayers to him.” – Willie Colon

“The concern is what kind of state [of mind] he might be in, where he might be and things he might be doing, Guys are trying to check in on him, making sure that stuff isn’t reoccurring and taking over.” – David Nelson

“There’s no question, it concerns me, I’ve tried to reach out to him but haven’t been able to make contact with him.” – Rex Ryan

Rex reportedly did see Goodson at the start of the off season rehabbing his knee.

Teammate David Nelson who in addition to football also does relief work in Haiti had this to say concerning Mike Goodson’s failure to communicate:

“For somebody who has just gone MIA — nobody can get a hold of him and nobody knows where he is — that takes it to a different level and it goes beyond football,” Nelson said. “Guys aren’t reaching out to him because of football. They’re reaching out to him because they care about him. They want to know if he’s OK.

“That’s the element everybody is talking about. At this point, nobody is talking about, ‘Why isn’t he here practicing?’ I think the fear is that we haven’t heard from him. That’s not a good sign, honestly.” – David Nelson

Is Goodson paralyzed by fear facing a possible 10 year sentence having turned down a prior plea agreement?

Goodson’s Agent, Kennard McGuire Stated , “Mike must be accountable and responsible for his own actions and comprehend not only effective communication but simple communication.”

The NFL and the NFLPA have programs and assist troubled players. Has Goodson reached out?

This story is about a man as well as a football player, whom are often dealt with as chess pieces in a business plan.

For just one day let’s consider the human side and the consequences of a young man’s decisions – before its too late and hope this is a series of bad decisions rather than a tragedy in the making.


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