Team mistakes give Lions the win

The Detroit Lions drove 90 yards for a touchdown against the number two defense in the NFL.
Telling the story of another New York Jets loss that almost wasn’t.


Jets' offense could not put together game winning drive.

The New York Jets rushed for 132 yards and passed for another 209 yards against the NFL’s #1 Defense.

It was only by mistakes that the Detroit Lions left town with a win on Sunday.

Tale of the tape:
Lions: 88 yards rushing, 293 receiving.
Jets: 132 yards rushing, 209 receiving
The Jets add 2 fumbles & 1 Int.

The Jets offense could not complete drives. Three and out was the theme after the Jets came out and drove for the initial score.

The final nail in the coffin was when the Jets did not go for the first down on fourth and two giving the Detroit Lions the ball for the final time as Detroit went on to end the game via the clock. The Jets defense could not stop them.

After the Interception and two fumbles the Fans began to chant for their veteran backup quarterback, Michael Vick, during the third quarter, to no avail, and by the fourth quarter they started leaving. For his part Vick remained politically correct starting that he didn’t hear those chants as he was concentrating on the game.

Team frustrations showing:

Sheldon Richardson and Geno Smith both had a message for the fans; Richardson told fans to shut up, Produce a son to play in the league.
Geno Smith was more succinct telling a belligerent fan to F**k off, which was caught on tape.
Yes, he later apologized and yes the fans can be and are rude, but Smith was wrong to say what he did.
“I’m only 23 I’ve got allot of learning to do, I’m in it for the long haul” Smith said while apologizing.

The Jets prepared for Lions star receiver Calvin Johnson but instead it was Golden Tate who picked up the bulk of Detroit’s receiving yardage gaining 116 on 8 catches.

“You guys get caught up in names,” Jets linebacker Calvin Pace said. “But Golden Tate is a good receiver, too.”

Some fans questioned Tate being covered by a linebacker at times:

“Sometimes you’ll have that in zone, When you’re trying to protect over the top, those things happen. I don’t know who else you want to put underneath. He beat two men. He beat loaded coverages. He beat a lot of different things. The game plan was to stop Calvin Johnson. That was the No. 1 priority. We recognize that Golden Tate is a good football player.” – Rex Ryan’s post game press conference.

Jets vocal rookie safety Calvin Pryor appeared to give up on a 59-yard catch and run for a touchdown to Lion’s Jeremy Ross but the situation was later clarified by Rex Ryan and Calvin Pryor.

Pryor said the zone called for another player to come deep, in explaining why he let the receiver go.

“It was just a miscommunication by me and” Antonio Allen, Pryor said. “He did a good job, he ran a double move, he did a good job finding his receiver and they scored.”

The Jets’ defense couldn’t stop the Lions from marching 90 yards on the next series after a Jets score and Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford was untouched scrambling for a touchdown giving Detroit 24-10 lead.

“We’ve got young guys, so guys have to find a way to make themselves individually better,” linebacker Demario Davis said. “If it’s mental, you’ve got to spend way more time in the film room. If it’s physical, you’ve got to stay out there with your coaches and work on technique to be the best player you can be. If everyone matches that potential on Sundays, we’ll find a way to win.”

“I thought at times he looked really good. Then at other times weren’t quite so good, like the whole team, His play was typical of the whole team.” Rex Ryan on Geno Smith – Post game press conference.

Rex Ryan was asked if Geno Smith would be replaced based on his mistakes?
“I’m confident in Geno,” Ryan said. “If Geno Smith is healthy, Geno Smith starts.”

A hoarse sounding Rex Ryan said the quarterback position is a Jet decision when asked by ESPNR if he had the power to pull Geno in favor of Michael Vick.

The calls for Rex Ryan’s job are starting early this year:

“Rex Ryan has a better chance of getting hit by lightening than being the Jets head coach next year “- Mike Lupica on espnr.

The game was a matchup of Detroit’s top-ranked defense and New York’s Number two.

Even though Detroit barely escaped with the win, some lions tired it as a great victory:
“Our defense did a great job all day stopping the run (132 yards by the Jets), pretty much shutting down the offense (209 receiving by Jets),” Stafford said. “We stumbled a little bit in the third quarter and we needed to put a statement out there. That drive was huge.”

The Jets face a divisional opponent in the San Diego Chargers next week.


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