Jets fans talk Quarterback controversy

The New York Jets have stated all off-season long that a Quarterback competition exists in New York.

Offensive coordinator MM had stated that Geno Smith would get 70-75% of first team snaps at camp. The next day on WFAN radio he recanted saying he should not have said that.
As it turned out Geno Smith actually got more than 70% of the first team snaps to the point of almost ignoring Michael Vick.

So what happened in the Jets first pre-season game?

Michel Vick ran a 14 play Touchdown drive finalized by a Chris Johnson 1 yard run.

Vick showed he still has the legs scrambling for 19 yards on two plays.

Geno Smith – while observers could say the Jets were focused on running, Smith again was just short of being the play maker the Jets so desperately need him to be.

The fans are becoming unsettled, already calling for Geno Smith to play the role Aaron Rodgers did as he sat and learned from Brett Favre.

Jets management is single minded in its quest for sustained success and will give Geno Smith every chance under the sun to develop into their Quarterback of the future – today.

To everyone who knows, sees, that Michel Vick is the better quarterback, the Jets would probably agree.
But in the same breath they would ask you what about two years from now?

The Jets need a Quarterback that they can depend on for the next few  yearsas this offensive line starts to gel.

The team now has viable wide receivers and tight ends to go with their running back group.
There’s no question the defensive front seven is here to stay. They have brought in safety’s and cornerbacks to shore up the backfield.

The one constant question remains the Quarterback position, as it has been for several years now.

As a manager you can see what the team is trying to do. You too know what they need. So yes, Michael Vick is better than Geno Smith right now; but right now won’t get you to the super bowl.

It would be easy to start Vick, but what happens if he’s injured?

Wouldn’t it be smarter, in the long run, to train Geno Smith as best you can and see if be progresses in the remaining pre-season games?

Better to have Mike Vick as a back up than Geno Smith.

Let’s see how be progresses before we move on from him too soon this season – but let’s not wait too long before we pull him.


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