Jets vs. Giants takeaway

*All three New York Jets Quarterbacks scored passing touchdowns.

*Wilkerson and Babin each rang up quarterback sacks.

*Amaro, Decker and Salas scored the receiving touchdowns.

Pryor and Coples led the defense in tackles with 4 a piece, each with 1 assist.

The Jets did allow the Giant’s a 91 yard scoring drive.

What we learned;
The Jets Defensive Backfield is not “ready for prime time”.
Each team had 10 penalties, something we can be assured won’t happen during the regular season.

Per Pro Football Focus:
Antonio Allen, CB, +0.7

Breakdown: Not bad at all for Allen who is making the most of an opportunity to show he can play cornerback in this league. A would be nice bonus for a Jets team that looked incredibly weak at the spot given injuries that have hit them, only for Allen to be forced from the game with a likely concussion. There’s just no luck in the world for some.

Signature Stat: Thrown at twice on his eight snaps in coverage but didn’t allow a completion and broke one up.

PFF Game Ball

There wasn’t a standout performance, but rather a standout unit. The Jets’ defensive line came to play and that is ominous for any offensive line set to face them this year.

WR-Stephen Hill had 1 reception for 12 yards.

It was a pre-season game, the third of four. The picture is becoming clearer.

All that remains now are the official cut-downs.

Check out the Giants @ Jets on Yahoo sports: Jets Vs.Giants stats


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