Jets – Jalen Saunders had seizure – cleared to play

Update: after a muffed point return resulting in a turnover; Idzik cuts Saunders who signs w/ Cardinals practice squad the next day. Sept.,2014.

JETS punt returner / wide receiver returns to full practice, will play in pre-season finale against Philadelphia Eagles.


N.Y. Jets Wide receiver / Punt returner Jalen Saunders cleared for return

On August 15th the New York Jets got quite the scare.

The Wide receiver and Jets number one, on the depth chart, punt returner had a medical incident.

The incident which caused Saunders to be hospitalized for observation has now been deemed a seizure.

Today Jalen Saunders was all smiles as he returned to full practice, having been cleared by doctors.

According to Saunders himself, he will not need to be on preventive medicine.

It is not known if there are any restrictions at all.

Jalen Saunders did not know what battery of tests he was subjected too. Or exactly what tests doctors gave him to determine their diagnose that he, in fact, had a seizure.
Saunders has stated that there is no family history of seizures.

Seizures are the most common acute neurologic problem in the United States​States according to the NIH.

“Epilepsy (recurrent seizures) is the third most common serious neurologic disorder, following stroke and Alzheimer’s disease.

By age 74, 3% of all people will have had epilepsy at some point in their lives. For those living to 85, the cumulative incidence rises to 4.4%.”

Terminology; Seizure: an uncontrolled, paroxysmal neuronal discharge in any part of the brain; it may cause physical or mental symptoms and may be convulsive or nonconvulsive

Jalen Saunders had this to say on the subject;

“I was scared myself—and my family, of course,” he said. “It was something very, very scary in my life”.

“I’m not too sure it can’t happen again. I’m not going to say it is. I don’t know the causes or anything for it, so I really can’t give you a straight answer for that.”

Jalen’s original incident police report along with his press interview story link:
Saunders incident report and interview

With the recent upturn in concussions the National Football leagues protocols are evolving.


New design padded helmet meeting resistance, even banned by some schools.

How athletic one is has nothing to do with outcomes and playing football in the NFL is not just a job. It may very well reflect on your remaining quality of life.

One company in Indiana is devoting itself to helmets and impact research, check the link:
Creating, testing and researching football helmets is big business

This is but one company, there are others designing helmets to protect our children.
But there is resistance, some schools have banned padded helmets. The fight to protect continues.


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