N.Y. JETS Safety Calvin Pryor deletes Accounts

After the New York Jets loss to the San Diego Chargers on Sunday change is in the air.

Safety Calvin Pryor deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts; perhaps after Fan blow back on missed tackles.

UPDATE: FEBRUARY 2015 Pryor has again created a Twitter account. This time he’s much more restrained.

Pryor has failed to live up to his hype. After being picked in the 2014 draft by the New York Jets Pryor lit social media on fire with his comments.
The level reached fever pitch when teammate Geno Smith has to tell him to quiet it down as a rookie.


Jets' Safety Calvin Pryor


Pryor expressed his concern for money before signing with the Jets


Pryor's Icon previous to Celeron.

Pryor, known for his hard hits during his college career has failed to reproduce his success in the national football league.

Prior lacks technique in using his arms and hands in actual tackling and has been slow to learn by example of teammates

The draft report on Pryor was that he lacked experience in past coverage but it appears that he is having trouble in the two phases of coverage and the frustration is beginning to show.

In the past few weeks Pryor has watched receivers catch and run in front of him and rushers bounce off of his attempts to tackle them.

Calvin Pryor needs work on his fundamentals before he’ll be accepted in this demanding market but that’s not to say that it can’t be done.

If he’s willing to learn technique and listen to coaches the remainder of the year could be a great success for him and the New York Jets.


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