Importance of Jets multiple Quarterbacks not overstated

In 2013, the NFL’s 32 teams started 51 Quarterbacks.

The New York Jets have four quarterback’s currently on their roster.


Geno Smith and Michael Vick

The cut-down will most likely have them keeping three; with Geno Smith, their second round, young, inexpensive, groomed to be, starting Quarterback.
Michael Vick, their veteran, who just last year was a starter but succumbed to injury, who maintains starting ability; and Matt Simms, their stable number three, who knows the system and has proven he can play. While many will argue he’s not starting material, he has shown he can be counted on and not give a game away.


The national football league allows for a final 53 man roster going into the season with 46 players allowed to “dress” for games.


That’s not a lot of players considering the games attrition rate.

That injury rate requires teams to have usable, game ready backups at every position. But Most teams get by with one punter, One kicker.

Teams biggest problems of the New pass attack era? Quarterback’s.

Most teams carry just two Quarterback’s as they desperately need that third spot to hold a backup lineman.

Trying to get by with two QB’s these days presents its own set of problems. One being finding a starter good enough, healthy enough to make it through the season.
The second being a solid veteran backup who can take on the role of starter in a moment’s notice.

Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers have proved the necessity of veteran QB-2’s.

The Jets are one of the more secure teams in the league. Yes they are hurrying Geno Smith along, but they only have Michael Vick on a one year contract and they were forced themselves to play Smith as a rookie for the entire season due to mark Sanchez’shoulder injury.

The NFL does not now have both enough quality starting Quarterback’s, nor are their enough quality veteran backups to go around.

For one of the better reviews of the leagues QB-2 situation, including Michael Vicks saga from the Philadelphia Eagles to the New York Jets I highly recommend this article from the NFL.

NFL struggle and importance of today’s QB2

Should be required reading for every coach considering their depth at the position and the pitfalls of not being prepared.

Cautionary tale of both executive and coaching jobs lost due to mishandling of the most important job no one wants and remains every coaches fear.


New York Jets Head coach and GM trying to build via the draft.


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