Dee Milliner’ high ankle sprain -The questions

The New York Jets number one cornerback injury still remains to be diagnosed.

Update: Diagnosis is High Ankle sprain, suffered August 10th.
Recovery time: Normally four weeks but can go six months depending on severity.

Dee Milliner was on the stationary bike, ankle and calf protected while doctors wait for the swelling to Subside enough to get an accurate MRI diagnosis.


Milliner pass breakup Vs. Miami

With common ankle sprains “low ankle sprains” the ligaments that are most often injured are the ones on the outside of the ankle. These ligaments are injured when someone “rolls” their ankle over. Generally, recovery occurs over a period of a minimum 4 weeks, all the way up to 6 months.
In the majority of instances they resolve uneventfully as the pain and swelling goes away.


Cause of a high ankle sprain

In the high ankle sprain, there are ligaments that connect the tibia to the fibula (lower leg, calf), as well as a tissue called the interosseous membrane. Loose ligaments allow bone movement and calcium deposits can form.
The recovery time frame varies from 4 weeks to 6 months, depending on severity, and this is why the high ankle sprain is so dreaded.


Swelling, black and blue areas

With a high ankle sprain there is often a minimum degree of swelling but more and longer lasting pain.
The pain that occurs with this type of sprain will usually occur when the ankle is turned outward and will be noticed above the ankle. This tendency and the fact that the ligaments are above the ankle lead to the term “high ankle sprain.”
Clinical diagnosis is based on pain location, palpation (touching/feeling the tissue), observation and a test known as the “squeeze test.”
CT / MRI will more clearly identified the injured ligament/s, but x-rays by a physician can also play a roll in diagnosis.

Of course grade III sprains and torn ligaments will require surgery.

Milliner’s ankle is still too swollen for him to have an MRI examination, according to coach Rex Ryan.
So, Once the swelling subsides, the MRI will determine if Milliner has a traditional lateral low ankle sprain, or a more serious high ankle sprain,

“I want to be out here with my teammates in training camp, “Unfortunately, things like this happen all the time. It’s just a minor setback. I felt great (before the injury). I was doing good for the most part, practicing good, did good in the first game. I was working toward getting better each day. For something like this (to happen), it’s frustrating to me, because I want to be out there. I want to be involved.”

-Dee Milliner

But Milliner also will be careful about his return and it’s timing; not wanting to hamper his rehab;

“You’ve got to be very cautious, You don’t want to get out there and rush things and mess it up even more, get out there and you’re not 100 percent and give up plays. So I’m just going to be cautious with it and do what the trainers tell me”.


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