Jets lose “Heartbreaker” against Packers | Who’s to blame

The New York Jets jumped out to a 21-3 lead over the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.

That in itself was a feat no one expected. In a Yahoo sports poll 82% of the voting fans had the Pack to win.
image “Mr. 200” cobb said of jordy nelson.

Most would tell you they expected the win by a landslide or a “rat kill” to coin a phrase used last week by New York’s famed head coach Rex Ryan.

But that wasn’t the case as New York Jets infamous “Sons of Anarchy” defensive front seemed to play their hearts out.

As we said in an earlier article (click for article) Green bay’s offense hurting, starting Guard out Bryan Bulaga was out with a sprained knee leaving a mismatch for Jets’ Mo Wilkerson.

But by the second half the light seemed to go out of the Jets eyes.

Geno Smith still using the word ” we ” explaining his poor play.

Geno Smith:

“We didn’t put enough points on the board in the second half…When you face a good quarterback and a great team, like the Packers, you’ve got to score points and you’ve got to finish drives.”

Geno missed Decker wide open, under threw Zack Sudfeld (who at 6′-7″ allowed the ball to be intercepted) leading to an interception on the 3 yard line. Smith is still not seeing the receivers.
Some fans blame the receivers for not being open fast enough, but Smith had options he never saw. Their was no excuse for the bad second half offensive play.

“Sometimes, I felt like we weren’t as aggressive as we should’ve been,” rookie safety Calvin Pryor said. “I feel like we gave them cheap stuff at times. We just handed it to them and they took what we gave them.”

Totals: 109 rushing / 176 receiving


While Eric Decker led the receiving corps, One can’t help but notice Fullback Tommy Bohanon‘s improvement.

Of course Jeremy Kerley would be first in receiving yards were it not for his touchdown being called back, but in General the offense wasn’t there.

Geno Smith at 50% actual and 1TD, 1Int. For a total 176 yards It’s simply not enough to win games against this caliber of opponents.

We’re tempted to give Geno a pass on the Sudfeld interception as he was hit during the throw. But overall he’s still taking too long to make his reads and deliver the ball.
Where was the fight for the ball from Zack Sudfeld? With his size and power there was no attempt to knock it down or out of the defenders hands. Our receivers lack aggressiveness.

What is Sanjay Lal coaching exactly? Does he have any success stories – no.

The offensive line, while good, cannot hold for the 5+ seconds Smith seems to need for any long ball attempt.
The coaching staff is well aware of this and the deep ball pass attempts are few and far between.

We knew this going into the season though. The team has stated that they were aiming for 20 pass attempts or less per game. Not resounding confidence in your quarterback.

While they bolstered the backfield by adding Chris Johnson that part of the game plan didn’t come alive against the Packers. At least not enough.
If your going to limit the depth of Quarterback Geno Smith’s passes then you have to game plan them with him knowing he has mere seconds to get it done.

The offensive line had trouble making holes and became ineffective in the second half.

The game changed in the second half, just not for the betterment of the Jets.

The turning point was the 80 yard touchdown by Aaron Rodgers to none other than jordy nelson. The same Nelson who went unchecked all during the second half.

Calvin Pryor came over to give hampered cornerback Dee Milliner safety help but he was no help at all, his aggressive style worked against him, as he missed with the sliding body tackle (never used his hands) and Dee Milliner was embarrassingly pulled away from in what you would normally call a foot race, except Milliner wasn’t in it.

Is Dee Milliner healthy as the training staff reported?

Jets fans can only hope that it was his nagging high ankle sprain that slowed him down, and that – that was not his actual, usual speed.

As much as you want to, can and will blame the defensive backfield for allowing Nelson 209 receiving yards, remember that the Jets offense didn’t help out either. A total of three second half points is, for this caliber of a team, embarrassing.

The Rules:
The NFL rule states a head coach or any player on the field (not a substitute) can call a timeout. However, NFL spokesman Michael Signora said in a statement the play was officiated correctly, because

“when a snap is imminent, game officials are instructed not to turn their attention away from the field to verify who is calling the timeout. A game official should not grant the timeout only if he is certain it is not being requested by the head coach.”

The Timeout:

By now you have seen the press conference where Rex Ryan explained that he did not call the time out that negated the game tying touchdown.

Sheldon Richardson has taken the blame for calling the timeout. He started that he was into the game and was only trying to help out. Time to move on.

Mornhinweg was apparently calling to Rex Ryan, who ignores, but Sheldon Richardson called time out right in refs ear. BUT THE REF NEVER TURNED TO SEE WHO WAS CALLING TIME OUT, he had to see and hear Rex Ryan and Morninweg out of the corner of his left eye:


@lookitsHans first posted, so let's give him the credit.

Would you believe this happened before, back in 2007 in a game between the Baltimore ravens and the New England patriots then Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan had called a time out.

Check out @FOXSports’s Tweet where it’s explained.:

Stats credit: Yahoo sports


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