Shock and Awe describes the N.Y. JETS lose to San Diego

The New York Jets had a shockingly bad game Sunday against the San Diego Chargers.

Have the players given up? Can they rally against Peyton manning and the Denver Broncos or will they fall to a 1 – 6 record?
The New York JETS have 21 million in cap space and the lowest payroll in the NFL.

To the Fan base it appears that General manager John Idzik has forsaken this year’s team in favor of next year’s draft and bringing in his own coach.

John Idzik emerged from the Jets’ 19-day search for a general manager last year with plenty of questions surrounding him. His reputation as a rigid salary-cap manager preceded him, but there were justified concerns about a lack of scouting knowledge that have been exposed in the past 20 months.

The Jets are perilously close to plunging into irrelevance weeks before Halloween, thanks partly to Idzik’s poor personnel decisions, curious handling of the salary cap and lack of urgency during what was billed by owner Woody Johnson last spring as a win-now season. -From the N.Y. Daily News

Owner Woody Johnson stated last week that he thought quarterback Geno Smith was a franchise type player. A statement that seems to be at odds with their record, the statistics and the fan base.

In a quarterback driven league Geno Smith has failed the Jets, his teammates, the fan base, the coach and his preceptor, Idzik.

The 31 – 0 blowout was a surprising embarrassment to the Jets and their fans as the team drops to a 1 – 4 record, sitting alone in the basement of the AFC east. Only three other teams in the NFL have as many losses.

A wide-open AFC east is no more and a game they should have won against a team who’s only claim to fame is their quarterback, was a miserable loss.

Rivers went 20 for 28 for 288 yards and three touchdowns, spreading the ball around to 8 different receivers.

The San Diego Chargers had three 90 yard drives consisting of 9, 11 and 12 plays against the Jets defense, but that’s not even the surprising part of the game.

The chargers ran like that was their forte as B.Oliver ran for 114 yards and a touchdown, with a long of 52 yards.

San Diego ran the ball 40 times for 162 yards against the Jets defense.

For their part, the New York Jets passed for a mere 74 yards and rushed for a scant 91 against the chargers defense.

General manager John Idzik’s failure to acquire players has come back to haunt the team and himself as a recent poll called him incompetent by a 69% margin. It’s important to note that only 5 of his 12 draft picks are on the roster.
Speculation continues to run rampant as to whether Idzik is usurping Rex Ryan coaching in an effort to bring in his own head coach.
The current situation however only highlights Idzik’s personnel decisions, or lack thereof.

Geno Smith is not the Jets quarterback of today, let alone the future however, It didn’t matter whom the QB was.
Geno Smith gained a dismal 27 yards for a 7.6 passer rating after having been the teams number one since his 21 game inception.

Michael Vick, who had no practice with the first team to speak of during camp or the past 5 weeks of the season actually did better going 8-19 (42.1%) 47 yards and a rating of 49.7.
Neither was protected by the offensive line.

The JETS have been “in” the game their last three losses usually a touchdown and a penalty away from the win but not this Sunday.They weren’t “in” this game as bad turned to worse as time went on.

The top ranked JETS defense was totally ineffective, missing tackles, failing in pass defense and of course the penalties.

The JETS managed 12 penalties to salt the wound.

One stat that is not surprising however is that the Jets lead the league in quarterback sacks.

The game simply got out of hand as the Jets again started the game from behind.

It got so bad that Brian Winters, playing at left guard and not part of the play, managed to come around to the right side at the end of a play just to push a San Diego player and get a penalty call.

Quinton Coples made a near clothesline play sacking Phillip Rivers only to get called for unsportsmanlike conduct.

The game appeared over by the end of the first quarter. It was painfully evident that the Jets offensive line and defensive backfield was not going to be a factor.
There almost was a bright spot as recent acquisition Phillip Adams, wearing number 24, managed an interception in the endzone – San Diego turned it around and got another touchdown.

Rex Ryan said it would not have mattered if Joe Namath had been the quarterback, eluding to the offensive play being that bad.

Geno Smith stated:
“It was definitely a pathetic showing on my part,” Smith said after going 4 for 12 for 27 yards with an interception and 7.6 passer rating. “I didn’t help out at any point of the game. … So what I’m going to do is look myself in the mirror.”

Demario Davis says the Jets aren’t practicing like a professional team. According to Rich Cimini of, Davis was quoted after the game as saying “Right now, we’re not practicing like a championship football team.” and continued “I don’t see a lot of guys putting a lot of effort into film study.”

Former Jets lineman Damian Woody, on Espn-R Monday said: “I was disgusted watching that game”.

“It was Actually a game the Jets had a chance to win.”
“They can’t run, JETS stop the run, but was I wrong”.
“Where’s this vaunted Jets defense at, they haven’t been able to stop anyone”.

On QB Geno Smith missing meeting, First of all your phone automatically changes with the time zone there’s no excuse for any player let alone your starting qb. He should be the first one in the door.
Before you leave you get your itinerary, there’s no excuse, they should have been benched. What good is taking money from guys who have money.

“As a teammate, I would be disgusted, your the leader and your late to meetings, makes the whole organization look dysfunctional.”

Personnel is an issue, that’s the front office.

Watching the game it looked like the team wasn’t prepared. Inexcusable, bad game against the Lions, [Players] can’t wait to get back on the field to prove to the world who you are and to do worse [against the Chargers] is Inexcusable.

Ray Lucas Former Jets QB and SNY reporter said: Rex Ryan telling everyone it’s his fault, which you know it wasn’t. Coaches game plan but players have to execute. Muhammad Wilkerson was angry at the teams play, Lucas added; There not out of it yet but there pretty close. You could have put Joe Montana back there it wouldn’t have helped stating I haven’t seen the offensive line this bad in three years. –Monday on Espn-R.


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