N.Y.Jets, A true underdog team facing Denver

The New York Jets are a team searching for an identity.

Without a dependable Quarterback in Geno Smith they have been unable to utilize their weapons.

It appeared last week that, as a team, they had given up on him.

On offense the Jets have to find a way to get their running game back on track. Ivory is your workhorse and Blial Powell should be relieving him. Chris Johnson hasn’t broken one free yet and while he’d love to blame the offensive line – it’s much more than that.

The Jets tight ends are proving both reliable and underused. Is Marty Mornhinweg paying attention to what’s working and what’s not.

The New York Jets defense must get after Denver’s Peyton manning and apply constant pressure.
Muhammad Wilkerson, Damon Harrison, and Sheldon Richardson must disrupt the line of scrimmage allowing linebackers like Jason Babin and Quinton Coples, Demario Davis to explode off the edge and seal the inside.

If the New York pass rush is slow off of the ball the inexperienced secondary will again, get exposed. Man up coverage. Every time the Jets CB’s lay off ten yards opposing teams are taking advantage of it. Taking the 5 to 9 yards given them.

In order for the New York Jets to have success on offense, the unit must play as a team, playing disciplined football. The offensive line, especially left guard Brian Winters, has to be strong at the point of attack allowing space to establish the running game, or replace him with Aboushi before it gets out of control.

Geno Smith has to utilize all of his weapons, including his own legs.

Eric Decker, usually injury free, is again nursing a hamstring injury. That still leaves you with Jeremy Kerley and Greg Salas, both of which have been catching.

The Jets MUST feature more two tight end sets to taking advantage of the mismatches with Jeff Cumberland and Jace Amaro.

Has Zach Sudfeld learned from his one mistake – let’s find out. Play him.

Marty Mornhinweg is on the hot seat for his play calling, getting away from what has been working for them.

Muhammad Wilkerson (weekly spot on WFAN) always takes the high road During his time as a weekly guest on WFAN but he has taken to pointing out the obvious. The referees have been penalizing the Jets an inordinate amount. It’s getting tougher to play against both the opponent and the referees.

One thing has been proven. The offense plays around 20 on field minutes. The Jets defense can’t play the entire 40 minutes they’ll be on the field. They get exhausted.

It’s a home game. But Jets fans are fickle, there’s no telling whom they’ll rally for.


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