Jets’ QB at the movies | Player reactions -what can be done.

New York Jets Quarterback Geno Smith and Five teammates missed a team meeting Saturday, prior to the San Diego Chargers shut out game.

The JETS are now facing a record of 1 – 5 as they prepare to battle the Denver Broncos.
Through it all the Jets with Michael Vick at the helm, finally got a touchdown.
Nope, Vick had ever so slightly crossed the line of scrimmage but the touchdown was negated -again.

“The whole game was disappointing, including that,” Salas said later. “There’s not much more you can say about it. We just got dominated for 60 minutes.”

In Cortland, during training camp, Rex Ryan was asked whether or not John Idzik’ failure to obtain a proven cornerback would hurt his defensive scheme:

“This is going to work; we just don’t necessarily know how yet,” Ryan said at a podium in Cortland, New York. “But this defense — one thing we know for a fact (is) that this defense will be an outstanding defense.”

What else would Jets Fans expect their head coach to say?

“We know we have to step our game way up,” Jets outside linebacker Calvin Pace said Monday, “or we’ll get embarrassed again.”

The Jets are sitting at No. 6 in total defense, but weighing that figure alone is highly imprecise. New York ranks 21st in scoring defense (25.4 points per game). The average length of scoring drives for Jets opponents this season is 62.7 yards, sixth-worst in the league, and nine scoring drives have covered at least 79 yards.

Opposing offenses are converting a ridiculous 47.3 percent of their third-down attempts (eighth-worst)


John Idzik has a plan, he's just failing at it while others will pay the price.

Does this show further dysfunction amongst a team already in distress.

Following the loss to the Chargers, Geno Smith now has the lowest Total Quarterback Rating (24.3) of any starting quarterback in the National Football league.

But come hell or high water, Geno Smith will remain the starting quarterback at all costs.
Michel Vick will not get 5 minutes practice time with the first team offense.

Reference this article if your in doubt as to the value of the number back-up Quarterback:
Number two quarterbacks are of no use to John Idzik.

The JETS first-round draft pick, Calvin Pryor, was drafted for the physicality he displayed as a box safety at Louisville. But, he’s had to play in coverage, where his learning curve is much steeper, he continues to go for the big hit, and misses. His lack of tackling technique is glaring because of the deficiencies at cornerback.

Quarterback Geno Smith is not the Jets’ only problem. But he is a problem.

Rex Ryan said Monday that he knows that if he doesn’t turn this thing around he knows he will be fired.
I know what happens to coaches who don’t win.

The players all had their team schedules with them in San Diego. They all have phones which update the time depending where you are in the world and no one disputed this.

Mike Lupica’s radio show Tuesday on ESPN 98.7.
Steve young and Herm Edwards (an ex-Jets head coach) were asked how they would have handled the situation or what they would have expected. Both replied that Geno should have been benched. Edwards added: “You tell him to hold the clip board and watch Mike Vick play”.

Rex Ryan fired back: No offense but I don’t care to be compared to him any way. Referring to Former Head Coach and NFL educator, Herm Edwards.
“If Herm Edwards gets to coach another team again, then he can do exactly what he wants,” Ryan said on “The Michael Kay Show.”
In his five seasons with the Jets, Herm Edwards made the playoffs three times, winning the team’s only division title (2002) since Bill Parcells did it in 1998 with Vinny Testaverde. Edwards went 39-41 in the regular season while Ryan is 43-42 with two playoff appearances.
Pretty close in actuality.

Not a member of MENSA, Geno Smith had this statement:

“I counted down instead of counting up and just got the times mixed up, so I guess you could say I was thinking I was on east coast time when we were actually on west coast time,” Smith said. “That was just my mishap. It really had nothing to do with the times zones; I’m aware of that. But for that moment, I got that mixed up.”

“I just rushed back; I was, like, two blocks away, so I got right back,” he said. “I saw Rex as soon I walked in the door. He told me, hey, kid, it happens. Obviously I felt bad about it and was apologizing.”

We recognize the fact that he wasn’t there, period,” Ryan said. “But I’ve also been in the league long enough to know that things happen.”

Center Nick Mangold said that it was “unacceptable.”

“I think we all make mistakes as we go along,” Mangold said. “And I think it’s just a factor of owning up to it and make sure it doesn’t happen again. I believe he understands that the quarterback, as the leader, that those things are unacceptable and in the future, I don’t expect that to come up again.”

Ryan said Smith would be disciplined and that “he’ll be treated no differently than any other player,” though he declined to say what that punishment would be.

Any suggestions for Geno?
“I think one of the improvements he needs to make,” Ryan said, “I think he needs to get back to using his legs.”

“I would say it’s uncharacteristic,” Smith said. “I’m not the guy that’s always in the tabloids.”
Well that used to be the case but now with cursing at the fans, missing meetings and his play of late. It’s a different story.

Update: Tight end Jeff Cumberland reported stated that Geno Smith had apologized to the offense during a meeting.


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  1. Robert says:

    Through it all the Jets with Michael Vick at the helm, finally got a touchdown. Nope, Vick had ever do slightly crossed the line of scrimmage – TD negated -again. Huh? Is this English ?


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