N.Y. Jets – Staying the course at quarterback a “Winning” Formula?

The New York Jets staying the course at the quarterback position.

Jets General manager John Idzik wants Geno Smith as the teams quarterback, their quarterback of the future, attaining his ultimate goal of sustained success.

That is a great plan when it works, but as we approach the end of the first quarter of football, Geno Smith is on pace to match 2013′ amazing interception rate.

This from the NFL’s around the league:

Geno Smith: The calls for Michael Vick aren’t fair, but no one said life in New York was fair. Smith has been remarkably consistent this season. Every game has a lot of evidence that he’s made progress, and three to four plays that ruin that progress.

The league is aware of how Vick is being used in single play run or pass attempt bites and is quickly becoming accustomed to it.
But maybe that’s part of the ingenious plan.

Either way the calls for Michael Vick to start are premature. After all Geno Smith is better than last year. He’s making faster reads and getting the ball out quicker. It’s the mistakes that set the team back.

Michael Vick lacks the practice time with the starters that Geno Smith has had, especially with his key personnel like Decker, Kerley, Amaro and Johnson that is necessary to gel. Timing is everything.

It will take several more “bad” game mistakes before the Jets make any decisions in that regard.

The Jets were poised to make a statement on NFL’s MNF showcase:

Monday Night Football is what NFL players dreamed about as kids, Willie Colon said. “The music, the whole atmosphere, the whole world is watching. It’s what you play for.”

“This is where you really get to make your name,”Sheldon Richardson, the 2013 Defensive Rookie of the Year, said.

“Every chance we get, every time we get an opportunity, we’re trying to show that we have a point to prove,” said Davis, who got his first multi-sack performance in Green Bay against quarterback Aaron Rodgers. “I feel like we’ve shown a lot so far, but we’ve got so much more that we need to show.”

The Chicago Bears have weapons, wide receiver’s Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery along with tight end Martellus Bennett garner respect. Jets’ infamous offensive linemen Willie Colon said “They’re on the rise.” But some Jets players felt they were being disrespected.

“We feel like we have a point to prove,” linebacker Demario Davis

said and Sheldon Richardson echoed those sentiments,

“We’ve got something to prove, other people try to make us, like, the laughingstock of the league. I feel it. It’s just little stuff we notice. We’re trying to change perception a little bit.”

“Everybody knows that this is the NFL,” Richardson said. “Lights are gonna be lights and cameras are gonna be cameras. But those lines don’t change.”

The Jets line’s didn’t change, both played well. But Smith reacted to early pressure, throwing the ball to Chris Johnson who was still in his route, hadn’t yet turned around to make the play, which resulted in a quick deficit position for the Jets.

It’s always hard to play from behind but this time the game plan was hurt, as quarterback Geno Smith threw the interception.

As per Jets game plan Rex Ryan choose to defend at the start of the third quarter, but the Bears went into halftime with the lead, and that’s what made the pick six by Geno so much harder.

The Jets keep themselves in the game however, and are but a few mistakes away from winning.


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