Vikings – we made mistake | Adrian Peterson moved to exempt list

The Minnesota Vikings press conference today.


New York Times header

We made a mistake and We want to be sure we get this right, Adrian Peterson will be away from the team while he attends to his personal life.

The team Denied sponsors pulling out influenced decision.

Vikings stress that they got it wrong and want to get it right. Evidence in the case has been reviewed.

We take (domestic violence) very seriously especially when children are involved.

Players union says Peterson asked for exemption.

We came up with what we thought was the best resolution working with Adrian, players union and commissioner.

We want to support Adrian and we want to make sure we get this right.

We want to make clear that it was the Vikings who initiated this action.

Until his legal matters are cleared Adrian will not be reinstated. It’s a fluid situation and constantly changing. Adrian will remain on exempt list until legal matters are cleared up.

Adrian will be paid during this exemption.

Wednesday, September 17th 12:10
Press conference.

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Adrian Peterson has been charged with domestic violence abusing the discipline of his children.

WFAN pointed out that backdrop no longer had Radisson hotels logo.
“This was a business decision”.

It’s important to note the the parent company of Budweiser products has sent a letter to the league offices stressing that the situation in the league had become “enough”.


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