N.Y. JETS Tight Ends in position – pre season

The Jets Tight End situation looks better than it has in previous years.

Updated: 30 July, 2014


Jets take on Sudfeld / Cumberland

The Jets needed a second tight end, because West Coast offenses have historically thrived with pass-catching tight ends. The team now has two.

second round pick Jace Amaro was a prolific receiving threat at Texas Tech, where last year he set the Football Bowl Subdivision’s single-season record for receiving yards by a tight end (1,352). But he did not play in a pro style Offense, nor do blocking as he’ll have to learn both this season.
Amaro has been struggling to some degree with the playbook and time may be running short for the learning curve.

Jets tight ends coach Steve Hagen has liked what he’s seen so far from Amaro, as the coaches asked Amaro to line up all over the field in the OTA’s. In addition Amaro has stated recently that he now knows the playbook.

Cumberland video “I’m just getting started”

Jeff Cumberland, was the Jets’ top tight end last year, with 26 catches for 398 yards and returns as their veteran presence.


NewYorkJets.com TE's experience

The Jets re-signed Cumberland to a three-year, $3.7 million contract, with $1 million guaranteed.
Cumberland is now in his fifth year and should benefit from Jace Amaro being on the field.

“As a veteran guy, he has great football smarts,” second-year tight end Zach Sudfeld said. “He’s a leader who’s great for talking through plays and everything else with. He’s very accommodating with all the younger guys and it’s a blast playing with him.”

‘Who is that guy? Wow.’ He blocks. He can run. And he can catch. He can run after the catch. You saw some big, dynamic plays from him last season. The defensive coordinator for the Falcons last year (Mike Nolan) said they didn’t realize how dynamic Jeff was until he was out there on the field, and they were like, ‘Whoa, that guy can run.’”

Hagen said Nolan made these comments to him right after the game Cumberland made three catches equaling 79 yards and a touchdown.

“Some things you see on film and you’re like, ‘Whoa, that guy can play,’” Hagen said. “But sometimes, it doesn’t really sink in until you see the guy blowing by one of your guys that you’ve been training all week long, and you’re like, ‘Whoa, this dude can run.’ So, Jeff is good at that.”

Cumberland is now a valuable asset to Amaro, who did technically play tight end for all of his college career, but is making a similar adjustment as a rookie, learning how to play tight end at the NFL level.

“While I’m looking at the play and I’m talking and coaching another guy, Jeff is coaching (Amaro), from that experience that he’s had in the league so far and learned how to a block a guy,” Hagen said.

“Jeff has gained that knowledge and he appreciates how using his feet, his eyes and what to target and how to look. He understood that communication. He’s done a good job. He really gets it.”

lYet Hagen was coy when asked where he would like to see Cumberland improve this year. Pass blocking, perhaps?l

“I’ll just tell Jeff,” he said. “We don’t need to tell everybody.”

TE-Zach Sudfeld on performance (video)

The New York Daily News reports the Jets are “high” on second-year TE Zach Sudfeld’s “potential.”

Sudfeld has been having a productive training camp this year.

The Jets aren’t throwing in the towel on Sudfeld after re-signing Jeff Cumberland.
A waiver claim from the Patriots last October, Sudfeld measures 6-foot-7, 253 with 4.78 speed, and a 37-inch vertical. He certainly has upside as a receiver, but has yet to show it – he’s showing signs of things to come in camp so far.

Life isn’t all glamour for NFL players whom according to the NFLPA have a career expected of 3.2 years.

Hence, punter Quigley and Pantale have worked out a unique situation.

Quigley and Pantale Roommates






Rich cimini ” The Jets still believe in Amaro, but another option is developing before their eyes — Zach Sudfeld. “Absolutely tremendous,” Ryan said of Sudfeld. He was a training camp star last year for the New England Patriots, earning the nickname “Baby Gronk,” but he disappeared when the lights went on. It’ll be interesting to see how he performs in the preseason. ”

Update: Jets cut Anderson, missed final 53.

TE- Colin Anderson, 6′ – 4″ 240# signed to a reserve /future contract in January.

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