Jets QB Mike Vick and the Radio Game | Over and out

New York Jets Quarterback Michael Vick has a Radio Contact with New York’s WFAN.

UPDATE Sept.12th 2014:
Michael Vick will not appear on Mike Francesa’s WFAN show on Tuesdays this season, as he contracted to do.

The Jets’ backup quarterback had said last Friday that he was leaning against appearing on the program weekly but might appear periodically. WFAN’ Francesa responded he was not interested in that sort of arrangement.

Vick did appear Tuesday and answered a series of questions. Vick said at the end of the interview, “Trust me, I’ll be ready. I’m looking forward to it.” Implying he would return add agreed.

Friday, WFAN was informed officially Vick would not do the show weekly a Jets spokesman said in a statement,

“We weren’t aware of the request initially. Upon learning, we discussed it with Michael and his representatives.”

“Appearing on a weekly basis didn’t seem so practical in-season, but he is willing to be a guest on occasion and we have no issue with scheduling other players on Mike’s show so long as it’s in a manner that’s respectful of our relationship with our flagship station, ESPN 98.7 FM.”

Chris Shigas, Vick’s publicist, said: “Michael Vick wanted to remain focused on the season and be respectful to the Jets and its partners. Vick truly enjoyed being on Mike Francesa’s show. Francesa is a legend in the market and Vick hopes that he will be invited back on air in the future.” 

According to WFAN’s Mike Francesca a contract has been signed between the Radio station and Michael Vick.

Francesca, who has been doing radio now for 25 years stated on his program both Thursday and Friday this week that Michael Vick will be on Tuesday’s at 4 pm.

Francesca also stated that the New York Jets organization has approved the show Prior to the contract being signed.


N.Y. Jets QB2 Mike Vick

Okay, these truths we hold to be self evident. What’s not so evident is whether or not Michael Vick will actually show up to do the show.

Feeding off the media while on air Friday Francesca remarked that Vick will either show up or he won’t.

On Thursday the media, via social media and interviews with Vick himself reported that Vick was not doing a weekly radio program, which again had Francesca remark that a contract has been signed and that Vick will either show up or he won’t, adding that he didn’t know Vicks mindset.

Today Michael Vick reportedly said that he intends to do the show on the upcoming Tuesday but was unclear on the fact that the show, at least to the host, It’s an every Tuesday gig.

This much we know – Michel Vick signed a contract with WFAN. Vick will be on the air Tuesday with host Mike Francesca – after that, as to whether Vick will appear weekly is anybody’s guess. As far as Francesca is concerned, It’s an every Tuesday gig and that’s how he’s promoting it.

Will there be open air on the second Tuesday? Stay tuned…


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