New York Jets New studio announcer


The New York Jets have added a New studio announcer.

Amanda, 5′-4″ has a tall image as a former Oregon cheerleader and Foxsports contributor.

Update: As of April 2015 Amanda has moved on from the Jets to work with the Celtics.

From her Facebook:
Sideline for CBS Sports Network/PAC-12 Network/AVP Beach Volleyball
Travel Host for Travel Channel/USA TODAY/Rand McNally

Their were cries for help when her scholarship was in jeopardy; booze cruise photos led to trouble. Oregon Ducks cheerleader advisers were fired. story and pictures here


Underage drinking led to firing of cheer advisers

Amanda has her own official website complete with resumë, photos and highlight reels. official website


Amanda has Broadcast experience

Amanda, at one time was one of the most downloaded cheerleaders according to this article:

Story: not just a pretty face


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