Who’s in control | Are Game day miscues being addressed?

Timeout nullifies would-be tying score for NY Jets vs. Packers, epic meltdown leads to 31-24 loss

Discipline and teamwork are keys to winning season, yet lacking on an otherwise good team.

Rex Ryan said he hopes Sunday’s loss to the Green bay Packers is the tipping point, Turning around the Jets’ season.

The jets have to play all for quarters.

“I’ve seen [with] some teams that when you have a game like this, it can turn your season on a positive note. That is certainly the way I hope we respond to this game,”

-Rex Ryan

A painful lose in Green bay.

The game-tying 37-yard TD catch by Jeremy Kerley on a fourth-and-4 was wiped out because the team had called a timeout a split second before ball was snapped.

That’s an incorrect statement, Sheldon Richardson called a timeout from the New York Jets sideline.

Only a player on the field or the Head Coach can legally call that timeout, but in this instance the rules went out the door.
And so did team discipline. Offensive coordinator Marty Morhinweg was moitioning to Rex Ryan to call the time out, you clearly see Rex move towards Mornhinweg to the left of the sideline judge when Sheldon Richardson, from the judges right side, talked in his ear – calling for a timeout.
The referee had to know it wasn’t Rex Ryan who called it.

Where was the “Get back coach”? If you’ve ever seen an episode of A Football Life concerning a coach, you know they have get back coaches to keep players behind the line.
So, like in this instance, they don’t step onto the field and draw a penalty – or play head coach and call a time out.

Where was that discipline? What made Sheldon so comfortable in his situation that he would call a timeout for marty mornhinweg, Richardson’s view was now blocked by the presence of Rex Ryan standing between them.
Do Rex Ryan and Sheldon Richardson sound alike? The sideline judge, referee, saw Ryan and Mornhinweg out of the left corner of his eye.

What if it was an int. Would you feel different? No. In a league now stressing the rules on every play how does this go without answers from the league office.

The Rule is:
The NFL rule states a head coach or any player on the field (not a substitute) can call a timeout. However, NFL spokesman Michael Signora said in a statement the play was officiated correctly, because

“when a snap is imminent, game officials are instructed not to turn their attention away from the field to verify who is calling the timeout. A game official should not grant the timeout only if he is certain it is not being requested by the head coach.”

Which leads right back to awareness by the sideline judge, the Get back coach and team discipline.
I’m sure Sheldon Richardson wasn’t aware of the rule. It’s not part of his job, it’s Rex Ryan’s job to know that.
In fact, Ryan demonstrated that he knew the rule when he Confronted the gaggle of referees declaring that he had not called the timeout and requesting information on who did.
It remained clear in the post game press conference that he had still not known who had called it. This is a case of team discipline gone awry.

Later on, Richardson said he “whispered in the ref’s ear” that the Jets wanted a timeout, but only because he saw offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg running up the sideline to Rex Ryan trying to call a timeout but At the last moment, Mornhinweg looked like he may have changed his mind as he was now next to Ryan and now longer visible trying to get Ryan to call it. But it was too late: Richardson, who was standing directly behind and to the right of the official, called for the timeout.

What adjustments are being made?

This of course had the talking heads asking just who was in charge.


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