Jets QB2 Michael Vick Draws both kudos and sneers

New York Jets QB2 Michael Vick.
Damned if he does, Damned if he doesn’t.

A miserable 2014 for Vaunted Super star Quarterback Geno Smith, General manager John Idzik’s hand picked saviour of the New York Jets, turned even uglier in a game against the San Diego Chargers.

Smith, on pace to at least tie, if not break, last year’s interception rate was pulled from the game at the start of the second quarter after posting a 7.6 QBR.

The answer for offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg was to put in a Quarterback who has, by design, had no practice with his teammates.

Michael Vick has been receiving no practice time with the Jets first team starters. He has not been allowed to get any timing down, learn any situational tendencies – not gel with this team.

The Jets plan to squeeze Vick out may soon backfire. Geno Smith, was immediately named the starter after an embarrassing shut-out lose to the Chargers.

General manager John Idzik has made it clear that Geno Smith is the Jets starting Quarterback now and for their future. Building sustainable success through bad decision after bad decision.

Idzik, who bombed in the 2014 draft, in which he had 12 picks, no trades and only gained two starters is left with 5 of those 12 remaining on this roster.

Idzik refused to address team needs at the cornerback position either during the draft or free agency in favor of keeping the money at home – in woody Johnson’s bank account.

The JETS have the lowest payroll in the NFL and $21+ million dollars remaining available. But hey, that told over to next year.

Open competition, that’s what Idzik outraged all throughout camp and the pre-season. Competition at every position except the quarterback position.
Michael Vick apparently knew it, excepted it and was resigned to living it.
That was until Sunday when the Jets asked Vick to come in and attempt to save a game in which the Jets as a team has already given up on.

In spite on the situation Vick actually did better than Smith, even scoring a touchdown. Well almost as it was called back stating Vick had crossed the line of scrimmage.

Now, everyone with a voice is defaming Vick. He wasn’t prepared, he didn’t use his legs – he didn’t win the game for them.

Not even Joe Namath could have saved this game Rex Ryan said. But that doesn’t matter. It’s time for all the Vick naysayers to say we told you so. We told you Vick couldn’t do it.
Ponder these miserable statistics as you too pile on:


How on earth did Vick do better than Smith?


Smith's Worst game yet.


How does Vick better Smith? Negated touchdown stats removed.

So there it is, your second year 21 game starter vs. A QB who not only hasn’t played in over a year but has no familiarity with JETS receivers.

The offensive line supported neither QB and Vicks negated touchdown to Salas, stats are not included.

So now let’s bash Vick. How dare he not be amazing.We told you he was garbage. Get rid of him.why did you ever pick him up for anyway.

Michael Vick is old, like Tom Brady, Peyton manning, Phillip Rivers and Drew Breeze kind of old. So we know his career is over based on that alone.

(QB Vinny Testaverde was 36 when he took the team to the American Football Conference championship game in 1998. He retired at the age of 44.)
Regardless, Michael Vick pointed the fingerof blame squarely at himself for the 31-0 loss.

Vick said he could have prepared, and played better.

”When Mike looked at it, he had the guts to say, ‘You know what? Maybe, I could have done more. I could have prepared better.'” Rex Ryan said Thursday,
”I think the way I challenged the team, in fact, this is exactly what I wanted,” Ryan said. ”I want guys to take a stand”.

Without an effective offensive line Vick struggled just as much as Smith in his first real playing time this season, finishing 8 of 19 for 47 yards, compared to 4 of 12 for 27 yards by Smith.(see stats above, courtesy Yahoo sports)

Vick was criticized by fans and media alike for his stated lack of preparation.

”I understand how it could be interpreted the way it was interpreted yesterday, Honestly, when I heard about it, I knew I should’ve worded it probably a different way. That was just me taking responsibility. I’m very hard on myself. I expect a lot of myself when I go out on the field and I play, and I know my teammates expect a lot out of me.” Vick said Thursday in response to the defamation chatter.

With the Jets looking at a 1-6 record with Denver and New England up next, there have been comments by players such as linebacker Demario Davis that some players aren’t ”practicing like a championship football team.”

Vick isn’t shying away from anything. After hearing the media and fan blasts he added:
”I probably should have just said that I take responsibility for things not going well, not saying that I’ve got to prepare myself even better. That’s just me personally, what I felt like I had to do. That’s what I took away from the game. I can have my own set of things that I feel like should take place in order for me to play well, and that’s the only reason I said that. This is new for me..”

As the Jets QB2, Vick, as we stated, takes few, if any, snaps with the first-team offense. Those valuable reps go to the starter Geno Smith, and Vick works with the backups and the scout team, something that Vick is not used to doing. Players play differently so there is no substitute for practicing with the actual starters.
Who plays exactly like Decker on the 2nd, 3rd or PS that Vick could use to perfect his timing with.

”It didn’t come out the way that he was thinking about it,” Mornhinweg said. ”We’ve both done that, where you say something and think, ‘That’s not really what I meant.’ Preparation, Mike is diligent with his preparation, now. There’s no question about that.’

The Jets signed Vick not for competition as stated, it was solely to provide a mentor for Smith, someone who could push Smith on the practice field.
Vick always understood his “place” and hasn’t pushed for first team reps during the teams CBA minimized actual practice time.
Vick always felt that would be detrimental to the team, knowing their intent to do everything possible to support Geno and make him their franchise quarterback of the future. Vick’ intention was always to act as support as he did with Foles in Philadelphia

”If I do that, then that takes away from what we’ve got to do for Geno. The reps that Geno needs are imperative, very important. We always want to make sure the Number one guy is prepared and ready to go. I want that for Geno. I’m a 12-year veteran. I’m going to find a way to get it done.”

”Going back to what I said, I’m just that way, and I’m going to always be that way, and maybe there will be more articles that you’ll write that may have been misconstrued or misinterpreted, I can live with that. I just know I take responsibility for my actions deep down and to the heart. I love the game so much that I’d do anything to be successful. It just comes out of me sometimes.”

Vick has completed 56.1 percent of his passes for his career, and his quarterback rating is 80.6.

Ex-Jets coach Bill Parcellsappeared Thursday on Michael Kay’s and Don Lagreca’s show on ESPN radio 98.7.

“I certainly don’t think he’s the answer to their problems.[He used to have the ability to scramble around and create and improvise] Yeah, absolutely, and that was a problem for coaches to defend. But at his age, he’s not the answer to the problems.He should be ready to play, but that doesn’t surprise me that much. I’m not saying anything bad about him. I don’t think he’s the answer—certainly not the long-term answer.”

Kay asked Parcells why Parcells wouldn’t just cut Vick—especially since Parcells wasn’t exactly giving Vick a glowing recommendation.

“I agree with all that, but that’s at the discretion for the people running the organization and the coach,” Parcells said. “You guys down there in the media, all you need is pitchforks and torches. As soon as somebody does something, you’re ready to—you know.”
[Kay and Lagreca pointed out that the Jets are 1-4, with four straight losses. Parcells interjected.]
“I got it. Listen, it’s not good. I got it. All of it isn’t good, But you just can’t overreact to everything [On Vick] I’d make every effort to get him prepared. And [ Geno Smith ] missing the meeting? I don’t like that either. But I’m not jeopardizing the other 52 guys just because somebody makes an inadvertent error.”

Parcells on Jets inside linebacker Demario Davis, who had said after the Chargers game that the Jets weren’t practicing “like a championship team.”

Parcells: “I’d tell him to shut up and do his job and quit worrying about what the other 52 are doing.”

Bill Parcells never was one to hold back.


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