N.Y.Jets – The future is now for head coach Rex Ryan

The New York Jets are a dichotomy unto themselves.


Head Coach Rex Ryan and General manager John Idzik

In bold predictions, the buzz is New York Jets​ head coach Rex Ryan and General manager John Idzik aren’t getting along as well as we’re led to believe.

Q:  Will Geno Smith’s failure to produce points lead to Ryan being fired? (The Score) seems to think so.

Q: with Idzik filling the roster like he’s got years to get it right, will Rex Ryan be forced to make a job decision?

Pundits seem to believe that a head coach is better at his second position having learned the mistakes from his first.

Rex Ryan wants to win now and He knows he’s got the weapons to do just that with perhaps the best roster of his tenure.


Apparently it’s a secret that Mike Vick should start as he gives the jets the best chance to win – now.
But Michael Vick has been setup to fail in camp and there is talk of the coaches being disappointed he didn’t “steal” the starting job away from Smith.

coaches disappointed in QB2 attitude – via NFL.com

Should he get hurt, as history tells us he will, then you put in greener manager John Idzik’ man, Geno Smith.


New York Jets Quarterbacks Geno Smith and Michael Vick

Smith has had 80% of the first team work yet he fails to out score Mike Vicks second team on the field of battle – the only place it counts.

The team itself is a dichotomy.
The Offensive line has improved but is not the force it needs to be in order to give Geno Smith the decision time he has shown he needs.

The Defensive line has been fortified and looks to remain as a top three NFL line against the run.

The offenses personnel has improved with the addition of Eric Decker and Jace Amaro but Amaro is still a project which brings you back to last year’s mainstays, Jeremy Kerley and Jeff Cumberland

The defensive backfield was padded but two members are hurt. The addition of safety Calvin Pryor is a plus while Antonio Cromartie is gone with Antonio Allen being forced in as a cornerback.

The exact position the General manager developed a wait till next year attitude about as he let Dominique Rodgers Cromartie et.al., walked out only to sign with the New York Giants. But hey, Idzik saved money for next year.

The offensive backfield has been improved with the addition of Chris Johnson, but should he go down to injury, you have the group you had last year. That’s not a bad thing. Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell can move the chains.

The questions remain; Can and will Geno Smith, Dee Milliner, Stephen Hill, Jace Amaro, David Nelson, Zach Sudfeld, Greg Salas, Dimitri Patterson, Darryl Richardson ... perform well enough to save the team from a seven or less win season.

Tell us again why Veteran starting Quarterback Michael Vick was brought on and who’s decision it is wherever he plays or not. After all, we don’t want to misplace blame when the seasons over.


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