Jets have two good Quarterbacks | Vick to remain relevant

After three preseason games in 2013, the New York Jets had an injured Mark Sanchez, and rookie Geno Smith. This year is a whole new ballgame.

Rex Ryan announced that Geno Smith would be the team’s Week 1 starter, something every fan knew GM John Idzik was going to insist on.

Mike Vick isn’t there to beat out Smith, in fact the only way Vick was getting in was If Geno got hurt in camp.
Vick never truly had a chance in the “competition”. Assuming there was one.


N.Y. Jets QB2 Mike Vick

“(Geno) has done everything that we have asked, and again this is no slight to Mike Vick. Because believe me like I said, I wanted to come out of this knowing that we have two really good quarterbacks and we think we can win games with. And in my heart I feel that we have two that we can win with.”-Rex Ryan

Recently it’s been reported that Jets coaches have been disappointed by Vick accepting his fate as a backup, a statement that annoyed Michael Vick. He continues to state that he knew his role as a backup, mentor, coming in.

“That is not true. That is not true at all. Me and my coaches have great conversations. We have open dialogue and that was far from the case. So whoever wrote that story, it was on the side of being very fictitious and you have to come up with better stories than that,” -Vick.

The importance of having a veteran like Michael Vick on the Jets remains, see:
Article on the importance of a solid QB2 and what could, has happened, in the recent past without one. Think Colts and Peyton Manning.

The Jets will need to see progression out of Geno Smith this year in order to keep them from drafting another quarterback in 2015. But Geno is Idzik’ guy and will get every chance to state his case on the field.

Bill Polian said Friday on ESPNR that Geno should and probably will get four years with the team, providing of course that the progression is evident.

The question now is will the fans cooperate. If Geno skips a beat or returns to the interception machine he was in 2013, there is little doubt that the Jets fan base will be calling for Vick. And rightly so.

There would be no shame in sitting Geno and letting him learn behind Vick. But today’s game wants instant heroes, well soon see if Geno Smith is up to the task.

With the Jets three headed rushing attack one suspects that the passing game will be limited. The initial number was under 20 attempts per game.

In another surprising move;

Michael Vick recently signed a contract with WFAN, a New York sports radio station to do weekly interviews with host Mike Francesca on Tuesday’s at 4pm. The Jets surprisingly approved the contract however Mike Vick appears unclear on the schedule as Francesca has said it will be a weekly program and Vick saying he’ll be on this Tuesday. Leaving the remain shows up in the (pardon the pun) Air.

Vick has a one year contract with the New York Jets and stands to be out of a job in four months time. This could be a move to remain relevant and could lead to other options following this season.


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