N.Y. Jets’ Demario Davis heading for Pro Bowl with teammates this year

New York Jets’ 3rd-Year LB, Demario Davis  knows where he wants to be the weekend before the Super Bowl; playing in the NFL’s all-star game, the Pro-Bowl held in Phoenix this year.

The New York Jets drafted Demario Davis, 6′-2″ 240# with their third round pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. Davis has received praised from head coach Rex Ryan.
Ryan has compared some of Davis’ leadership attributes to those of Ray Lewis whom he coached while with the Baltimore ravens.

“I want to be in the Pro Bowl this year,” Davis said in a newyorkjets.com interview recently.

“Being in the Pro Bowl is so much about your team playing good. It’s not just about individual effort.The biggest part of it is we need to win. The more you win, the more people make it. That’s the ultimate goal, being able to win. I’m just trying to find the best way to help my team win.”

“The other part of making it is being able to make impact plays: sacks, fumbles and interceptions.That’s an area of the game I want to improve, just being all around the ball.”


Demario Davis.com video reel screen shot

There is no lack of confidence on this year’s NFL league leading defense:
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Davis racked up 120 tackles, including four tackles for loss, his first pro sack and one interception in 2013. He’s building on those numbers this year.
“If you win, they come look at your team.”
Davis said he believes he’s not the only member of the Jets defense with the potential to play in this year’s bowl.

“We’ve got seven or eight guys on our defense that are potential Pro Bowlers. The only thing is you have to put the wins with it.”

Davis is backing up the talk by building up the Stats. He had 3 solo tackles against the Raiders in week one; 5 solo 1 assist and 2 sacks against Green Bay and 7 solo, 5 assists and 0.5 sacks against the Chicago Bears.

The Jets are a league leading defense heading into the week 4 matchup against a battered Matthew Stafford’ Detroit Lions.

Davis leads the team with 2.5 sacks and Pace, Coples, Landry, Babin, Harris, Richardson and Wilkerson all have registered at least one sack. 10 in all in just 3 games this season.

The Jets are deeper than the Sons of Anarchy moniker they hold. This is already Davis’ best year statistically and Jets fans know he was robbed of a touchdown on his pass defensed fumble return.

The Jets should be 3-0 but mistakes at the Quarterback position and a few bad calls by referees have them at 1-2 with something to prove in the up coming weeks.
“It’s not so much that teams are beating us,” Jets linebacker Demario Davis said. “We’re beating ourselves, and you can’t do that in this league.”


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