N.Y. Jets lose to Bears with help from Referee’s | Will they be the team to beat in November

The New York Jets cheated again by referee error costing the team a touchdown on Monday night.

Rex Ryan Says Geno Smith is improving signifying they’ll be no change as team continues rebuilding phase, not win now mode.

The Jets started from behind this time allowing the Bears a quick 14 points.

The New York Jets were in the redone six times Monday night and were unable to score touchdowns.

Not time to pull Geno: opinion

The touchdown play with less than two minutes left in the first half, Jets trailing by four. Bears QB Cutler fumbled on a sack by David Harris. Demario Davis picked up the loose ball and ran it back 44 yards for a go-ahead touchdown but, this time, the play was blown dead citing Cutler was down by contact. While the Jets won the review they were not awarded the touchdown.

NFL VP of officiating Dean Blandino reviews two incorrect rulings in Week 3: The New York Jets lost a touchdown…
Video- NFL- Jets touchdown review

After the tough loss to the Green Bay Packers last week Head Coach Rex Ryan stated:

“I’ve seen [with] some teams that when you have a game like this, it can turn your season on a positive note. That is certainly the way I hope we respond to this game,”

“It is my responsibility,” Ryan said when asked about the Jets’ meltdown. “I have to do a better job.” That was not the case against the Chicago Bears after spotting them 14 points.

The Jets got away from the running game again putting their faith in the arm and decision making of Quarterback Geno Smith who, with 19 games under his belt, was unreliable while passing 43 times.

Chris Johnson was ineffective again this week but Chris Ivory was. Marty Mornhinweg had no business having Geno pass forty three times, abandoning the game in redzone short yardage.

There was a brief tight end spotting as Amaro and Cumberland both contributed.

“I knew it was a fumble, and it should’ve been a touchdown,” Davis said, according to ESPN.com. “I talked to a couple of refs before today. They’re supposed to let that play stay open. They’re taught to call that a fumble because you can always review it. If you blow it dead, the play dies there. That came back to bite us in the butt, but we didn’t have the best officiating in this game. That’s not an excuse. We know we have to play better.”

After the loss, Rex Ryan said, “I’ll let you guys figure out how frustrating that is,” during the post game press conference.

Jets can’t catch a break as
Darrin Walls was called for pass interference on Alshon Jeffery, replays showed the exact opposite, it was Walls who was interfered with. The penalty set up the Bears’ second touchdown.

Harris sees a pattern emerging “What else is new? It seems like we’re playing against two teams out there sometimes.” Similar to the players quotes after the packers game.

The Jets appeared to beat themselves this week with mistakes anf play calling but how many weeks can the Jets play against the referee’s too without complaining, then being fined for complaining.

The New York Jets are an improved team, a capable team. They simply need to gel, but the Jets are not in win now mode, if they were they would be utilizing Mike Vick quite differently.

They have shown they can score, can get to the redone, can control the line of scrimmage and be a defensive force. When this young team puts it all together, they’ll be the team to beat. Let’s hope that happens soon while they still have these linemen.


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