Baltimore Ravens fire, NFL suspends Ray Rice indefinitely following elevator video release

The clamoring came fast and furious for Ray Rice‘ head after TMZ posted a video of RICE’ elevator domestic violence incident.

The public still wants to know what the NFL knew and when they knew it; finding it hard to believe that the NFL had not previously seen the video as they purported.

Today’s statement by the NFL does little to quell the masses:

“Commissioner Roger Goodell has announced that based on the new video evidence that became available today, he has imposed an indefinite suspension on Ray Rice,”

– statement released today by the national football league. Rice will have to apply to be reinstated.

Media outlets, including WFAN radio in New York have questioned the NFL. Mike Francesca, on his program today stated his disbelief citing the NFL’s multiple investigative resources.

Many find it hard to believe that the NFL front office saw the video of the event from outside the elevator, but not the inside video, and then, to only suspend Rice for two weeks at that. No matter if you saw one of both.


Baltimore ravens fire Ray Rice

The decision came in hours after TMZ published the video on its website and YouTube. It showes Rice punching Janay Palmer (now his wife) in an elevator, she was motionless on the floor. He then dragged her unconscious from the elevator into the hallway. Onlookers also appear in the video.


NFL suspends RICE indefinitely

RAY RICE will find it difficult to resume a career in the National Football League following this and incidents from other players in the news. The public seems to be overwhelmed of late and this image will not disappear from their minds or the mind of the media anytime soon.


Ray Rice - untouchable, for now

Video of Ray Rice knockout story and video of Ray Rice firing and suspension.


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