N.Y. Jets TE – Jace Amaro | The spread offense plan

The New York Jets were expected to play a spread offense this year.

Using the spread would help take pressure off our number one wide receiver, Eric Decker.
It was expected that teams would focus on taking Decker out of plays with man turned double, coverage.

Enter the spread with one and two tight end sets. Be it Amaro and Cumberland or Amaro and Kerley in the slot.

Marty Mornhinweg has been slow to agree with the Hoards of Monday morning quarterbacks, not utilizing his tight ends in a short game over the middle.

Slowly and quietly tight end Jace Amaro is beginning to make his presence known. While Mornhinweg might not see it, the fans do.

Jace Amaro can catch the ball but continues to be under utilized in favor of a chris Johnson option play that isn’t working.

Amaro’s numbers aren’t ground breaking but the most he’s seen the ball in a game was last week against San Diego. Amaro went 5 for 58 yards.

Amaro’s weekly statistics are (1) 2 for 7 (2)1 for 6 (3) 3 for 54 and (5) 5 receptions for 58 yards.

The Jets are one of the better teams in the tight end department but you wouldn’t know it.

Chris Ivory has been the work horse, Chris Johnson hasn’t broken one loose yet and Bilal Powell hasn’t been let out of the barn.

With the Jets sitting at the bottom of the AFC east with a 1 – 4 record facing Peyton manning and the Denver Broncos the Jets have little to lose and allot to gain by utilizing their tight ends.

At the end of 2013 Jeff Cumberland and Jeremy Kerley led the team in receiving. In 2014 you would hardly know that they are still on the team.

Yes, Geno Smith has regressed, but doesn’t that make the case for the spread even greater?

Hit Amaro, Cumberland and Kerley for 5 yards over the middle repetitively.

Kind of like our opponents are doing to us. Every time our CB’s lay back ten yards off their receivers they’ve been hit for that 9 or 10 yards.

Let’s take a page from the NFL playbook and utilize our tight ends for this same 5-10 yards over the middle.

My guess, your staple players make the catch.
Let’s make Geno Smith look good with repeated, quick, tight end plays until they can stand it no more, then use Ivory to soften them up and your wide receivers to give added punch.

Through the first 5 N.Y. Jets games their receiving totals are:
* Amaro is 14 for 144 yards.
* Cumberland was’t used against the Lions and is 10 for 94 yards.
* Kerley faired better with 16 for 168 yards.
Combined that’s 40 for 406 yards.

To put things in perspective the Jets are 42 for 391 in penalties. Averaging 8.4 for 78.2 yards per game.

In others words penalties have pretty much negated the work of these three players alone.

Article features Tight End Jace Amaro:
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History and origin of the spread offense and one who made it famous:
NFL / CFL and the Spread Offense


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