Green & White Scrimmage results

The New York Jets annual Green and white Scrimmage played in Cortland this week showed the fans a few things.

While Geno Smith to Stephen Hill for 41 yards was the only notable passing play, it gave those of us holding our collective breath on Hill reason to smile.

This could very well be Hill’s last year with the Jets if he can’t replicate these catches come game day.

The Defense was outstanding as one might have expected. The front seven are solid and the Jets have depth players. DE-Jason Babin made that much clear.

Offensive problems continue to plague the team, with only two field goals between the first and second lineups.

While Michael Vick was able to get his “team” more yardage than Geno Smith’s first team, neither scored a touchdown.

The running game was featured and Alex Green was tested and evaluated.

While one can’t make any sweeping comments like “it was an offensive failure” Fans and Coaches alike are all too aware that valuable practice time is running out.

Practice time this offense needs in order to gel.

A lot of evaluations will be made in the coming weeks as teams start cutting down to the final 53 man roster.
Every play is one that is necessary to make of players want to be there when the smoke clears.

Questions still linger as to the starting wide receiver and tight end groups:

*Decker & Hill?
*Cumberland & Sudfeld? Amaro? Pantle?
*Johnson & Ivory, Powell, Richardson? Green?

As you can see there are a  lot of questions remaining on offense that don’t include the line.

Posted by Jim Boyd @MedicFL1 New York Jets fan / #JETSfan


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