N.Y. Jets pass on pro bowl Cornerback

If there is one thing self evident in the National Football League it’s the fact that the New York Jets need Cornerback help – desperately.

Update: Milliner has been out. Lankster has been cut, Reed / Champ Bailey not considered for player coaches.

Rate John Idzik as a General manager of player personnel…

In 2013 the Jets brought in future hall of fame star Ed Reed in hopes of bettering the play of their top pick cornerback Dee Milliner.

The two spent allot of time together and to a degree it helped the rising star. Ed Reed even padded his stats adding an interception to his career stats.


Ed Reed with Head Coach Rex Ryan

So it would make perfect sense that they bring in another veteran to help this year after failing to sign any valid, healthy free agent.

Especially with 2nd year pro Dee Milliner sidelined with a High Ankle Sprain on August 10th during camp.

But that is not going to be the case this year. General manager John Idzik is determined to wait for the 2015 draft. A draft where they will also not receive any compensatory picks as they did this year.

The mentality seems to be; these are your players Rex, do what you can until next year.


Who will take the heat for the cornerback deficiency, head coach Rex Ryan or GM John Idzik?

The Detroit Lions whom also need help at cornerback, may get it in the form of an aging star – Champ Bailey.

Champ Bailey, was cut by the Saints at the end of the preseason and is in Detroit for a workout today, according to Tim Twentyman of the Lions’ website.

The 36-year-old Bailey is nowhere near the player he was in his prime, when he was a seven-time All-Pro. In addition, there seems to be no media support for the continuation of his career.

As a veteran, Bailey’s contract would be guaranteed if he’s signed before Week One. That may be just fine for the Lions but not even a consideration for the Jets General manager. Idzik will continue to hope they can survive with the cornerbacks they have until a better option comes along.

Jets fans aren’t holding their breath. Antonio Allen, the one time college linebacker turned safety is being put in the position of playing cornerback as Dee Milliner gets healthy.


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